• Published 20th Jul 2020
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Ranger's Destiny: How It Must End - TasteDaRainbow

After encountering Sombra in Equestria, the rangers finally come home and must capture their enemy, Mustafa Ammar. But it won't be easy as they thought.

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Chapter 1

His ears buzzed like hell as Daniel tried to regain his own vision. Slowly blinking his eyes, he groaned when he felt pain throughout his body. All of it were upside down. It was confusing him, but his mind then came back to him in an instant. Of course it's upside down, they just flipped over by a goddamn pole. Never mess with a pole, that's another rule for a ranger. His memory from the earlier chase came back to him, his eyes widened and quickly looked around the surroundings; searching the army that was chasing them. Daniel looked around in confusion when he noticed something, there was no army, no terrorists, heck, no gun fire.

The pain came back to him. Rubbing his forehead, he groaned slightly. "Ugh.. Forbes.. Chase.. you guys alright?"

"Yeah..." Chase replied limply. Daniel looked at the driver and saw that he was crawling out of the car.

"He's getting away!" He suddenly heard Forbes shouted behind him. Daniel looked to the right and saw Mustafa was running away from the car. But his left leg made it difficult for him to run away.

"Dammit!" Daniel muttered while trying to cut the seat belt off.

"Come on! We can't lose him!" He saw Chase was able to get out from the car and crouched down to see the young ranger struggling with the seat belt. "Daniel! Come on!" Chase said impatiently.

"Give me a fucking second will ya?!" Daniel replied while squirming. "Fuck!! You stupid piece of shit!! Come on!!" Finally released from the grip, Daniel quickly crawled out of the car to catch his breath.

"This is why I hate seat belts." He said whilst panting. "What about our sergeant?"

"Just go!" Forbes replied, still trying to get himself off. "Go! I'll catch up with you! We can't lose Mustafa! He'll make another chaos if he escapes! Go now!!"

Chase nodded. "Come on Niel! What are you waiting for?!" He shrieked as he grabbed his gun and chase the target.

Daniel looked back at Forbes and nod. "Stay here and I'll be right back!" He said as he grabbed his weapon and joined Chase on pursuing the suspect.

"I'll get outta here alone ya know!" Forbes shouted back.

"I don't!" Daniel yelled as he ran with Chase. The three of them were focused on the task until they didn't realize the people around that watched them were colourful. Heck, they thought they were still being chased by the terrorists. Somehow, Mustafa could gain his strength back as he ran faster to avoid the rangers.

"Warning shot!" Daniel shouted behind Chase. Chase pointed his gun to the air and shoot twice. People on the sidewalk screamed as they heard the shot. Mustafa though, didn't care about the warning as he continue to run away from the rangers.

Pushing through people, avoiding obstacles, the three of them continue on their chase for what felt like hours. Daniel's legs were begging to stop but he pushed himself to keep running anyway.

"Dang it!" Chase said while running. "He won't give up!"

"Then we will not either!" Daniel replied. Both of them were panting but they continue to chase Mustafa until they met a crossroad. The green light was still on and Mustafa ran faster in attempt to get to the other side of the road. Just as Mustafa were about to cross, a black car stopped directly in front of him and two guys came out from the other side of the car. It took a few seconds for Daniel and Chase to recognise the two other guys who were pointing their AK-47 to them.

"SHIT!! LOOK OUT!!" Daniel grabbed Chase to hide behind a parked car. Both of the terrorists immediately fired their weapons mercilessly to the car. Daniel looked at the sky and notice something. "Is it this early when we were on our mission?"

"I don't give a fuck." Chase replied. He pulled his leg closer to him as a bullet landed right next to his feet.

Gritting his teeth, Daniel regained his courage as he peeked and started to fire back. He saw the black car was driving away, leaving the two terrorists that were still shooting them.

"Fuck!" Daniel yelled as he ducked down, just in time when a bullet passed above him. "He got away!"

"FUCK!!" Chase slammed his fist to the car. Calming himself down, he began to form a new plan. "All right, we'll take one of these guys. Both of them if possible." He said as he suddenly stood up and open fire. The terrorists seemed to ran out of ammo as they both run on the opposite direction. One to the left, and one to the right. Chase quickly made up his decision.

"We'll take that guy!" Chase said as he started to run and after the guy whose running to the right. Daniel quickly stood up and follow his friend, ignoring the screaming from the people on the sidewalks.

"You better be right Corporal!" Daniel screamed as he ran full sprint.

Big Macintosh was whistling to himself as he drove down the street on the way to Canterlot High School calmly. Sunset Shimmer and her friends were inside their 'band bus' as they talked to each other. Mostly discussing about the war back in Equestria.

"So what happened to the rangers?" Rainbow Dash asked with a large amount of curiosity.

"Princess Celestia and Princess Luna managed to find a way for them to bring them back home. Of course they accepted it." The fiery haired girl replied while crossing her arms.

Applejack whistled. "Gosh, Ah can't imagine how nice they were. Ah mean, they from a completely different world but they helped y'all win the war. And they didn't even know ya yet!"

"Yeah!" Pinkie exclaimed. "They must be so nice and generous. Remember when you said that they lost thirty rangers of their own?" Sunset nodded. "I mean, they sacrificed themselves for the world that wasn't their own. If I was there I would've thrown a super mega thank you party to them."

"I'm sure whoever they were, they were all good people." Rarity said.

"But still, why did they wanted to help you in the first place?" Rainbow asked again.

Sunset sighed. "There's a young ranger here, his name is Daniel, he insisted his friends to help us win the war. He said that he followed his instinct and he was a hundred percent sure that we are the good ones. I don't really know how he did that though."

"Wow." Fluttershy said. "He really have a good instinct."

"He really do have it." Sunset replied. "I even remember when he first help us, his right shoulder got pierced by an arrow." Her friends gasped when they heard what Sunset beginning to explain about him. "I mean, he could have been dead because of it!"

Applejack put a hand on her shoulder. "Relax now sugarcube, at least he still alive now right?"

Sunset calmed herself and nod slowly. "Yes. He's fine when he left Equestria. But I just can't stop thinking about him and his friends. They help us so much and they didn't ask anything in return. Instead, they sacrificed themselves for the sake of our world." She paused for a moment to control her tears. "I couldn't imagine after fighting in our world, they have to go home and fight another one. I even heard they lost forty thousand rangers!" She sighed and looked at the window. "I just... hope they're okay." Her friends smiled and nodded, said that they will be okay and she just have to believe it.

"I don't even know that there's another human world except ours." Twilight chimed in. "I need to do some research about this. Sunset, would you mind telling me about their technologies later? Everything that you had in mind about their species and home." Sunset weakly nodded.

"And how are you-" Rainbow Dash was about to ask when suddenly, lots of gun fires rang through the town. "What was that?" She frantically asked.

"I don't know." Twilight replied. "Whatever it is, I just hope the police will take care of it." Her friends nod in agreement as the bus continue it's way to the school.

Along the way, they decided to forget the rangers and talked some random stuff. Rainbow immediately said that there will be a game between Canterlot and the Crystal Prep for a soccer match. Big Macintosh, still whistling from the driver seat but then stopped the bus when he saw a guy ran past in front of him. The girls, who were unprepared for this, immediately jerked forward, leaving them groaning and moaning in pain.

"Hey Mac!" Applejack said while adjusting her hat. "Just what the hay was that?!"

"STOP!!" A loud yell could be heard from their left. They quickly looked to the source and spotted a soldier ran past the bus, followed by another one, who was firing his gun to the air twice. They covered their ears as they heard the loud sound of the gun again.

"What the..." Rainbow left mouth agaped. Big Mac blinked before starting to drive the bus again towards the school. After that, all of them were silence. None of them spoke or laughed like before. Flabbergasted by the sudden burst, Fluttershy managed to break the silence.

"I-is..." She stammered. "Is that... t-the military?"

Twilight nodded. "It must be. They carry weapons and wearing the military uniform."

"Wow..." Pinkie said, didn't take her eyes off the way the soldiers were running. "That was... something..."

"Is this a serious threat?" Twilight asked. "I mean, the military was there, it must be serious."

"I can only hope that whatever it is, the military can handle it." Rarity said calmly.

"I know, but can't we help them?" Rainbow asked.

"Nope." Big Mac replied, still looking at the rearview mirror, until the soldiers disappeared into an alleyway.

"We can't Rainbow." Sunset said. "If the military was involved, then it must be serious. Of course we have magic, but let the law handle this one. But if they need our help, then we join them to stop whatever it is that is threatening this city."

"But doesn't it weird?" Twilight asked while putting her hand under her chin. "I haven't seen or heard anything from the news this morning. They just like... suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I believe when it comes with the military, then the least they do is to inform people in this city to stay at home and don't go outside until it's safe."

"Yeah." Rainbow said as she looked at her phone. "There aren't any news that involving the military."

"You made a point there." Sunset said. "But I guess if they didn't tell it on the news, they must have taken this situation under control."

"Yeah!" Pinkie exclaimed again. "The military have their own ways to not making people panic. Maybe this is one of their strategy!"

"Or probably this is jus' some exercise they're doin'." Applejack said.

"Maybe..." Twilight said quietly. They then continued on with their conversation, trying to ignore about the event earlier. A few minutes later, they arrived at their school. Canterlot High School.

"That dude is crazy!" Daniel shouted as he ran past the bus that luckily stop itself when the runner attempt to kill himself. Probably.

"Just keep chasing him!" Chase shouted back. Chase wanted to shoot the guy down so badly. But the street that was filled with people made him to change his mind and just continue to chase the bad guy. But they still didn't notice that all of them were colourful because of the shirt they wore, making them think it's just an ordinary civilians. He didn't want for the civilians to get injured, even though he screamed that there's a terrorist on the loose. Despite Daniel's body screamed for him to stop and take some rest, he ignored all of it and pushed himself to catch the terrorist.

"Jesus how long will this guy keep running..." Chase said while panting. The weapon made him heavier with each step he took. But that didn't mean he have to give up. No. That guy is the intel. He must've known where Mustafa was or taken away.

"Screw this shit!!" Daniel shouted as he threw his ACR and started to run faster. On the first place, the three of them not only didn't have the sidearms, but the kevlar as well. They only have their uniform in camouflage pattern. Making them easier to run, well but not all of it. Daniel took a deep breath before starting to run faster than ever. He managed to pass Chase and like the speed that every ranger haven't seen, Daniel sprint with all of his strength, closing the gap between him and the runner.

The terrorist looked back and noticed that Daniel is about a meter away from him. He looked to his front and then saw a school on his left, right across the road. He saw a car that was about to pass by and immediately took the advantage. When the car was just a few meters from him, he jumped to the middle of the road, making the car suddenly stopped while honking and yelling at the terrorist. He ran and proceed his way to the school. Daniel quickly followed him. Crossing the road with ease, he continue to close the gap between the two of them.

The terrorist then climbed the small stairs and quickly burst open the main door of the school. Daniel groaned and yelled to Chase through his walkie. "I'll go chase him from here, you go around the school! Try to find a way to get in, we'll get this son of a bitch!"

"I already know that!" Chase replied and quickly ran to the other side of the building. Daniel burst open the door and saw the runner ran through the empty hallway to his right. Daniel quickly followed him with a groan.

"Oh no you don't you shitbird."

Author's Note:

Just an imagination of mine. And for the story of World at War: Protectors of Harmony is still in progress. I just need to do more research about World War II so that I could easily arrange the plot and the chapters one by one. Hope y'all enjoy this!