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Coco Pommel has a problem.

Apparently, she's no longer Coco Pommel.

Thanks to a clerical error, every piece of identifying paperwork, her bank account, and even her apartment lease all recognize her as Miss Pommel.

Now, a frustrated Coco has to untangle the legal nightmare of fixing this mess...but just how did it happen in the first place?

(Written as a direct response to the probably-inaccurate news going around about this.)

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You son of a biscuit :trollestia:

Poor Coco, getting a big dose of bureaucracy where the sun don't shine.

This really doesn't feel like a story. More like a scene from a larger one. It also isn't really that funny. Most of the jokes just kind of fall flat. The pacing is way too fast to let anything build up properly, so everything just kind of comes and goes like a cloud. And, also like a cloud, this story leaves no lasting impression.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I'm just trying to do my job here. Next!"



Should I feel more sorry for Coco Miss Pommel or for the bank employee?

Will you ever cease to be entertaining Moth?

"Everything okay, Coco?"

"Fine, Current. I just had a long day, then got your mail again."

Oh, this is great. :rainbowlaugh: Nice play on recent events!

A fanfic regarding Coco Pommel's name change came out merely hours after the announcement was made? Wow, that was fast.

Well, that was fairly amusing.


Jim happened.

7246307 It's not supposed to. It's a tongue-in-cheek reaction to the latest stupid EqD drama. Don't take it seriously. :derpytongue2:
7246311 Never! Even when I die, I shall leave a most entertaining corpse and an EXTREMELY entertaining smell. :trollestia:
7246328 You weren't here for the Button Mash fiasco, I take it? :pinkiecrazy:

Well, that was fast. Poor Coco.

*<>* .

The donkey that works at the Hall of Records.

what a dumbass

Ooh :raritydespair: how many time I had to deal with this kind of administrative screw up. This story is more real than you can think.

Please tell me the Donkey's name is actually "Some Jackass"

Goddamnit, Moth.

Jarkes #17 · May 25th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Horse News, take note; THIS is how you write satire of fandom drama.

There will be Twitter riots.

That didn't take long! Hooray for this fandom.

Pretty funny but why did she scream at the end exactly if everything was resolved fairly quickly and easily thanks to Twilight?

She isn't Miss Pommel anymore, her new name is Miss Coco Pommel

7246898 Really? I thought the Miss in that case meant the same as Mr. Ms. and/or Mrs. Not actually her name but something that goes in front of it compared to the name change incident the story was about.

7246940 (A) they screwed up and changed her legal name to Miss Coco Pommel.
(B) She's just sick of the word 'Miss' and is having PTSD.

Take your pick, whichever works for you.

7246948 I see. Both fair points.

Crap. Some staffer trolls the hell out of people and it's bleeding into Equestria itself.

This was funny to read and also it's a great form of mocking the marketing team of the show because, let's be honest, nobody will call her Miss Pommel. It's like calling Derpy "Muffins" or Vinyl "DJ Pon-3" and make her mute...

Oh wait...

7247158 Well, to be fair, there's nothing that outright confirms Vinyl is a mute. Ponies may call her DJ-PON-3 simply because they don't know her on a personal level.


I, for one, as a Coco writer, will always call her "Coco" no matter what Hasbro does. Yes, there is some controversy about the human with the similar name, but really...Coco is not ponified Chanel. Pony Coco is pony Coco...

...and I for one prefer to read her "Pommel" as a sign of potential Apple family membership (in French, pomme=apple). But that's just headcanon getting in the way of things.

7247570 Funny thing.... even when she's foaming at the mouth, Coco is one of the two ponies that will ALWAYS be huggable. The second is Babs.

7247765 Sorry, you got my Like months ago.


Whoops, totally forgot! Hard to keep track these days...:facehoof:

I laughed. I laughed. And then I laughed.

I am 90th upvote.

i love this story

Unlike Moriarty, I laughed four times! Then I liked it. You turned al of this into a good story.

7246302 Don't bring Luna into this. :twilightsheepish:

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #80.

You can find my review here.


T'was funny enough to warrant that 'ha'.

Meanwhile, across town, Current Resident peered into his mailbox with a short exasperated huff of derision. "No mail again today?"

That last part was hilarious! I love it when folks post those tasteful satire fics that double as a well-deserved jab to the crappy news today.


You weren't here for the Button Mash fiasco, I take it? :pinkiecrazy:

UGH! Don't remind me of that dreadful day! :fluttershbad:

7250324 That would be hilarious.

:twilightoops:: Isn't this an abuse of power?
:duck:: Darling are you not supposed to use your power to help your citizens?
:twilightblush::Works for me!

To: Miss Coco Pommel

Coco is her middle name now! :twilightoops: Makes a lot of awkward sense.

This is genius.:rainbowlaugh: That is all. And if the news is true... DAMN YOU AMERICAN LAYWERS!:flutterrage:


Okay, I really like your reviews, but...is there a reason your 'check out my review' post KINDA reads like a form letter?

7282104 Because (a) it is, (b) he thinks being reviewed by him is some grand honor (it isn't), and (c) see (a) and (b).

7246307 Uh... Welcome to fimfiction?

7284356 I'm not quite sure what you're trying to imply by that. I've been here for three years. I didn't like the story, and I said so and why. I'm unsure as to how exactly that makes me seem new or inexperienced.

7284704 Probably because of your noobish reaction to an obvious piss-take at the latest bit of brony drama. The type of story which is always written in about twenty minutes and is intended to be quickly forgotten--because it's just poking fun at something inane like Derpygate, Buttongate, or Cocogate.

Most people who have been here for three years recognize a piss-take story when they see one and react accordingly. Just sayin'.

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