• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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Rainbow's Lonesome Road - Centurion Pike-Wall

The Mare-do-well incident goes wrong. Very, very wrong. Leading to rainbow wounded and alone.

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Appleousa (Pt.1)

About an hour later, the two of them pulled the cart up by the edge of town. It looked like a battle had taken place; smashed barricades, damaged buildings, and pies everywhere. Void even stepped in one and nearly tripped. Plow didn't notice her workers stumble. She was looking around for the buffalo chief, eventually sighting him talking with a group of the appleousans.

"There's the b******. Come on." As they went along, Void noticed the appleousans casting them odd looks. Plow didn't seem to, marching forward at a steady pace. When a very cheery appleousan tried to greet them, she pushed him aside with a simple "piss off". She began to tilt the wagon toward a group of ponies talking with a pair of buffalo, the larger of which Void guessed was thunderhooves. When they were getting close to them, however, Void noticed just who some of these ponies were.

They were her friends! Well, just AJ, Fluttershy and Twilight, but still. They were here. This shouldn't have been a surprise, considering they grew Apple's and AJ was an apple. But, still; what were the odds? She pulled her bandana up a little further, and her hat down to hide her face even more. When they were practically on top of them, Plow shouted," Thunderhooves! Where the F*** were you!? "

The buffalo turned in surprise, a look of shock on his face. He said, "Ah, miss Plow. Good to see you. Sorry I couldn't be there we were-"

Plow shot back, "Go on. I want to here the reason me and my worker were waiting in a baking canyon for Two f****** hours!"

"We had a conflict with the Applousans. They put their trees on our ancient stampeding ground. We were furious. We attacked the town. I couldn't spare anyone!"

" Well, you clearly planned to do it before hand. Why couldn't you just leave the payment for us, or even a note? *sigh* Look, as long as you have our payment, we'll just forget about this. Sound good? "

The buffalo gulped, before repling, "Um, can I cancel?"

"No. We walked 75 miles in the sweltering heat. You can't just cancel. Now, payment."

Twilight then used this time to intervene. "Um, excuse me?" When both looked at her, she continued. "Thank you. Now, exactly what is-"

Plow interrupted, "Piss off. This is a matter between us. Now, TH, your payment, or," she said, pulling a knife from inside her cloak. "We have to work this out another way."

Surprisingly, it was fluttershy that stepped up. She knocked the knife out of Plows hoof, and flew right in front of her, eyes in an uncharacteristic rage. "Now listen here, miss! You can't just come in here and threaten mr. Thunderhooves here. What if someone did this to you? Well?"

Plow said simply, "I'd stab him. If he had buddies I'd stab them too." When the equestrians stepped back in shock, with fluttershy bolting behind a group of other ponies, Plow turned back to the buffalo. "Now, you ordered the date cakes. We transported the date cakes. And I will not be cheated. So, give us what was promised, and we will give you what you wanted. Then we will leave. Simple as that. Now, where is it?"

The buffalo said, "well, you see. We, uh..."

Plow, now positively livid, yelled, "I don't want any F****** excuses! I want to be payed, and get out of this place! Now, where is my damned payment!?"

After her little rant, silence filled the town. Not even a timbleweed dared to make a peep. Then, an unexpected noise filled the air. Chewing. Everyone turned to see Spike, standing outside a saloon, a bag full of jade in his claws. He was pulling them out and shoving them into his mouth by the fistful. When he noticed the quiet and the glairs, he asked," what? "

Plow, in a slow yet shaky voice, said, "Thunderhooves. You said we were to get our payment in Jade, right?" He nodded at this. "And you had this Dragon as your guest for a while, yes?" Another nod. " Ok, I want you to be, 100% truthful with me. Is. He. Eating. My. Payment? "

When he nodded, Plow sighed and turned to Void. "Streak, why don't you unhitch yourself. Thunderhooves and I will have a long chat, so it will be a while. To get yourself a drink. Just try not to do anything, stupid." She then turned to Voids old friends. "This is between me, and him. So piss off. "

Void, after getting some bits from Plow, went over toward the saloon. Before she could enter, pinkie shot out, a massive grin on her face. "Hi, I'm pinkie pie! What's your name?" Not wanting to expose herself, she just pushed past her and into the saloon. She placed the bits on the counter and pointed at a bottle of cider. Then Twilight and the others came up to her.

Well, not all were traitors. One was a pony she didn't recognize. He had on a stetson, Brown jerkin, and had a light yellow coat. She then realized that this was the pony that Plow had told to piss off. Twilight said, "What's wrong with your friend?"

Pinkie interjected, "Yeah. She was miss rudey-rude pants."

Void shrugged, and took a long swig. She didn't want to talk with them at all. Twilight said, "um, is something wrong? Why aren't you talking with us?"

Applejack said, "Yea, Is somethin' wrong?"

Now void began to panic a little. If she spoke, they may recognize her voice. And that could be problematic. Then, she remembered something; one of her scars ran along her throat. So she began to move her hoof up and down in a talking noise, before shake my her head. Pinkie said, "oh, oh. A guessing game! Ok, how many words?"

At this, void facehooved. Hoping to get them to go away, she pulled down the collar of her cloak, revealing the scar. It wasn't as deep as the others, but still looked bad. It apparently was enough to convince them, because the stallion said, "You, can't talk. Jeez."

Void nodded, and fluttershy said, "Oh you poor thing! Does it hurt? Let me see." As she pulled in and touched it, void pulled back, nearly spilling her cider. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I just wanted a good look." Twilight, who had been silent my at the ground in thought, suddenly shot her head up.

"I have an idea!" She said, as her horn began to flare. Void got up and tried to dodge in panic. If twilight cast a spell, then things might go wrong. Instead, a piece of paper and a quill falls on the counter. The others all look at her with some confusion. Twilight says, "What was that for? I just got those for you to write on."

Once again thinking fast, void wrote in the paper,my injury was caused by a powerful unicorn. Now, why are you getting into my buisness?

She gave the paper to twilight, who showed it to the others. Fluttershy began to tear up, while the others had looks of sympathy. They all tried to pull her into a hug, but void pulled out of they're attempt. Fluttershy said, "I can't imagine what that must be like. " After getting the paper back, void wrote down another message. 1. I don't want your sympathy. 2. Just who are you to but into my business?

Fluttershy, upon reading the message, said, "Well, I wouldn't be the element of kindness, would I?" Void noticed that fluttershy got a little tearful at this. So, she wrote down on the paper, You are the elements of Harmony?. She felt a little uneasy. Could this stallion be, her replacement?

Applejack said in reply to seeing the message, "Well, not all of us. Spike and Braeburn here ain't related to the elements. Plus we got Rarity back at Braeburns house. She's the element of generosity by the way. I'm Applejack, element of Honesty. This is Twilight, magic; Pinkie, Laughter; and Fluttershy, kindness. Well, she told ya already, so I guess ya knew dat. Hey heh."

Void internally sighed in relief. So she wasn't replaced. She then narrowed her eyes. To answer her new question, she took back the paper. Aren't There six of you?. The reaction was nearly instantaneous.

Fluttershy instantly began to cry, breaking down in tears. The others looked close to doing the same as well. Twilight and AJ pulled fluttering into a hug, while Pinkies mane turned flat in no time at all. Spike walked up next to the seated mare and whispered, "Sore spot. She recently died. In a really painful way. Fluttershy wouldn't leave her cottage for over a month. *sniff, sniff* it, was hard. O-on all of us."

Then, plow pulled into the bar. She said,"Streak, we're going. Sandstorms coming in, and I want to reach the outcroppings before it gets too far along."

The cowpony, Braeburn, said, "What? Y'all can't be serious! storms out 'der 'ill get ya 'urt."

Plow snorted and retorted, "I think we can manage."

" No, ya won't. " Suddenly, a goofy grin came across his face. "Ah know! Y'al could stay for supper and ride out the storm! I'd be our pleasure."

Plow seemed to consider. She then shrugged and said, "Ok. You probably have a better house then I do, and definitely Streak. So, that and a hot meal don't sound to bad. Sure."

Pinkies mane once more got poofy. She yelled, "Yay! Sleepover party!" This eleisited several reactions from the others in the saloon. Fluttershy stopped crying (as heavily) and nodded weakly. Spike and the others soon got over their sadness too, and began to talk with either Braeburn or, in Twilights case, Plow. But, no one noticed Voids reaction. She widened her eyes, and lightly groaned.


Author's Note:

Hope you like this version better.

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