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Good authors too, who once knew better words, Now only use four-letter words writing prose. Anything goes. :raritywink:


Countdown to 4000 #4: New Avatar! · 1:46pm January 4th

Thanks to the incomparable Not Quite Equine for this commission! I feel like a whole new man!

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Countdown to 4000: Blog 5, A Mark of Pride. · 6:14am Nov 6th, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, I've finally made it! I've made it to the Big time! I'm a real writer now! I... Have been parodied!

Backstory... A month ago I wrote a story entitled "Queen Bee," a commissioned One-Shot about Twilight and a vending machine full of bees.

EQueen Bee
In order to thank her for giving him a little more control, Discord gives Twilight a Vending Machine that dispenses bees... Yes, you read that right.
LightOfTriumph · 6.7k words  ·  254  4 · 2.1k views

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To Everybody Who Favorited "Queen Bee" · 9:36pm Oct 9th, 2018

First of all, thank you very much! This is the first time I've ever been featured alongside Mature fics, so thank you!

Second of all, keep in mind that fic was a commission! bloons3 had the idea for the story, so shoot him a congratulations for a great premise.

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LightOfTriumphs Permanent Commissions! [OPEN] · 12:52am Sep 24th, 2018

So A while ago I did a few commissions for some people and they turned out incredibly well. They were, in my opinion, some of the best stories I've ever written. Since then, I even did a commissioned Original story for a friend, and that turned out great.

So these are going to be my permanent commission rules. $10 for a 3,000 word one shot. I truly hope you will give me a thought. Last time it helped me and my family a lot.

Here are the specifics.

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Tale of Four Dragonborn: Elesif's Tribute (Part 2) · 1:51pm Sep 17th, 2018

I KNOW I've got Skyrim guys watching this! I need some feedback.

DOVA, and RIKKE stand watch near the shrine to TALOS hidden under an alcove. It's raining. ELESIF leaves Torygg's War Horn near the shrine and kneels down and silently begins to cry.

Can you even imagine what he was going through?

DOVA and RIKKE look down.


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Tale of Four Dragonborn: Elesif's Tribute (Part 1) · 11:04am Sep 14th, 2018

Since I'm posting this both on the new group, and on the Share Center, I feel I should reexplain. This is a series of Screenply format sketches of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, Starring the four characters I usually create. Dova Long-Yards, an Argonian Warrior who has at this point become a part of the imperial legion, Alexia Cassius, an Imperial Mage at the college, M'eut, a Kahjiit thief who is in the Riften Thieves guild, and a Dark Elf assassin who only calls herself Dagger.

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New Story, AND New Homepage layout! · 10:41am Sep 7th, 2018

First off.

EFamiliar Hell
Someone has broken out of Tartarus and kidnapped Luna. An unwelcome guest has sent Celestia and Discord to find out how, who, and why.
LightOfTriumph · 4.6k words  ·  15  1 · 266 views

BOOM! Read it! Comment on it! Upvote it!

Second, I updated my Homepage to include the commissioned fics I've done! In the little box called "The X Legacy Collection" and... It probably won't be the last update. MegaMan 11 is on the horizon.

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NEW STORY OUT TOMORROW! · 10:11pm Sep 6th, 2018

This has been the most hellish project I've ever worked on in my life.

With the old Group being deleted out of fecking nowhere, the disaster when my mother nearly got fired, a Power outage, losing some progress and having to be rewritten, AND some proofreading nonsense i have a new appreciation for Development hell.

With these commissions i usually like to hope for fawning praise from my paying customer, now I'm just hoping it will be legible and he doesn't actively lynch me.

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New Story, plus New Group · 7:36pm Aug 31st, 2018

Okay, so My final commission is coming by the end of the weekend. Look out for "Familiar Hell" coming soon.

Secondly. group that I want you all to join.

The group I was admin of, The Insane Creators Guild, was Deleted. The creator was going through some things, and harassment from Ex-Members didn't help.

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Mega Man X Song: Broken Law · 1:41am Aug 22nd, 2018

Doc am I broken?
What is becoming of me?
Alive and awoken,
Though I feel no need to breathe,
Reploid or Maverick,
What do I know?
Was I born evil?
Or am I running slow?
Call me a mistake,
But I'm made by your hands.
Brand new true life,
Made by man.

They gave the name of an old model.
With the world hurtling towards the brink at full throttle,

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