• Published 19th Dec 2017
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Empathy - Snorlaxkid

The last thing Chrysalis wants is anypony's pity. Nopony in Equestria could understand what she's going through. Never has she been so wrong.

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Trains and Dress Trains

"I was not crying!" Chrysalis insisted as she sat down in the train beside Twilight.

"Sure you weren't. You just got something in your eyes immediately after receiving a heartfelt gift from your estranged son. Which you're still wearing." Twilight replied, rolling her eyes.

"It is suiting regalia for my new home." Chrysalis said with a slight huff. "Besides, changelings don't do heartfelt anything."

"Thorax does."

"I said changelings don't."

Twilight winced at that. Despite Celestia's assurances that Chrysalis has changed, it was hard to imagine she didn't mean that, and it was in reference to her own son. Definitely not a cool mom.

Chrysalis rolled her eyes and glanced out the window as the train started to roll out of the station. Before long they'd be in Ponyville; and she'd be stuck in that insignificant husk of a town until she was ready for the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, which was an event she had not even wanted to attend. What a mess.

...Well perhaps she could find some way to get into mischief in the mean time. That would at least make it an amusing visit.


"Twilight? Dear? When you said you had a challenge for me I didn't think you meant Queen Chrysalis." Rarity said as she pulled Twilight aside.

"Ex-Queen." Twilight reminded.

Chrysalis snorted in irritation. No sooner had the train dropped them off than Twilight dragged her across town to this boutique. She barely had had time to create a disguise, which she had to drop now that she was here.

"If you cannot make a gown for the Gala for me, there is still plenty of time for me to look for something in my size somewhere else." Chrysalis growled, "It's not like I care to look my best."

"What?!" Rarity exclaimed, suddenly jumping to attention. "I didn't say I couldn't manage it! It's just..." She sighed and put her work glasses on, looking Chrysalis up and down. "Well, I may have a few ideas. Would you like to come with me so I can take your measurements?"

"One moment." Chrysalis said, before removing her necklace and turning to Twilight. "Would you mind putting this somewhere safe? It's not exactly something I can just walk around with all the time given its nature."

Twilight nodded. "Right. I'll be back before you're done."

Chrysalis carefully placed the necklace on Twilight who headed out the door and flew off. Chrysalis watched her leave before turning back to Rarity.

"Very well. Shall we?"


"What in Equestria was that for?!" Rarity yelped as she rubbed her horn, which Chrysalis had just struck. They were upstairs, in the middle of measurements.

"You were attempting to _strangle_ me," Chrysalis accused, gesturing at the tape measure that was now hanging loosely around her neck. "And it was a poor attempt as well."

"That's because I wasn't strangling you, I was taking your collar measurement!"


Rarity rubbed her forehead with a hoof. "May I take your collar measurement again?"

"Go ahead."

Chrysalis felt very awkward as Rarity continued the measurements. Not just because of her own outburst, but because this was the first time she'd ever had her measurements taken while in her true form. There wasn't exactly much need for extravagant dress in a hive whose only nobility other than yourself was your offspring.

"Is there any particular style that is traditional to changeling royalty?" Rarity asked, while measuring Chrysalis' foreleg.

"N- Wait." Chrysalis paused, trying to remember the vague details from her youth. It had been a long time since there'd been any rulers other herself among the changelings. "Yes, I believe there is, though it's hardly a standard from changeling to changeling. The idea would be to bring attention to what makes a royal changeling unique. For example, my horn and the carapace on my stomach."

Rarity paused her measurements, looking at Chrysalis thoughtfully.

"I'm thinking silk then." Was all she said before continuing to take measurements.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the short chapter. We're reaching the slow part of the story, where my ideas are relatively limited. I'll try and push through this as soon as I can to get to the better parts.

Also, I can't wait to describe the design I have in mind for Chrysalis' gala dress. I wonder if I could fan art of it when it's up. :twilightblush: Probably not.

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