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Rainbow Dash is feeling down, the day had not started on a good chord and something she had worked for so many years has bit her on the flank.
So who can help heal the Pegasus's wounds? Who can help make her smile and laugh again?
What a dumb question, who better than our resident dragon?
Hijinks and sweet moments ensue.

Credit to 8-Xenon-8 for drawing. If you dont want it up i shall take it down and replace it.

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Thank you so very much for writing this! I'll be sure to provide a full review after I read it!
Well done for tackling SpikeDash! You are another great addition to the SpikeDash movement that's been started!!!!:moustache::heart::rainbowkiss:

1846356 Thanks for the comment. And i am happy to join

Oooh yay! More Spike Dash!


Starting a revolution, Malla.... :pinkiegasp:


give cretit to the artist who ACTUALLY drew the picture. 8-Xenon-8 is my art partner and friend

1846578 Didn't realize Xenon did this. Sorry bout that. added credits



What was the song that Spike sang ?



Then FlutterSpike then PinkieSpike and maybe TrixieSpike..


PinkieSpike? Now that's a shipping I can live with :rainbowkiss:

This was awesome dude!:pinkiehappy:
HEHEHE Spike will sure be surprised when he wakes up.

I am debating whether or not to make a clop sequel. Oh and 1846775 the song is the fighter

Easily one of my favorite RainbowXSpike stories
Like fav moustache :moustache:

Amazing story. Though I really felt the song segment, way to long for its own good. And the ending was... kind of a let down.
But overall it was an excelent story. Good job.

1847947 That was slightly what i thought about the ending, but I dont know if i could bring myself to do clop for the next bit. It's not that hard though for me.

We need more SpikeDash stories like this.

and maybe TrixieSpike.


I agree with you..:pinkiehappy:
Trixie X Spike ..

When I said it was a let down it wasn't cuz the lack of clop, but for other reasons.
Why did you made Spike faint?:rainbowhuh: He's not a kid anymore right? You could have keep going with the conversation and end it in a more romantic or at least not so inconclusive way.
Plus, ever since the beginning of the song you were obviously creating a set up for a kiss at the end. Yet when the moment finally arrives, you talk about it for two miserable lines, like nor the characters or us should give a damm about it. How does that makes any sense?
But don't worry to much about it. It was a very good and heartwarming story. Also with some very funny moments.:twilightsmile:

1849820 Thanks and i understand what you meant. Have some Spike.:moustache:

Out of my four stories I think I wrote this one the best. Even though it isn't the most popular. But that is fine.

Never mistake Popularity for Quality. Look at Miku Hatsune or The Twilight saga :rainbowlaugh:

1850430 True. Besides it's not like i am doing this for popularity. Writing is just so much fun :rainbowkiss:

boom chika wow wow Spike tear that mare up from the floor up!

Shit:facehoof::facehoof:I only just noticed the mistakes I made writing this.

This is a very nice Spike/Dash story although the only flaw is that it seemed like that the end gives off like they've already been dating each other for awhile but there was no indication that it's true or not. Nor was there any explanation of their building love for each other, it just sort of happen. I think that's the only story flaw in this fic. The rest of is great though.

1848265 1848417
Do you two know about a story called Dealt With A Bad Hoof?


I know about that story. It just doesn't update often enough to count.


It just doesn't update often enough to count.


1862307 I actually did that on purpose. That is why i didn't use the word friend in the story to describe Spike. I even dropped not so subtle hints like "His mare"


The length between updates is like almost several weeks, and the last update took nearly 4 months. In between that time, I've had to make do with all the other stories. I know I'm impatient, but I would still want to see more TrixieSpike around.

Wow, that was so subtle I didn't even notice it. I guess it's a good job in my book then.

I see then.........



Yes I know about that..

I'm following it...

Just hoping for a new Trixie X Spike fic..

Very nice. Had plenty of D'aww moments. And to quote a good movie, "The ending is the best part".

Dragging him into her room? If only this wasn't a one shot!:moustache::rainbowlaugh:

“Where is that drake? I need him.” Rainbow Dash whispered,

Wait, what? Does Rainbow really say what I'm thinking? Nah, I'm just perverted...

She started trotting back and forth, where was the damned drake? She needed a companion, someone to cheer her up. She had even had a bath and cleaned herself up just so her angst wouldn’t be that noticeable.

Yet she still felt dirty,

Images in my head, go away? :facehoof:

She needed a release, someone to spill all her feelings to, her devotion, her dreams and her pride. And who better more than a certain handsome drake? Yet what was taking him so damn long?

Brain, what are you doing? Stahp!

Ah...a kick between his legs was exactly what I needed to stop this train of thoughts...:unsuresweetie: Not like that...in the story! :facehoof:

And then the sappiness continues. At least I don't see them rutting in my head anymore.

“Well I know who is definitely getting some tonight.” She murmured in a seductive tone.

Ah well. Seems like it was headed in that direction anyway. Hopefully their night is good? :moustache::rainbowwild:

Dear Spike
Currently in Canterlot, please watch over the library for me. It is urgent, Celestia wants me to get rid of spiders and she threatens to block out the sun if I don’t.
Twilight Sparkle


rarity was making a DRESS for fancy pants. might wanna edit that:rainbowlaugh:

This is cheesier than a pack of opened cheetos in a cheese factory that suffered a meltdown which caused the entire factory to have a coating if cheese!!

Spike... all of that creative and AWESOME romance is enough for 20+ getting somes.

Still love this story, I don't know how many times I've read this lol. :twilightblush: This time I read the singing section while listening to the song (it made it that much better lol) I would love to see ether this relationship continue or see Spike cheer up the rest of the girls (and maybe the CMC as well) lol.:moustache:

WOW just wow.

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