• Published 3rd Jul 2018
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Rainbow's Lonesome Road - Centurion Pike-Wall

The Mare-do-well incident goes wrong. Very, very wrong. Leading to rainbow wounded and alone.

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She soon reached the woods, and quickly shot inside. She soon found a cave and, after checking that it for anything alive, she dropped her saddlebags. She then made her way out of it, darting from Bush to bush. Quickly grabbing sticks, dry leaves, and some berries. After getting a decent number of fire fuel, she went back into the cave. She then began to light a fire to cook some food.

She figured this was a good spot; it was decent sized. Dry, recent room, relatively warm. It was perfect. She could wait her for some, then head for Manehatten or Fillydelphia. She figured it shouldn't be to hard to hide from them. Despite being not as dangerous as the everfree, it was still not a commonly visited area. So she shouldn't be discovered by accident. And she should have enough food to last for a long time. Not to mention she could find plenty of wood for the fire. This was perfect.

So perfect in fact, that there was little need to worry to much. While they wouldn't likely give up, it's not like they would just look so close to ponyville. At least after a while. Now, she just had to wait. Soon, she got a little tired. Well, I did miss my usual nap time. Time to catch up on it!, She thought. So, she pulled out her blanket and, after laying it out, went to sleep.


"This is the royal guard! Come out now! Slowly!"

Rainbow shot up, one thought going through her mind: Oh Buck! She quickly shoved her blanket back into her saddlebags, then got ready to bound out. Then, another voice, one much softer and calmer, said, "calm down, sergeant. We want to do this as peacefully as possible. Now, rainbow, please come out. We just want to talk."

Rainbow was stunned. She just lied to her face, and didn't even have her voice crack! Well then, "Buck that, and buck you! I heard what you said at the library! I know what you want to do!" She then looked at the cave entrance and froze. There was the princess, the traitors, and a whole squad of royal guards.

Twilight said, "rainbow, please! None of us want to do this! But we have to do this. For the good of equestria! Please, we don't want to hurt you! "

"Then why is the guard here!?" Rainbow retorted.

"I'm sorry. But we must do this. Guards, detain her! " the princess shouted. The guards rushed forward, and rainbow shot past them all. She then raced between the trees, trying to escape. They were soon lost behind her and dash then realized that she left most of her food back at the cave.

She soon found her self by a cliff, overlooking a river. She paused, catching her breath, when she heard rustling behind her. Shooting out of the woods came Twilight and Applejack, the latter with a lasso. Twilight said, "please rainbow. We need to do this. Just come with us. We will make this all righ-"

"No! I heard the conversation at the library! You want to erase my mind!" Rainbow yelled back.

"Memory. "

"What's the difference!? " Rainbow then tried to shoot across the river, but something wrapped around her chest. AJs lasso! It pulled her down, pinning her to the hard, muddy surface. The earth pony then lept atop her, pinning her down.

"An got her, Twi! Ah got her! Get the princess!" She shouted. Twilight then shot up a magic purple flare. The princess would be coming. She had to get out. She managed, with much effort, to pull her right foreleg free. She swung it, beating it into AJs face, forcing her off rainbow. the pegasus threw the lasso off her, tossing it into the woods. Approach tried to get up, but was stopped when rainbow rocketed into her, knocking the wind out of her, and knocking her body back to the ground. She then pinned the apple, and began to wale one her. Swinging her hoof into her face, over and over and over and over. She soon drew blood, yet still kept punching.

Aj simply couldn't right back. She may have been stronger then the pegasus, but rainbow was faster. Combined with the fact she had just hit the ground, which had stunned her, she was completely helpless. Just as Rainbow had finished, still not wanting to hurt the farmpony too bad, she heard a faint whistling. Looking up, she had just enough time to open her eyes wide as dinner plates as twilights stun spell hit her in the face. She then stumbled back, slipping over the edge, and tumbled into the river.

She shot to the surface, gasping for air. She tried to fly off, but the water in her wings made it hard, only able to get a few feet out of the water. She then tried to swim to the bank, but the current was to strong. Even if she could make it, the edge of the river were sheer walls of hard-packed dirt. Up a head, she heard a faint...whiring noise??

Looking forward (or at least where the river was sweeping her) she saw something that chilled her worse then the cold water of the river. It was a tube of metal, but that wasn't what chilled her. It was what was in front of the tube; blades! Massive blades, both dull and sharp. They were probably to keep large logs or something like that from clogging the tube. But if she couldn't get out, it would be her killer!

She soon doubled her effort. Flapping and swimming as fast as she could, it made no difference. The current was just too strong. As she got closer she saw the princess, guards, and traitors shot out of the bushes. They ran to help, but we're to far away. even if they could reach her, she figured they may just cast the spell as she recovered. The previously faint whiring had changed into a loud revolving chopping. Then, she her tail got caught in the blades. Now she was stuck; her continued struggle was just delaying the inevitable. Her tail was ripped from her, and she yelled in pain. The pain caused her to slow, and the blades used this opportunity begin to pull her in. As it did, she heard fluttershy yell, "Rainbow! Noo!"
Why she said this was unknown To her, nor would she have time to contemplate this, as the blades met her flesh, soon numbering for more.

To say that it hurt would be the understatement of the millennium. It was overwhelming. Agony wracked her body, and she screamed. Just screamed and screamed and screamed. She soon stopped, more so because it hurt too much. she had soon bottom last the blades, and calmly floated down the river, but the pain didn't leave her. After a few minutes of just floating, she hit something hard and cold. Not as much as the water, but still cold. She was then hit by a log, one that was big enough for her to climb on. A door then opened, and she and the log shot down the side tunnel. Away from the ponies she pursued, but toward a new, unsure future.

She sat on that log, shivering and bleeding, for well over a full day. All the while, she felt nothing but excruciating pain.

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