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The Quickening: More Writing Tips · 2:51pm Mar 8th, 2017

Consider this as a continuation of my unusual writing tips guide.

1 - Everyone has that fear of writing that story, but my advice is to just go on. Do your best to make it work.

2 - Don't be afraid to write and share your story. I get my fair share of criticism, but I try to keep as calm as possible.

3 - If someone calls your character a mary sue/gary stu, ignore it. Some people will say it is, some won't. I wouldn't scream at people accusing your character of being a mary sue/gary stu. It doesn't help. Just keep calm.

4 - Finally, everyone has that fear of writing i.e. will it be successful or a failure. That fear is always present and will not disappear so you're not alone. I've felt that way every single time a story is posted, from the very beginning. I still feel that way when I publish new ones. All we can really do is just write and publish it for the community to read. It's not much but I hope it answered your questions. Sorry.

5. Take a rest whenever you need it. You don't want to get so sick and tired of it that you forget you actually enjoyed it.

P.S. Remember, despite that fear, everyone should not be afraid or held back to write. That's what I always think about. Before anything else, do it for yourself.

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