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This story is a sequel to The Problems with Changeling Royalty

Do not read any further if you haven't read The Problems with Changeling Royalty as this story spoils the ending within the first chapter.

After Chrysalis' sons intervened, Chrysalis ended up moving to Canterlot Castle, under the watchful eyes of the two sisters Celestia and Luna.

She hated it there, but it was home now. The Hive no longer held anything of value to her and she no longer needed to go into hiding. Canterlot was the natural place for her to end up.

She just wished the place would let her adjust at her own pace, but life is hardly so fair.

Chapters (5)

Changelings are inevitably linked to social insects. Their hierarchy, mannerisms, and single-minded natures all clearly link them to it. But the issue with social insects is that family and individuality generally don't mean anything to them. Yet for Pharynx and Thorax it does. They've always been different than other changelings, and now with Chrysalis ousted those differences are all the more distinct.

In looking for answers though, the two may stumble across answers they would rather have left hidden.

Chapters (9)

Daybreaker has finally played her hand. A plot, known only to herself, and Chrysalis, threatens to ensnare all of Equestria. However, there are possibly two great flaws in her plan. Chrysalis' reformation may be more real than she thought, and Twilight's determination to find a way to return the princesses to normal.

It's a race against time, and against sadism. Will the princesses be freed before there's no Equestria left to save? And how many will die in the meantime?

Contains: Explicit murder, implicit debauchery, and some good old fashioned feels.

Chapters (6)

Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

They are the embodiments of the darkness that exists in the hearts of the two head princesses of Equestria. But what if that darkness was brought out intentionally, for a good reason? What if that bond created something even stronger?

Well that's what inspired this story.

(Contains an intentionally overpowered character, violence, and the destruction of a gigantic asteroid. Expect a series of short stories to spawn off of this)

Chapters (5)
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