• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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Rainbow's Lonesome Road - Centurion Pike-Wall

The Mare-do-well incident goes wrong. Very, very wrong. Leading to rainbow wounded and alone.

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Rainbow awoke, feeling much better. Tank had gone over to his food bowl, eating a piece of lettuce she had left for him. She restocked his food and water, then went into the kitchen for some breakfast. Opening the pantry, she found some dried mango, a box of cereal, some crackers, and some BBQ sause. She grabbed the cereal, plus a bowl and some milk from the fridge, then made her breakfast. Before she could start, however, a loud zap broke her concentration.

Moving to the stairs down into the living room, was the pony she hoped wouldn't show up but somehow knew would. Princess Celestia stood there, looking as regal as ever. She also looked up at Rainbow, but stayed silent, waiting for her to speak first. So, she did. "Hey princess. Can I help you? I mean, I'm guessing that you didn't teleport into my house to chat."

Celestia said, "is it wrong for me to want to visit one of the ponies that helped my sister? However, in this case, you are correct. May I have a seat?"

Rainbow shrugged, "well, you already let yourself in. So I don't see why not. I was just making breakfast, so let me get that. You hungry?"

The princess shook her head, and rainbow suddenly felt stupid. Of course she's had breakfast. She's the bucking princess! she thought as she went back to the kitchen. Returning to the princess with her bowl of cereal, she sat across from the white alicorn. After a few bites, she then spoke up. "So, what do you need?"

She signed and reached for a saddlebag. "I came to show you this." She pulled something from the bag. It was a good neck collar, with a dull red, almost pink, jewel on it. Dash saw about to ask what the this was when she gasped. The jewel was shaped like a lightning bolt, and the collar looked about her size; it was the element of loyalty! But instead of the usual blood red, it was now, as previously mentioned, a dark pinkish color. A long crack had formed on it, which ran up its length, long and jagged like a scar.

"As you can see, loyalty is broken. And since you are loyalty, I thought something bad had happened to you. I talked to your friends, and they told me of this, 'mare-do-well' incident. But I wish to hear it from you. Can you enlighten me to what has happened?"

So, rainbow told her. She told her everything, from saving the foal from the well, to her lashing at her friends last night. All the while, the princess listened intently. When she was done, both with her story and her cereal, she stood up. "That's it, princess. I don't have too much time to chat; I have to get to work."

"I understand, rainbow dash. But, I must ask you to forgive your friends. They truly ment to help you. They deserve your forgiveness."

"I know that, princess. But, how can I forgive them? They take my loyalty and rub their flanks with it. How can I be loyal to that? I mean, they've done the same, or at least similar, things before. But they didn't get that! So, I may forgive them, but not for a long, long time."

The princess sighed, "are you sure? Not only is holding a grudge bad, but now the first line of defence for equestria is lost. Without you, we will lose when the next great threat rises."

Now, rainbow was confused. "What do you mean? The elements are strong, yes. But, we now have Two alicorns. Not to mention the royal guard and the mages guild. Why are the elements so important?"

Celestia looked taken aback at this. " well, my little pony. The elements are-"

Rainbow suddenly spoke up. "For that matter, when have you done anything? You let us deal with discord and nightmare moon alone. Why couldn't you help?"

Celestia said, "you are stronger as a group, and-"

Once more, rainbow interrupted her. "More so then 2 alicorns, a bunch of powerful unicorns and an army?"

before the princess could respond, a clock went off. "Oh shoot! I gotta go! Just know this. Unless I want to, I'm not going back to them," she shouted as she ran out the door. She added as she took off, "ever!"

After she left, Celestia sighed. She knew this was a possibility. That she couldn't convince her. That she may have to use ulterior means to bring them back together. She just hoped that the rest of the element bearers would agree with her actions. And faust would forgive her.


Dash was just finishing up her morning rounds. The forecast called for heavy rainfall, so she had spent the day putting the clouds in place and pounding the rain out. It was riding work for most of her co-workers. But not her, the fastest flier in equestria!

As she was finishing up near the market, she saw that the royal chariot, which had probably taken celestia here, was parked outside the library. Wanting to find out why, she flew over to an open balcony door. Landing as quitely as she could, she snuck over to where she could see into the eggheads living space. She was their, plus the other traitors and the princess. And they were discussing her.

"Princess, I want her back too. But are you sure memory erasal is the best idea?" Memory erasal!? What!? Did they want her back so badly they would...erase her memory?

"I wish there was another way. But without her, the elements of harmony won't work. And without the elements... ", celestial said. She looked and sounded disheartened yet determined.

Applejack sighed, then said, "say no more princess. We'll find her. It's for the best. " Dash had hoped that the others would talk her down. But, no; they didn't. They, in fact, agreed:

"If this will get rainbow back, ok."

"Shame to do this to the darling. But, for the good of equestria."

" Okie dokie jokie. "

"Alright, princess. How should we do this? "

Rainbow had heard enough. Her friends were willing to do THIS, to get her back in their little group. Well, if they wanted her to be a pawn for them to play with, then NOPE! Dash the dashed toward where the weather team would be waiting for her to update their jobs. Sure enough, they all were waiting for her. "Ok, everybody here?"

Thunderlane said, "yep. All of the Ponyville area is ready for the storm."

Rainbow replied, "good. Alright, Rainbowshine and Cloudkicker. You two to make sure that nothing from the everfree messes this up. The rest of you can go home."

As the weather team split up and went their separate ways, dash shot back to her house. Rushing into her room, she grapped her saddlebags. She quickly put the necessary items in their; blanket, food, fire starter, compass, and a first aid kit. As she turned to leave, she saw a piece of paper and a quill on her desk. She was going to send a fan letter to the author of 'Daring Do'. She decided, since she may never come back, she should leave a note for those that would miss her. So, she went over to it, and began to write.

To who it may concern,
if you are reading this, I, Rainbow Dash, have been forced to leave ponyville. Please, if at all possible, give these sections to those that they have been addressed to.

Dear Scootaloo,
I'm sorry squirt. I really am. You were like a sister to me. Heck, I called you sis when talking to some old friends. I wanted to be there to see you fly. But here's some advice. Know your friends. I left because mine betrayed me, then expected me to come crawling back. Your friends seem good, stay with them. They do something truly bad to you, just leave. But, they stay with you, you stay with them. Fly fast, fly far.
Your hero, Rainbow Dash

Dear mom and dad,
I know you expected so much from me. You were always there for me. You were the best parents a fully could have. Can you please take care of Tank (my pet tortoise) for me. My ex-friend fluttershy may be able to do it better. But, one last favor. If you can't, give him to scootaloo. She's the filly I told you about. I love you. No matter what, always did, always will.
Your loving daughter, Rainbow dash

Dear traitors,
Good riddance. All I have to say.
Rainbow dash

With that done, dash shot out the door. She knew that they would guess she would head toward the everfree. She thought she should go there anyway, but that would be to obvious. Then, she thought, the white tail woods! she could wait there for a while, then head toward a bigger city. From there it would be a matter of some dye and a new name. She would have vanished. So with that she shot toward the White tails. Toward her future.

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