by Snorlaxkid

Amare Memoriae

Chrysalis walked through the palace garden, her cloak flowing behind her in the evening breeze. The dark cloth had been a gift. "For the winter months." Luna had said. Chrysalis found a better use for it was to obscure her form. She could sense the fear and hatred in the gazes of every pony who saw her. The cloak helped mitigate that to a degree.

Not that it protected her from the watchful gaze of Canterlot's royal guard, who she knew even now were watching her. She was free to wander Canterlot, but that didn't mean Canterlot had accepted her.

Chrysalis turned around a hedge, entering the statuary section of the garden, home of symbols of Celestia's many triumphs and regrets, and her gift to Chrysalis as well.

"Unveil it." Chrysalis demanded as she approached the palace servants by the newest statue, still covered in a tarp so that its appearance would be a surprise. The servants started at her approach, one literally jumping at her command, but they obeyed pulling down the tarp to reveal the statue underneath. Chrysalis stared at it in awe.

An almost perfect replica of Pharynx in purest white marble, standing proud and at attention over the gardens around him, flanked by his smaller, original self, his unique dorsal crest and all. A simple engraving adorned the base of the statue; In Loving Memory.

Chrysalis felt her legs grow weak as she approached the statue, tears welling up in her eyes as looked it over. It was exquisite. She'd never seen such attention to detail in a statue before. Her mind was so distracted she almost missed the sound of the princesses landing behind her. Almost. She gave them her usual greeting as they approached her, a frown.

"Do you not like it?" Celestia asked, looking between Chrysalis and the statue. "I understand if it's too soon to be presented something like-"

"No. No it's... It's perfected. Thank you." Chrysalis replied, shaking her head. "I just... Why?"


"Why are you giving me gifts? I've done nothing but make you miserable with all my strength. If I had my way you'd both be serving me. This whole land would be serving me. How can you just..." Chrysalis gestured at the statue in frustration. "How can you just give me things like this?!"

"Perhaps because my sister and I recognize you need it." Luna interjected, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Perhaps if you accepted there are more point of views than your own, you'd see that we want to help you."

Chrysalis gritted her teeth. Of the two, Luna was the one she had more frustrations with since she arrived, and in the moment all of those pent up grievances came to the surface.

"I've been meaning to ask Princess Luna. Since you've been so kind as to watch my dreams since I arrived, how long were you aware of them?"

Luna glanced at Celestia briefly before replying. "I'm... Not certain I understand what you mean."

"How long did you know I was in Equestria Luna?! Did you know before my sons came seeking you for advice?" Chrysalis practically growled as she stepped forward, only avoiding advancing further due to her presence as a guest. ...Well that and the fact that Celestia was right there and she knew the royal guard was likely close at hoof. Being aggressive would not end well for her.

Luna let Chrysalis' question hang in the air for a moment, contemplating if she should reply. "...Yes. I was aware."

Celestia's eyes widened at this response, but Chrysalis seized the moment first.

"And you did nothing? My son would be alive if circumstances had been different and you did nothing?"

Luna stomped the ground, looking sternly in Chrysalis' eyes. "And what would have happened to you if I, for example, stormed your cave in the Everfree with a squadron of the royal guard? I am not omniscient Chrysalis, if I was then you never would have invaded Canterlot in the first place! I did what I believed was best and kept your location a secret!"

Chrysalis stepped forward without pause now, stomping up to Luna. "And this is better than the alternative? I would rather be-"

Chrysalis never got to finish her sentence as Luna suddenly struck her with her forehoof, knocking the changeling to the ground.

"What you would rather be is irrelevant, Chrysalis! This is the path that unfolded, and nothing can change that now."

"That's enough from both of you!" Celestia stepped in between her sister and the collapsed changeling. A single look at her sister's face made Luna step back. She was definitely upset. "Chrysalis come with me, I'm taking you to your quarters."