• Published 22nd Jun 2017
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When We're Gone - Spring Blossom

A collection of short stories, leading to a night none of the Apple children will forget.

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Please Don't Cry.

“Shouldn’t you be inside the kitchen helpin’ ma?” Mac sighed aloud as his little sister was at his side, her tiny frame bucking a large tree with all her might.

“Cookin’ is dumb! I wanna be an Appie Sucker!” Applejack giggled happily as she gazed up to her big brother with pride.

“Not unless you plan on bein’ a Bat Pony.” The colt chuckled and bucked his own tree, the large limbs shaking as apples rained from the sky.

The tiny filly pouncing around in joy and awe, her golden blonde mane bouncing up and down with each small pounce.

Mac just smiled down to his little sister and turned his attention back to his chores, the tiny copper filly running over to a old apple tree. Small legs pulling back as she used all her might to buck the tree, the large behemoth shaking softly as an old rotted branch broke off the tree.

Applejack could barely scream, the huge branch falling down like a shooting star. Mac could hear his sister in tears, spinning around in horror he could see her pinned under the wicked wood.

“Mac! It hurts!” The filly screamed in pain, sobbing aloud while the branch was pushing down on her lower back.

Mac wasted no time and rushed over, his large hooves sliding under the branch and doing his best to lift it. Yet even with all his strength, he could barely budge it at all.

“Jackie. I have to go get Pa.” Mac kneeled beside the small filly sobbing, her bright green eyes filled with tears and fear.

“No! Don’t leave me Mac it hurts!” The filly wrapped small hooves around his larger one, her small body shivering as she winced in pain.

“I have to.” Mac spoke in a calm tone, never allowing his worry to show.

He lowered down and kissed her forehead tenderly, her ears folding back in fear as she began to cry even louder. Her big brother rushing off out of the orchard at full speed, yelling out for his parents in fear.

“Please. I’m scared…” Applejack whined softly, her small hooves covering her eyes to hide the tears running down her cheeks.

“Sugarcube!” Pear Butter called out to her daughter, the filly gazing up in hope as she watched her mom rush over.

“Ma! Help me!” The filly screamed out in fear, her small hooves wildly digging into the dirt of the ground.

The large branch slowly edging down onto her backside, Pear Butter swiftly kneeling at her daughter's side. Her hooves wrapping around her daughter tenderly, bright blue eyes lighting up softly.

“Shhh. Pa will be here soon, but I need you to stop struggling.” Pear whispered down to her daughter, trying to keep her calm, slender hooves tracing through her mane.

“I can’t!” Applejack sobbed in fear, her small heart racing wildly in her chest.

The filly started to shiver even more, yet suddenly she could hear a soft hum from high above. Gazing up to her mom in awe, the mare carrying a sweet and melodic tone through the air.

“It’s ok, all is fine.” Pear smiled and stroked the mane of her baby slowly.

“I’ll always be here, to chase away the fear.” Pear leaned down and kissed the cheek of her little filly.

“Please Sugarcube, don’t you cry.” The mare whispered sweetly, her daughter hugging her tightly in a calming way.

“I promise forever, to be at your side.” Applejack slowly calmed down in her mother’s embrace, tears sliding down her cheeks.

“But if I’m not, I want you to see.” Applejack could feel her heartbeat slowing down, eyes locked onto all the colorful apples around her.

“Within your heart, I’ll always be.” Pear smiled lovingly, her daughter calm in her hooves and not shedding a tear.

Bright Mac rushed through the orchard at top speed, he stood as tall as the many trees around them. With ease his large hooves slid under the branch, using just a small fraction of his might, the wicked wood was lifted.

Pear wasted no time and pulled her daughter free, scooping up and holding her filly to her chest firmly. Applejack whimpered softly, curling into a small ball and listening to the beat of her mother’s heart.

“Why in Equestria, were you even out here!?” Bright Mac dropped the branch to the ground quickly, a small cloud of dust forming at his hooves.

“I. I wanted to be strong like you.” The filly sobbed softly, her dark green eyes gazing to her dad in fear, seeing his face formed into a scowl.

“Well you can’t be out here! It’s dangerous and..” Bright Mac snapped down to his daughter as she curled up even more.

“Mac.” Pear spoke in a soft tone, eyes narrowing to her husband slowly.

“Just get back to the farm.” Bright Mac sighed and plopped his flank down onto the ground, his wife placing down their daughter and nudging her along the path.

Applejack gazed down in worry, ears folded back as she passed her big brother, he was walking back towards their father. His eyes were filled with a sense of dread, his calm frame quivering.

Silence filling the air around the orchard as he inched his way to his dad, slowly coming to a stop at his side and gazing up in fear.

Bright Mac narrowing his eyes down to his son, never saying a word and waiting for Pear to get out of view.

Applejack simply let the tears run down her cheeks once more, heart sinking deep into her chest as it shattered into a million pieces. Never did she want her brother to meet such a fate, looking up to her mother she let her lower lip quiver.

Pear let a small smile form across her lips, leading her daughter off the path of the orchard and towards the house. The sun glowing a dark orange in the sky, the wind blowing slowly over the many trees.

Applejack prayed her brother would be fine, the last thing she wanted was to hurt anypony.