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"Artificial Intelligence of the artificials. How perfect and godlike. Their emotions, their symmetry of thought. They are everything we cannot be, and we are everything they are not."-Prof. Olive Leaf Department of Artificial Life. Manehatten Institute of Technology.

They are in our world, they do our work, they live their short lives, they do what they are told, then die like all the rest. Most ponies aren't even aware how many artificials live in Equestria with them.

Twilight Sparkle is Celestia's chief officer in the hunting of artificials that have strayed from their desired programs. Now she has been given a new assignment of retiring five artificials living in Ponyville.

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Very interesting idea - a Blade Runner-style Equestria.

Why I get the feeling that Twilight would be the sixth one to be "retired"?


Thank you very much for the read. I hope you enjoy how it turns out.

This was an interesting Story. But it could use an editor. You switched tenses every now and then, and some of the dialogue dragged, but over all it was good.

Thank you very much for the criticism it is very appreciated. I probably should get an editor to help me.

I am not sure why, but for some reason this title sounds familiar...

My inspiration came from the movie "Blade Runner". Or the short story "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep". If you have read that.

6952922 i have seen blade runner, but what i meant was a joke with regards to my name.

Lol right over my head. I'm a slow pony today.:rainbowlaugh:

What??? Interesting story, but I didn't get what happened at the end? When they were about to die they remember everything? was Rainbow really pregnant?? a little mor of context about this world they were living would be great.

What it's going on?

I'm sorry if I didn't give enough context. I'll try to explain it better. The ending represented Twilight Sparkle viewing the different choices each clone took as they lived their lives. Yes Rainbow Dash did get pregnant, which changed the nature of the Elements of Harmony, Making Princess Celestia eliminate the current generation of clones and start over again.

7034725 So, they were clones but were told they were robots, just to keep them in control?
Did society really got troubles without the elements or it was just Celestia desilution?
How did Dash being pregnant change the nature of the element? How it was before that?

7036579 A little of both. Society wasn't in trouble it just worked better with the elements of harmony functioning the way it did. also it wasn't really a delusion of Celestia more of a desire for a constant in her life. Celestia is immortal and she has lived a very long time. Everything is constantly changing around her while she stays the way she is. I guess you could say she wanted another constant like Luna to be with her through eternity. Hence why she kept bringing Twilight and the others back.

When Rainbow Dash got pregnant it changed not only the ponies but also the elements. Since the elements react to whoever they bond with. A new pony. I.e. Rainbow's unborn child would change the entire elemental from a constant into an unknown. Which Celestia views as a threat. Not because she actually views it as a danger in and of itself. But more of an unknown quantity that has the potential to change, to end the constant. What Celestia feared most was the thought of facing the future alone again. When Twilight destroyed the elements of harmony she pretty much forced Celestia to let go of the past. The elements aren't needed anymore. Twilight isn't needed anymore, and its time to let them go.

Also I feel robots isn't the right way to view them. An artificial is grown not built. In a vat by a solution of chemicals, and nanotechnology that essentially creates a biological artificial pony preprogrammed to act along a designated path. Along with certain built-in traits. (Example: the inability to breed.) A clone is made the same way but with the DNA and personality traits of another Biological being . Which of course makes them dangerous to the constant that Celestia fears. This wasn't the first time this has happened. When one of the mane six has changed everything through some way, shape or form. And each time she has reacted harshly to that threat.

7037889 Thanks for the explanation- Also, you are right, I didn't mean to call them robots, just didn't know it they qualify as androids.

So, they were still linked to the elements because the DNA? That's an interesting thing. I like to think they bond the their souls, but this can work too.

How do you hide something with the black rectangle thingy?? and I really like to see more of this universe.

7043315 You are right it is more of a spiritual bonding than a biological one. Also to use the black bars. press the spoiler icon (the one that says SP) and that will put a black bar over your words. I do plan on writing another story soon. Its not a sequel, but it will carry a lot of the ideas from this story. It is called Dreams of the Pixelated Sheep it will be out shortly.

:rainbowderp: This is weird. For some reason I have this strange feeling that Celestia is a heartless tyrant and Luna is stuff. Gud so far.

:rainbowhuh: I dunno, I wouldn't be able to kill anyone or as it says here, "retire" them if I wasn't told what they did wrong. That's like being told to throw out a present before being able to look what was inside.

So they weren't artificials after all... Welps, I still don't understand why Celestia brings them back over and over again just to kill them... Like, I get the constant no change thing, but I also kind of don't. So does this mean an alicorn-turned pony (twilight) does not become immortal? Noice story. :moustache:

7130732 Thank you If you have any questions let me know and Ill be more than happy to help

7130743 she did it because she wanted a desire for a constant in her life. Celestia is immortal and she has lived a very long time. Everything is constantly changing around her while she stays the way she is. I guess you could say she wanted another constant like Luna to be with her through eternity. Hence why she kept bringing Twilight and the others back.

7132368 I understood that much, but I also feel as though it's not very constant as with killing them and such; does that mean that Twilight and Candence are not immortal?

7133228 No they weren't in this story.

This was a great story!

I haven't watch Blade Runner (I know, blasphemy! And this gets worse since I'm a movie buff myself) BUT I do read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? so I'm familiar with the original plot and concept.

The dystopian future is built with the appropiate tone and it's interesting observing the point of view of each member of the Mane 6. "The Celestia's the tyrant ruler thing..." yeah I saw it coming but that didn't matter very much. What's most important is that you adapted this world to the MLP Universe to make it more consistent with itself.

My favorite segments were Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Especially Fluttershy since the existencialist tone and her lack of resistance make it more depressive. This goes to my personal collection.:raritywink:

7381754 Thank you very much it means a lot.

Dam this is an awesome plot. Whenever Rainbow goes badass I'm all in though.:rainbowlaugh:

7774130 Thank you that really means a lot.

7774189 ur welcome just happy to help.:pinkiesmile:

... my soul is no more... :fluttershysad:

6857518 or do robots dream of electric sheep

reminds me of Blade Runner or a bit like Ghost In The Shell.

Ssooo... Did Twilight essentially "free" the other elements, as well as herself, with her destruction ?

At first, it sounded as though, Celestia herself, was being shut down. Was her world...a world that she had created coming to an end ? And what of Luna ? Would she continue to exist ? Are the EOH eliminated ? Is "magic" gone from Equis ?

First comment:Yes.
Second comment:The world wasn't coming to an end it was just changing. Something that Celestia couldn't accept[. And yes the EOH were destroyed as they were no longer needed./spoiler]

where is Dreams of the Pixelated Sheep

Good question. Hopefully someday Ill find it. ^^

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