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When work finishes early at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Mac, Applejack, and Apple Bloom seek out Burnt Oak in Ponyville to hear more stories about their parents. Burnt Oak tells of Pear Butter's thank you gift to Bright Mac for repairing the water silo, and then relays the story of how Bright Mac searched for the perfect Hearts and Hooves Day present for Pear Butter.

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Comments ( 5 )

Lovely story, really liked it.

I think the episode ‘A Perfect Pear’ is one of more favourite episodes of MLP.

Thank you. I'm happy you liked it.

lovely story

This feels like it could have been part of the episode. If I have one nitpick, it's that it wasn't necessary for the Apple siblings to reiterate Burnt Oak's lesson about their parents's love growing inside them. Still, this was a sweet little story.

While writing this story, I tried to tie it in with the series, even making sure it didn't disrupt the continuity. I even included a little Easter egg which I won't reveal in respect for those haven't found it or haven't yet read this story. I appreciate your comment and positive critique. Thank you!

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