• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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Rainbow's Lonesome Road - Centurion Pike-Wall

The Mare-do-well incident goes wrong. Very, very wrong. Leading to rainbow wounded and alone.

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Appleousa (Pt.2)

As they went outside, they did in fact see a sandstorm on the horizon. It resembled a cloud, only a light brown color, and with semi-solid shapes forming and disintegrating in a never-ending cycle. They went along toward a small, light green and red house on the edge of town. As they walked, the main five, spike, and braeburn talking among themselves. Taking advantage of their distraction, Void walking up next to plow, pulling up her goggles to show plow her narrowed eyes.

"Plow, the hell! What were you thinking!?" She growled out.

"Streak, what the S*** are you talking about? I know you don't want to walk back to the rocks in the storm."

"Plow, these are-were, my friends. And now, I have to spend the night in close proximity to them."

"Really? F***. I'm sorry! But it's a little late, don't you think?"

" Bu-*sigh*, your right. Look, I made it seem like I can't talk, so just play along. And if they as for my name, tell them it's Date Shucker. Void Streak sounds like a pegasi name.


Braeburn opened the door, leading them into a living room. It was much cleaner and better taken care of then Plows house. The paint looked fresh, the coach clean, and the fireplace not a pit in the ground. Braeburn said, "Alright. I'll get sum dinner on da stove. Y'all get comfortable now." He then walked into the kitchen as the others sat down on the couches and chairs. Twilight flashes her horn and, while casting Void an apologetic smile, summoned a paper and quill.

" So, what exactly do you do, Ms.....I'm sorry, I never got your names." She said, as rarity entered the room. Upon seeing the two new ponies, she didn't ask who they were. She just gasped and lept in the air a few feet.

"Oh my, darlings! Just what are you wearing!?" Both Plow and Void looked down. Yep, nothing had gotten on their cloaks.

Plow said, " Um, Cloaks. I'm wearing a stetson too. And She's wearing a pith hat, a bandana, and sun-goggles. What, do I have mud on it or something? Cause if so, no big deal. " At this Rarity just began to shake her head vigorously.

"No no no no, Darling. I mean, it just doesn't work!"

"Work. It's warm during the night, and cool enough in the day. It works just fine."

" No, I mean it utterly clashes with your coats. You need something -"

Plow sighed, then looked at the fashionista. "Sorry, but down south, it's function over form. Up north you can afford to only wear clothes a few times a year, but we can't down south." She then turned her gaze from Rarity , toward twilight. "And as for our names, I'm Iron Plow. And this is Date Shucker."

Pinkie, seeming to appear out of nowhere in front of them, said, "But earlier you called her Streak!"

Plow, deadpanning, said, "inside joke."

" Oh, I love jokes! What is it? "

"You don't want to know."

" Actually I do! "

"Ok, but I don't want to tell you."

AJ said, "Well, from the clothes and the cart earlier, I'd say ya were farmers, like me. Would ah be right? "

Plow replied, "Yeah. Dates. Streak here is my most recent worker. Came along cause the others were to chicken. Now," she directed the rest of her sentence into the kitchen, "Oi, food done yet, I'm starvin'!"

Braeburn said back, "Almost. Jus' need to add the final touch. 'dere! Come an' get it!" With that, the ponies got up and went into the dining room. When they sat at a long table, Braeburn came in, carrying a large pot of chili on his back. It smelled heavenly to void, whose diet had been, up to now, little else but dates and sawbread. When her bowl was put in front of her, she dug in. Braeburn said, "Man, an knew my cookin' was good, but not dat good!"

Plow said to him, "Not entirely your good work. We can't afford and/or have the stuff to make the fancy s*** You can. Our meals is mostly Dates and this terrible tasting stuff called sawbread. On a good harvest, we can afford to get some pears, but that's it. So this is a great change of pace." As she spoke, she too was gorging herself. Soon, they had both finished their bowels.

Plow and the others continued to talk, while Void listened halfheartidly. The talk was mostly about Plows farm and other things of that nature. She suddenly gained intrest when she heard the conversation drift to things that would concern her. "Alright, an don't 'ave enough rooms for all 'o you. So, two of ya 'ill have to sleep in the livin' room."

Plow said, "Dibs!" When the others looked at her, she elaborated , "What, my beds a tarp with some old cotton in it. I haven't ever slept on a proper bed my whole life. Date can take the couch."

Fluttershy said, "Me too. I need some, *sigh* alone time. If, that's alright, or course."

"Sure" Twilight said, a look of concern in her face. "Look, we all miss dash. We'll get through this." Those words made void angry. If they would miss her so much, why would they try to pull that memory thing to begin with? She then began to calm. She couldn't show anger, else they get suspicious. Plow then took Void aside.

"Hey, streak, you good?" A quick nod later, she continued. "Good. Now, get some rest. We leave before first light. Night." She followed the rest of the main 5, braeburn, and spike down the hall. Void went over to the couch, and spread herself out on it. Not enough to show her tail or flank, but enough to be comfortable. She then slipped into her usual dreamless sleep.


Void awoke to sort moaning and whimpering. Looking around, she realized it was coming from fluttershy. She tossed an turned, turning the blanket draped over her into a tangled mess. As she watched, fluttershy rolled into her back, bicycling her hooves into the air.

"N-n-no! Please! R-rainbow, I'm sorry! Faust, mother of Celestia, I'm so sorry! N-no!" Small lines of wet fur matted her face, revealing she was crying. Even after all that had happened, Void still felt bad. This was her friend, and her 'death's was tearing her apart. She felt terrible.

She knew she must do something. She wouldn't come back; if they were willing to do what they did, then they didn't deserve her. But, she hoped to give them some sort of, reconciliation. Was that the right word? Void shrugged, then began to look for a quill and paper.

She then became aware of loud snoring filling the room. Looking into the dining room, she was Twilight passed out over a notepad, book, and a quill. Why am I not surprised? Oh well. When life throws you a bone, who am I to complain?. Slowly, she lifted twilights hoof off of the quill, and ripped a sheet out of the notebook. She then went over to the couch, removed her Pith hat, setting it down on the couch next to her. She then began to write.

I know you have been feeling bad about my 'death'. Well, to put you at ease, I wrote this letter. I am alive. Scarred and angry, but alive. However, I won't come back. Maybe, this was a sign. For me to start over. Now, a message for each of you.

Fluttershy. You were my best friend. I stood by you through thick and thin. Your betrayal hurt the most. However, you also are hurt the most for my actions. So, take comfort that I hope little I'll to you. I'm sorry.

Twilight. Egghead, you suck. Mare-do-well, what drove me away, was your idea. And you were the one to shoot the spell that put me to the blade. However, you were trying to help me. You didn't want to see your friend be a jerk. Keep being a egghead, egghead.

Pinkie. You are one of the most true ponies out their. If fluttershy hasn't taken it, you could be the element of kindness. Please, to on with your life. Don't be sad. Make all the world smile.

Rarity. You truly are generous. You made a dress for me, to my ridiculous and vague discrption. Thank you. Keep it up. Make the unfortunate feel great through your generosity.

AJ. Why? Honesty, yet deceitful. I don't feel sorry about hitting you.

Unless circumstance force me, I will not be coming even this close to equestria. You will never see me again, unless I want to see you. Bye, my friends


When she finished, she folded the note and placed it on the coffee table. About an hour later, Plow came down the hall, without a word, they slipped out of the door, heading for the cart they had put at the base of the hill. Sure enough, the whole thing was nearly buried in sand, which they scraped off with knives. After about half an hour of work, they had the now empty wagon mostly cleared of sand. They hitched up, and walked out of town. For Void, away from the land she once called home. Forever. She now felt ready to accept her new life.

Unbeknownst to her, her story was only just beginning.

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