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Good authors too, who once knew better words, Now only use four-letter words writing prose. Anything goes. :raritywink:


Luna has spent her whole life dining in the finest food that the castle chefs could offer. Whenever she ate at a restaurant it always had at least five stars. This all day well with her, until one day, while she was doing her nightly duties she saw a pony very happily dining in things that were below the standards placed on her dining. This piques her interest.

She's made up her mind. She would find this "fast food" and try it for herself.

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While this was fun, there were a LOT of spelling mistakes and wrong words. Could stand to be edited a bit more.

A CASTLE full.if I've cream, a perfect score on a test at school, going on a date with a popular celebrity, that sort of thing. It was interesting to see.

Preferably in a dank cell to await execution

If there was anything that Luna was still jSirius of when it came to her sister, it was that.

Aside from these (and other) BoneAppleTea moments, as well as some grammar that needs to be fine-tuned, this is one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. You, sir, get a favorite from me. I love it!

"I don't want to pretend like it never existed, I want every ounce of it destroyed before it can do more harm to our kingdom," Luna grumbled. She had always been convinced that mayonnaise was some hideous plot to destroy Equestria.

Truly, she is enlightened.

Very sweet story. You don't see many "Luna encounters a modern convenience for the first time" these days. This one turned out quite well... though it looks like you blindly accepted every suggestion the spell check gave you. That or you had auto-correct on. Star Saudi the Bearded is an especially glaring example. Be a bit more careful there in the future.

Aside from that, lovely slice of royal life. Thank you for it.


Good story, but get a proofreader.

And now I have a hankering for Culvers or Sonic.

The dreams she looked in on were hardly deep dark secrets. A CASTLE full.if I’ve cream, a perfect score on a test at school, going on a date with a popular celebrity, that sort of thing.

A CASTLE full of cream

Kinda surprised Lulu didn't do a suicide at the soda fountain.

Hearthwarming and makes me hunger for McDonalds now.

I was however very distracted by all the grammar mistakes and sudden periods (.) where there should be empty spaces. Perhaps you should get an editor?

I sooo with Luna on the icky mayo!

"I'm sure we will," Celestia sighed, her voice filled with both a calm excitement and a creeping dread. "I'm going to lay a few ground rules before we start. Once we get there, you let me order. Also, we don't order until you've decided exactly what your ordering. I've heard horror stories about ponies taking forever thinking about what to order when they got up to the counter when they should have had it in their heads beforehand."

Me. I just wait outside of the line so that I know what I want.

How dare you!
- The Lorax

This is the most adorable thing that I have ever read! I love the fast food theme and the sisterly love was well-written!
I really really loved this,Great☆Work!

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