• Published 22nd Jun 2017
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When We're Gone - Spring Blossom

A collection of short stories, leading to a night none of the Apple children will forget.

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What's The Ruckus?

“What’s all the ruckus out there?” Granny Smith asked with a quirked brow, sitting atop a old wooden chair with a baby filly in her hooves.

“Pa is goin' to kill Mac!” Applejack broke out into tears, limping over to her grandma on one hoof.

“Your Pa isn’t goin' to kill anypony.” Buttercup sighed softly, running a slender hoof across her frazzled mane.

“Well that depends. What in Equestria happened? You just tossed a whippersnapper on me and rushed out!” Granny Smith rolled her eyes, a copper filly bawling her eyes out on one hoof and a Baby Bloom drooling over the other.

“AJ here went bucking without permission and found herself pinned down by an old branch.” Buttercup spoke in a sweet tone, her eyes gazing out the open window to the orchard in worry.

“Oh! Well that isn’t worth a killin'.” Granny Smith giggled down to little Applejack with a wink.

“It isn’t?” AJ sniffled, wiping away tears with her small hoof.

“Not at all. But it is worth a whippin', I’m going to get my switch and tan the coat off your little flank.” Granny spoke with an air of seriousness around her.

“Bu..bu...ahh!” AJ burst out into fresh tears, limping off towards her bedroom to hide no doubt.

“I really wish you wouldn't keep doin' that?” Buttercup frowned to her mother in law with a defeated sigh.

“Phst. A little fear never hurt anypony. I did the switch trick with Mac and he turned out just fine.” Smith cuddled the smallest new addition to the family lovingly in her hooves.

“I’m just happy, Mac was so close. If he were uptown I’d hate to think what could’ve happened.” Buttercup felt mist gathering on the sides of her eyes, glancing down in shame.

“Don’t go crumblin' like a Pear! Stay strong and proud like an Apple!” Smith snapped back to the worried mare, her hoof softly stroking the red mane of the tiny yellow filly in her hooves.

“Pa-bear!” Apple Bloom giggled out sweetly, a frown being cast down to her from above.

“Pa-bear ain’t no word! If you want to say anything, say Apple!” Smith narrowed her eyes to the filly.

“Crapple.” She burst out into a fit of giggles, Buttercup walking over and scooping up the baby.

“I’m a little worried about that one.” Smith sighed aloud.

“Well. What do you think?” Buttercup asked Smith with genuine worry.

“Hmm. I thinkin' what I keep sayin'! You two need to hire some Farm Hooves to help out around here!” Smith narrowed those orange eyes to the young mare in anger.

“Smith. We can’t just do that, we are barely making ends meet now.” Buttercup softly cradled her baby in her hooves, the child yawning aloud sweetly as she grew tired.

“Well it ain’t right! A mother should be just that, not a plower and a bucker and a…”

“I’m used to it.” Buttercup cut off Smith with a solemn gaze to her daughter.

“Well I’m not! Hay if anything did happen to any of my babies, I’d skin you both alive!” Smith slid out of her chair and winced a bit.

“My body is startin' to feel like a wreck. I swear you kids aged me horribly.” Smith sighed and walked over to a small statue of a filly hugging a oversized apple.

Twisting off the top of the giant apple, she reached in and took out a large bag of bits in her hooves. Swiftly placing the bag atop the coffee table in front of Buttercup, the mare gasping aloud at such a large collection of bits.

“Go on! Take it!” Smith sighed and walked back to her chair, sliding back in it with ease.

“What!? No we couldn’t, those are your bits.” Buttercup sighed in shame, she could feel her cheeks burning brightly.

“Yer' dang right! What I want to spend them on is you!” Smith rolled her eyes as she flaunted her hoof to the mare.


“Just take it and get some help around here! Maybe then I can get some rest, knowing you two ain’t goin to bring down the farm.” Smith smacked her lips softly, flashing Buttercup a stern gaze.

“Thank you.” Buttercup held back tears from cascading down her cheeks, snatching up the bag with her teeth and walking into the back with the baby.

“Welcome...Sugarcube.” Smith whispered to herself, a small smile crossing her lips.