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Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker.

They are the embodiments of the darkness that exists in the hearts of the two head princesses of Equestria. But what if that darkness was brought out intentionally, for a good reason? What if that bond created something even stronger?

Well that's what inspired this story.

(Contains an intentionally overpowered character, violence, and the destruction of a gigantic asteroid. Expect a series of short stories to spawn off of this)

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Comments ( 10 )

Why anthro?
Not really understanding that..

Honestly? Not entirely sure. It just fit my style better for a longer term project like this.

I've to say that personally I'm not really a fan of anthro, but will see how it evolves.

If you aren't a fan of anthro, why are you reading a fic with the anthro tag?

Eh simply didn't notice the tag, not ALL of them get on the featured box, the blurb seemed interesting so I started reading, and got "hands" somewhere, checked the tags only then.

Oh that makes sense. Don't worry, I don't plan on making ALL my stories anthro. Just the ones taking place in this story's universe.

This fic has a couple issues, such as rushed pacing and lack of crucial detail/context that's important to the story, but I also want to say I'm very impressed by the writing. You earned an upvote from me, because:

> You are a talented writer, and I really want you to keep at it.
> This is a great premise. I adore the concept, even if I felt the execution was a bit shaky, if you have more ideas like this one then I'd say you have great ideas! Now, you just have to work on the execution of those ideas and getting editors and friends that'll be honest with you to look over your stories would be great.

You have potential, a lot of it, so I want to see more of you sometime down the line. While story wasn't "great" for me, it was still solid. Best of luck in the future and keep working hard! :pinkiesmile:

>pretty much your entire critique

Jeez, don't I know it. I'm great at coming up with concepts, but I tend to falter on the execution and pacing.

Ooooo, I'm starting to like this. >=3

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