Ranger's Destiny: How It Must End

by TasteDaRainbow

Chapter 3

"So what you're saying is that all of you are not from this world?" Celestia asked with surprise.

Celestia, Luna, Daniel, Chase and Forbes and the terrorist were in the Principal's room. Celestia and Luna have announced the students regarding the incident and told them to go home earlier and school will be closed until the time to be determined. So did the game that will be delayed for a determined time. The Rainbooms however, were sitting around the statue of Canterlot, waiting for the rangers to come out. Or so they thought.

"Unfortunately yes Ma'am," Daniel replied, crossing his arms as he leaned back to his chair, "If I have to say, we're in the middle of a war back in our world. And Mustafa was the cause of all of this shit. We will not return until we captured that bastard."

"Private," Forbes tapped his shoulder, "Language please."

"Sorry Sarge, I just want all of this to end already." Daniel return to Celestia. "Excuse me for the past rudeness."

"No harm done." Celestia calmly replied.

"So what has Mustafa done to the war?" Luna asked curiously.

"Long story short, he killed forty thousand rangers with a nuke. And six thousand went missing because of that." Chase said while examining his gun.

"My God.." Luna mumbled.

"Yeah, he occupied some countries in the Middle East and were about to advance his troops to Jalalabad, located on the eastern part of Afghanistan when they clashed with us. Little did we know that there was a nuke in Kabul. All hell let loose when he pressed that button and turn the city into nothing but ashes." Daniel explained.

"Okay, back to the point," Celestia put her hands under her chin as she examine the rangers in front of her, "So you're going to use this building temporarily just to interrogate your enemy here?" She looked at the person that Forbes had been holding the entire time.

"Yes and no," Forbes replied, "We don't really have much of a choice now. We don't know this town at all and the last thing we wanted do is die on Ammar's hands."

Celestia let herself lost in her own thoughts for a moment. If she let these rangers interrogate their enemy here, who knows they would be facing with the law. But they somehow know that these rangers would certainly got their backs. But then again, she didn't know yet how their interrogating the terrorist would be like. She looked at her Vice Principal, who look back with concern expression on her face.

Celestia sighed, looking back to the rangers, she didn't have much of a choice either. "I'm so sorry to tell you this, but I don't want any trouble causes the school to be reported again. Although they were handled by the students that have crazy amount of magic, but this is beyond their capabilities right now. This is your duty and I do not want any part of this school gets involved into your problems. I hope you understand." Hearing this, the rangers lost their hope. Like it or not, they have to travel around town to figure out a place to interrogate the terrorist.

With a polite nod, Daniel got up from his seat. "It's alright Ma'am. Honestly I would've chosen the same if I were you. You don't have much of a choice either, so I guess it's fair for the both of us. We understand your situation, don't worry."

"We do very sorry that we cannot help you much. But we don't want to take the risk of confronting the law forces about this case." Luna added.

"It's very okay Ma'am," Chase replied after taking a few steps to the desk, "We completely understand the whole situation and yes. This is school, not some military base. I'm afraid the students will get uncomfortable by our presence too."

Celestia smiled warmly before getting herself up. "Thank you very much for your concern Rangers. We're still sorry that we can't help much."

"You are welcome Ma'am," Forbes replied, "And apology accepted." With that, he shoved the terrorist out of the room, with Daniel and Chase slowly followed behind.

"Isn't it going to be dangerous if they want to interrogate the terrorist in this school?" Twilight asked with her legs crossed and her back leaned against the solid concrete of the statue.

"I know right, they could've scared the entire school." Rainbow said while examining her soccer ball.

"If Ah may honest, Ah guess they haven't found a place yet," Applejack stated, "Ya guys know that they're just arrived here with those cuts all over their faces. Especially Sergeant Forbes."

"I simply agreed to Applejack," Rarity chimed in, "Who knows they need help and shelter to stay if they certainly not from this world."

"They're not, okay?" Sunset said, "Those Rangers are not from this world and they said the most wanted is here as well. Along with his army." Fear struck her face as she memorized the whole thing back at Equestria. With the Rangers stepped into the war, they really mean it. They really put everything in their power to defeat their enemy and protect their allies. She couldn't imagine if their town, no, their world, end up in some sort of war too. I need to inform Princess Celestia and Twilight about this.

"The most wanted?" Fluttershy asked, who was sitting next to her.

Sunset nod. "They told me that Mustafa Ammar is here. Along with his army, but they're not sure how big is his army yet. But one thing for sure that the cold blooded killer is here and managed to escape from them before."

"So who is that person they captured before?" Pinkie asked while drinking a milkshake.

"Those are one of the terrorists I believe." Sunset replied.

"And why are we still here again?" Rainbow asked, looking at Sunset.

"We're waiting for them."

The door of the Canterlot High slowly opened, revealing a person that's being held by three Rangers. The Rangers spotted them and slowly walked towards the statue. With a smile on his face, Daniel greeted warmly.

"Hey girls, how's it going?" Daniel asked as he shouldered his ACR that has been brought back to him from Chase. The girls nod politely.

"The school told us to go home earlier because of the unfortunate event." Twilight calmly replied.

"Oh yes, we're really sorry about that," Daniel said as he look back to the terrorist, "If it wasn't because of this asshole none of you guys are going home this earlier."

"Chill dude," Rainbow stood up and pat Daniel's shoulder, "Besides, it's good to go home faster. School is kinda boring ya know?"

Daniel chuckled lightly. "Teens. Anyways, what are you guys doing here? Aren't you supposed to go home?"

"We're waiting for you guys." Sunset said with a smile.

"Mind if Ah ask sumthin?" Applejack tipped her hat as she said so.

"Sure." Daniel said.

"Do y'all have a place to stay?"

Daniel sighed in defeat. "No, we don't have it yet. We're not from this world remember?"

"And y'all wanna interrogate that fella right there?" Applejack pointed at the terrorist who was looking at the ground the entire time.

"Apparently yes," Chase replied, "We have to gain information from him about his Father's plan."

"I already told you I don't know where he is." The terrorist spoke up.

"Shut the hell up before I give a swift kick to your head again." Daniel said violently.

"Look," the terrorist began, "All I know is that Ammar has escaped but I don't know where he is. We're in a total different world here and I bet he doesn't know where to go either."

"Then at least speak about his plan." Daniel gritted his teeth as he was standing in front of the terrorist. The girls backed up a little, most of them were afraid if Daniel punched his enemy mercilessly again.

A sigh managed to escape from the terrorist. "We were planning on planting another nuke in Jalalabad. But your forces mercilessly slaughtered us until we have no choice but retreat. I don't really know what's the next plan but that's all I know for now." Daniel smirked when he heard that they're being slaughtered. But still, he didn't satisfy just yet.

"Why did all of this happen." His face was inches away from the terrorist.

"He wants power. He wants to show to the world that, here I am, kneel before me. He won't stop until he has conquered all of the Middle East."

"By killing thousands of civilians?" Chase asked sternly.

"Oh my.." Fluttershy could feel tears on the corner of her eyes but Sunset quickly pulled her in a tight embrace.

"That's resisting," the terrorist replied, "Look, I'm just a soldier in his army. Nothing more. I'm not an intel, I'm just the man that follows his orders." The terrorist looked at Chase with fear. "I never wanted this." He looked back at Daniel. "I was forced to fight with him. He already occupied most countries in the Middle East and everyone that stands in his way will be shot dead." Tears started to form on the corner of his eyes. "Brother, I could've sworn in the name of Allah myself, I don't want any of this. My wife and daughter were killed when they tried to resist his soldiers. I was out to work when I found out about it. And if I resist too, I wouldn't even be here right now."

"That's still not an excuse for attacking him though." Chase said and pointed at Daniel.

"Then what are you going to do when someone tried to kill you. You just sit there and accept the faith that you're already dead?" Chase was about to retort but he couldn't find a word for it. The terrorist shook his head, "No. I have promised myself to live my life to the fullest. I know my wife and my daughter wanted me to be happy. But with all of this, I couldn't find it. Not just yet until I find a way to escape from his tyranny." The terrorist looked back at Daniel defeatedly. "I am sorry."

Daniel clenched his fists tightly. "Sorry is for the weak," he said with deep voice, "And it makes no difference about the war by saying sorry."

"I know I'm weak. I should've let myself killed when they killed my family. You want to kill me? Come on! Kill me right now! Right here! COME ON!!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Daniel grabbed his ACR and quickly pointed it at his head. The girls quickly backed away from the sudden burst.

"Woah woah woah! Private, calm down!" Forbes yelled, still holding the terrorist.

Daniel could feel his hands trembling as he aim at the head of his hostage. The terrorist was closing his eyes, already accepting the death in front of him. Daniel began to breathe heavily as he was trying with all of his might to pull the trigger. But his fingers wouldn't let him. What the fuck am I doing. He lost his family and already sworn in to His name that he didn't want all of this. He lost his family... Just like me...

"Get a grip Private, people are watching us." Chase quickly got a hold on the ACR, making Daniel snapped out from his thoughts.

Daniel blinked several times before lowering his weapon. He looked at his ACR, then back at the terrorist. No.. he wasn't a terrorist. Gosh, what have I done. He then looked at Forbes.

"I.. I'm.. I'm sorry Sergeant," he stammered, "I d-don't know what h-happened to me and-"

"Come on kid, get a hold of yourself." Chase pulled him into a tight hug. Daniel didn't resist, instead his hands were shaking. "We're gonna catch Ammar, and then end this shit once and for all okay? Are you with me kid?" Daniel's only response was a nod.

Forbes suddenly released the grip from the terrorist's arms, making him confused while turning back to face Forbes. "What's this all about?" He asked.

"Look, even though we have you to gain some information it's no use for us to find Ammar right now. We have no idea where we are and so does you guys." Forbes stared at the cloudy blue sky and sigh.

Chase released the hug and give Daniel a pat on his shoulder with a smile. "We can do this." He assured him.

Daniel nodded before looking back to the terrorist. He too had been staring at him for quite awhile. With a gentle smile, the terrorist offered a handshake. "Thank you, and still, I'm sorry."

Daniel looked at the hand in front of him. Waiting for his hand to accept his apology. Daniel smiled weakly, and accepted it kindheartedly. "It's alright. I'm sorry as well. Don't judge a book by its cover eh?"

"Name's Tahir." With a smile, Tahir waited for his response.

"Daniel." They both firmly shook their hands. The girls were relaxed a bit by the warmer atmosphere. Chase too smiled slightly at Daniel's sudden change.

Tahir chuckled a bit, didn't let go off the grip. "I wasn't expecting this to happen."

"Neither do I Tahir." Daniel replied warmly. They both finally let go off their hands. Shouldering his ACR, Daniel turned his attention to the girls. "Sorry about that."

"No harm done Daniel." Sunset smiled before giving him a tight hug, which Daniel gladly accept. "So," Sunset said as she pulled back from the hug, "Where are you guys going after this?"

Forbes shrugged. "We'll search for Ammar's location later. For now, probably we're gonna search around town to find a place to stay."

Applejack smiled before taking her hat off to clean it. "Ya know, Ah think Ah can help ya for that."