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Lyra and Bon Bon focus on how they are going to tell her daughter the most important decision of their lives.

Sweet Song by: Baka-Neku.

Thanks to Tide Hunter and Sparkletop Rainbows for the editing! You're the real heroes here!

Featured on the popular stories list! (8/16/16)

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I know you thought the ending was anti-climatic, but I don't really know of anything that would make it better, so here it is. Thanks for saying that we're the real heroes, but all we did was fix grammar, spelling, and change the wording to make it sound better. You did all the real work by writing it.

7483958 That's correct but here's the thing: English is not my native language. That's why no matter what I write if it isn't readable it's worthless.

This was a really great story! You should be really proud of yourself!

Eh, nope

And the Bon Bon started dating Octavia, who is confused because she is straight.

This is great.

That...was actually pretty depressing. :fluttershysad: I mean, when you put the 'Comedy' tag up there, I thought something would happen that would convince Lyra and Bon Bon not to go through with it. I know the scenarios were funny, but the whole thing is basically 'dark comedy'. Sorry, but I don't find situations like this that amusing. You should've written a warning or something that the ending would be bittersweet.

:rainbowlaugh: I it's always difficult to tell it the child but the Hypothetical scenarios are just hilarious!

Good story!:yay:

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