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This story is a sequel to The Royal Three.

When Atlas, Apollo and Artemis were transported to Equestria by mysterious portal eight months ago, they knew that their lives would never be the same.

And they were right. Now they have great careers, wonderful romantic relationships, and a lot of new friends. They’re also heroes for their actions during the changelings invasion. And their future is looking bright.

What does this new year have in store for them?

Your guess is as good as mine.

(This story takes place in season three and the beginning of season four. This series is partially inspired by the Hearts of iron four mod Equestria at war and TNO the last days of Europe.)

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Wow! Season two let's go!

Quick question, is story following the EAW timeline with a mix of canon or the other way around or neither? Thanks.


Oh shoot! I forgot to put that in the description. Thanks for reminding me comrade. And to answer your question, yes it does. This story follows a similar timeline to the hearts of iron four mod Equestria at war, Hoi4 TNO the last days of Europe and the canon timeline.

Well, a great new season is starting!! Bro, but I think you left loose ends last season, you could have explained more about the origin of humans on planet Earth in the interview that took place last season in one of the chapters, and mainly explain how humanity evolved so much and the main events historical events of the earth such as the discovery of new continents such as America, the Victorian era of the industrial revolution (1800-1889) the first world war of the German defeat one of the wars that had the greatest impact on the world along with the second war which was the bloodiest war of humanity and cruelty and atomic bombing of Japan at the end of the war talk about important battles of the conflict, explain about the period of the cold war of the war of influence of Capitalism vs Communism that you can take as a basis for the geopolitical situation on earth you could do another chapters of human technology interviews from science, medicine, engineering, architecture and military this season and atomic bombs. But I also have a question about whether this timeline of the story is the same or will it be a connection with this Hearts of iron 4 mod but I think it's just an inspiration as you said, could you just confirm if it's true, it's my doubt. And I was also curious about another story before this Furry Heart story that takes place in the future, in one of the chapters there was part that one of the triplets, Twilight's husband was in Paris, France, so probably somehow in the future the earth is now connected with Equestria would really like to see how this can impact Earth's geopolitics now. These are my questions, if you want, I have a lot of ideas that you can add to the story, if you want, just call me because I really liked the first season.

Hey, I’m glad you enjoying the story. Now I will try my best to answer all of your questions.

1. The triplets did explain human history during the interview episode. I just skimmed it over because I thought my audience would like the interesting parts of the interview. (There’s no atomic bombs on planet Equis if you’re wondering.)

2. This story does share a similar timeline to the hearts of iron four mods I mentioned.

3. I just want to clarify that Twilight is in Paris during the Flurry heart and the tablet story, not Artemis.

4. I would love to narrate a chapter like this but I’m not doing that because the triplets are on planet Equis right now. And many of their friends and colleagues have a lot of questions about the United States. So imagine trying to explain geopolitics on earth to a bunch of ponies that never set foot on earth to begin with. I will talk about what’s going on on planet earth in the future seasons, just not right now. But in this season, I will be talking about the geopolitics that involves Equestria and her allies.

5. Planet earth and Equus are connected in the future. It’s just I’m not going to tell you how yet. It will be explained in a future episode, so stay tuned.


Ah, thank you for explaining, but there were some parts that were left without context on my part of the explanation that you must not have understood (that's because my English isn't good. Well, I'm Brazilian)

1. Last season's interview was a great summary, but if you want, as I said, you could add chapters with more questions from Esquestria residents about Earth in future chapters

2. This introduction of these mods into the story is very good.

3. In the Flurry Heart and Tablet chapter, I know it was Twilight in Paris, not Artemis, I just thought that in the future, as Twilight went to Paris, you must have prepared in future seasons of Esquestria doing geopolitics in the land of the two worlds being connected so much so that this chapter takes place 8 years in the future in 1018

4. I understand a lot my friend, it's better to leave the good things for the future and focus on developing the world of Equestria now.

5. I can't wait about this explanation, oh bro if you want I can give you tips and ideas for future chapters and seasons of humans and other powers and leaders of the earth doing trade and geopolitics with the new developing world. 👍

And so it begin. Humans will now reunite with their long lost neighbors and fight side by side to defeat a future evil.

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You’re goddamn right.

Happy new year.🎆

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