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My Top 10 favorite MLP Characters · 3:07am Dec 6th, 2019

Now that I've covered all the episodes I wanted to revisit, let’s now discuss my favorite MLP Characters. What makes them some of my personal favorites? Is it based on their personalities? Is it based of their backstories? For this list, I’ve narrowed it down to 10. Too traditionalist? Yes, but also accurate since believe me when I say this: looking back to the show, most of the cast didn’t leave an impression in me.

I shouldn’t be saying this, but not every character (especially some of the more iconic characters) will make my list as there are others I like more. So if I don’t include a favorite character of yours, don't freak out. So let’s get started.

10. Spike

He is so loyal to Twilight and her friends, no matter how much trouble they cause him, always being there for them. Not to mention he’s an amazing friend to Starlight, he didn’t judge Thorax. Although small in height, Spike seeks approval from Twilight, treating her much like a mother figure, and has a major crush on Rarity. A large part of his appeal is his ability to stand in for the viewer, be a solid character whilst showing his age from time to time, and also taking on some of Twilight’s traits such as her snark. Everyone needs a Spike in their lives as my personal opinion.

9. Rara

Based on Applejack's backstory, she sings one of the most memorable songs of the show, which does tug at the heartstrings, and she even comes to appreciate herself far more when she realizes what happened behind the scenes. One of the more complex characters in Friendship Is Magic. If only she could’ve had other appearances in the show, otherwise she would’ve been higher on the list.

8. Twilight Sparkle

She has gotten a lot and I mean, A LOT of character development. From being a bookworm who never wanted friends to getting closer to the rest of the Mane 6 and learning the true meaning and importance of friendship. That would’ve made her a great character already, but then she became an Alicorn princess and that developed her further: giving her new responsibilities and going to different places to fix friendship problems in Equestria, giving her new knowledge on friendship and still having the faith in all of her friends. She's just a fantastic character. It’s sad her character assassination in Season 9, the main reason why she’s no longer one of the best characters in the show and went down on the list, but for the good old times, she remains as one of my favorites.

7. Applejack

She’s incredible relatable to me and has so many traits that I just love about her. The fact that she loves her family and her friends so much that she would do anything for them. The fact that she’s a hard worker, not willing to take breaks and continue working, I love. And the fact that she struggles with her honest nature whether it’s telling a lie just to make someone feel good or telling the truth, but unintentionally hurting them because of how honest she was to them, I really love. All of these traits are basically what describes me as a person and see a character like that warms my heart. She has the most hilarious moments in the series. She’s just an all-around amazing character.

6. The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Despite being a trio solely intent on obtaining their cutie marks (the marks on the flanks), each of these characters display their own personality. Apple Bloom is largely the most independent, trying to prove she can handle the farm life like Applejack and Big Mac while being the most gung-ho in getting their cutie mark early and refusing to be patient. Apple Bloom also seems to be the most direct. Sweetie Belle’s more reserved but quick to input her opinion on matters and aims to prove to Rarity that she isn’t just a little sister and that she can aid Rarity with her fashion needs. Sweetie Belle’s shown a small aptitude for fashion, much likely inspired by her big sister. Scootaloo’s the tomboy of the group and known for her ability to skate around and perform daring tricks. She’s very much an admirer of Rainbow Dash, even going so far as to set up a fan club for her, and tends to be opinionated when she feels like speaking up. Also as a group, they are surprisingly creative in coming up with ideas to tackle, the aptitude to set about tackling them, and the optimism to see the brighter side when they eventually fail. If I have to choose one specifically, I’d choose Sweetie Belle: she’s the cutest and sweetest of them all, but also she’s the one with the best criteria and the most all-around of the group and I like the dynamics of her relationship with Rarity.

5. Discord

Discord is the true anti-hero of the show out all the others who are nothing more than shameless wannabes (I'm looking at you, Trixie!), and he’s had a near flawless character arc and sane legacy of characterization, He’s a realistic, yet likable anti-hero. He even had the best redemption of the generation, and proves that while you have your fair share of flaws (since obviously nobody's perfect), you can still have your friends that can come off as pretty much every element of the Mane 6.

4. Maud Pie

Do I really need to explain why I love her? She’s utterly hilarious with her monotone attitude and personality when around Pinkie or with any interactions with other characters. God I love her humor! But also she’s one of those characters I can connect in a personal level, those characteristics make me empathize with her because she’s like me: a freak trying to live with normal people. Her overexposure over the following seasons after her first appearance has become her mildly predictable, but she remains as one of the most interesting characters in the show.

3. Ember

The best character of Season 6 and the one that cleared the reputation dragons had until then. She even builds up half decent relationships with characters like Thorax and the way she stands out is that once Spike and her win the bloodstone scepter at the end of her debut, she comes off as a true sister figure for Spike, and honestly, she deserves the true title she's given as the Dragon Lord.

2. Rarity

I feel that I’m alone in this opinion, because when it comes to your favorite Mane 6, usually the chosen ones are Fluttershy or Pinkie Pie (which you’ve noticed at this point are not on this Top). Out of all of the characters on this list, I fell in love with Rarity instantly. Based on her remarkable qualities of generous, I can honestly say her character totally paid off at the very end, if I can ignore her untold destiny in the finale. She's one of those characters who's had big hits in the park in characterization with episodes I can easily relate to. A true sister that Sweetie Belle deserves, the friend the five other Elements of Harmony deserve, and again, her true sense of generosity. She’s also the most mature of the group, which makes her more tridimensional than the rest.

Honorable mention: Minuette

I couldn’t leave my favorite background pony out of the list. She’s energetic, positive, full of charisma and legitimately funny. In some aspects she’s similar to Pinkie Pie, but with a dosed personality, making her better overall because Pinkie can be tiring and maddening in the long run.

1. Moon Dancer

One of the few characters I can relate to in a more personal level, to the point of feeling her issues closer than any other character. Regardless of whatever you have gone through in a problematic scenario, making amends with friends who realize their wrongs they've done to you will almost always come off as satisfying. Moon Dancer is basically Twilight if Twilight never changed from the series premiere, but in a justifiable way via her backstory. Moon Dancer starts off much snarkier than Twilight from the get go, having no real interest in friends and being hooked in her hobbies with no real purpose other than fun (almost like me a long time ago). You’d really come to sympathize and tear up for her. The theme behind her character is one that comes to know how mistakes should never leave a bad influence on you to avoid necessary association. Can you imagine sympathizing with an old Twilight? It's pretty amazing for character who’s basically a Twilight clone with glasses.

Now tell me: who are your favorite characters? Why? Let me know in the comments.

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