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Didn't expect to get into fimfiction, but enjoys the ride nevertheless.


Foggy Horizons, formerly known as Dusky, has committed the most terrible crime known to Equestria. With fire in his past and a hatred for dragons, he is exiled to Earth to live his days away from those he wishes to harm. Unfortunately for Equestria, he is not content with this. Scraping by in the human world and plotting with fellow exile Sunset Shimmer, will he ever find true friendship or even love? Or is he destined to just be another villain in the textbooks of Equestria?

And what impact will a dark magic forbidden to all have on him?


Partially inspired by Ed Sheeran's "I See Fire", but the Peter Hollens version is great too.

This fanfiction will have Sunset Shimmer paired with the main character of the story in later chapters, and it'll be a little bit of a slow burn until then. The death tag is there for once the story kicks off as well. Horror is there for black magic, necromancy, seeing ghosts, etc.

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Comment posted by Rainwalker12 deleted Aug 6th, 2019

Interresting Concept.
I like what I have read so far.
Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I have a lot planned out and I’m about to write some of the actual chapter really soon.


Seems cool!

Thanks! I’ve outlined the next few chapters so the next one should be out in a few days.

I honestly thought that he succeeded for a moment would be turned into a dragon in some weird irony when coming back. So far I like foggy and seeing through the school bullys side.

Yeah, that would be pretty ironic haha

I can just imagine him getting so pissed that his plan fails that he just reveals he has been using Sunset and how she is such an imbecile, while just beastmoding the pain walking through the portal.

Haha yeah, that’d be funny. I may not have made this clear, but Foggy literally can’t cross through the portal as of right now. He was formally banished from Equus with magic, so there is a preventive barrier for him. Whereas Sunset fled through and isn’t truly forbidden, Foggy is prevented from going through, which is why he tried to take Twilight back with him to see if it would override the magic. Sorry if that wasn’t clear!

Thank you, I didn't exactly understand why he couldn't get through the portal... But tbh it would be pretty cool tho.

Well that escalated quick. I didnt expect foggy to get a mortal wound so soon. I'm just interested where it's going to go from here, especially with how he just straight up denied having medical help by bashing that police officer head.

Thanks for the chapter.

Good to hear! I’ve had a bit of writers block, but I’ll try to get the next chapter out whenever I can.

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