• Published 22nd Jun 2017
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When We're Gone - Spring Blossom

A collection of short stories, leading to a night none of the Apple children will forget.

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The Talk.

Moments Before.

The wind was firm but icy, caressing the small colt in a sudden gust from behind. The once bright orchard now darkening swiftly, Bright Mac his father sitting in silence straight ahead. The small child quivering in place with fear, taking each step slow as ears began to fold down with uncertainty.

Macintosh placing a hoof down into the dirt felt himself sink forward, gazing down gently to see his tiny hoof barely filling an impression left by his father. Heart within his chest cracking slowly, he had failed the only pony in his life he saw as his hero.

“Son!” Bright gave a loud yell, his booming voice echoing deep within the orchard of apples for miles.

“Dad, I’m sorry I failed you.” The colt was quick to rush over in a cloud of dust, taking his seat on the dirt beside his father.

“Hmm?” The stallion gave a stern gaze down to the child, who in return began to slump down in shame.


“You can never fail me son.” Bright gave a sudden chuckle into the lazy sky above.

“But I wasn’t as strong as you?” The small colt began to sob, tears rolling down his cheeks before falling to the earth below.

“True, but you helped to keep your sister calm and came to get us.”

“But if you weren’t here, then I would’ve just lost my sister!”

“Mac, your sister’s will look to you for strength.” Bright slowly spoke wrapping his hoof around his son’s shoulder tenderly.

“I know to help bucking and tending the fields…”

“No, they will look to you in the same way, your mother does with me.”

“How’s that?” Mac gave a small reply as his head began tilting to the side questioningly.

“For spiritual strength, to have a ear to listen or to give advice for guidance.”

“That can help?”

“Indeed, you see son there is more than one way to be strong, to simply be a pillar of hope and comfort is a far more rare gift to have.” Bright gave a loud chuckle, his son gently wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Hahaha, I can be the strong spirit and you can be the strong body!” The colt was smirking now, clapping his hooves together in excitement.

“As long as I can my son.” The stallion let his laughter die down slowly, suddenly pulling his son into a warm firm embrace.

“Dad?” Mac gave a gentle whisper, a touch of worry in his voice.

“One day, when I can no longer hold up my end, I need you to promise me one thing when looking after your sisters.” Bright broke the hug, his large hoof caressing the mane of the small colt.

“Anything for you dad, you know you can count on me!” Mac stood proudly his small chest inflating before pushing outward.

“Listen to them, guide them. For actions speak louder than words.”

Both ponies soon allowing the calm of the world to take hold, the sky turning a lovely orange hue high above bringing forth a sense of hope for the days to come. Father and son sitting in an understood silence, the farm slowly fading to a cooler night sky.

Author's Note:

This small chapter taking place as Buttercup took AJ to the house in the previous chapter.

Upcoming chapters will be much longer.:ajsmug:

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Aww, this was sweet. Is there going to be more?

Bright Mac: Someday this'll all be yours, son.

Big Mac: Everything the light touches?

Bright Mac: Nah, just everything up to the fence.

Glad to see that you resumed this story! Was wondering if you were going to continue with it, but I'm so happy that you finally did! :twilightsmile:

Six months later...

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