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I've always said one thing about who I am as a person. "Eternally in pursuit of the goodness in the heart." It's what called me to the show. It's why I'm here now. And it's what I love to write about.


This story is a sequel to A Kindled Change

A look into the life of Changeling Princess Chrys as it follows her day-to-day life in Ponyville while she slowly adjusts to the world of ponies, under the supervision and care of a newly crowned Princess Twilight. For a girl whose only ever known darkness almost her entire life, just living amongst ponies is no easy feat.

She finds that her hardest struggles still lie ahead as she works to make a suitable home for her kind. She has to learn to balance her school life with her duties as Princess to her kin and continue to take the steps forward into her new life without regressing.

But in an everyday life filled with strange quirky ponies like the citizens of Ponyville and the cruelty of being the only changeling in a grade school... just being able to keep moving forward becomes an unexpectedly hard task!

(The lovely art was created by the wonder Mutter_Butter.)

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Nice to read. Let the littke princess win all hearts.

Oh Codiert! I was definitely hoping you'd join along for this one too. I'm having a blast writing it, and it was mostly thanks to you since I got the slice of life thing stuck in my head.

Would write more and sooner, but can only read via smartphone at the moment. And I don't like writing on it.
Chrys is a cute little thing.

Ah, the legendary school arc! I hope we got a beach episode too.

Oh for sure :trollestia:. Can't forget the tournament arc too.

"We weren't looking to fight, I swears it!" Said Snails. "Just wanted to say how awesome the holes in her legs are. She looks cool."

A cultured man i see.

Stupid onion-chopping ninjas, always breaking into my home when I'm reading good stories :fluttercry:

100%, those pesky ninjas.

Trying to record an audiobook for this story, and I'm finding it difficult getting past these parts because I start to cry, and I have to go back and re-record my lines a lot. I mean who does that, cry at a story they wrote? It has to be the work of ninjas.

Or I think maybe it's because my brain is like an old, slow smartphone. With the only app on it being Fruit Ninja except someone replaced all the fruit with onions.

This is written beautifully!

Aw shucks, you’re just saying that to butter me up... but thank you! :heart:

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Also, the 2 times you used "shuttered" and the 1 "shutter", I believe you ment "shuddered" and "shudder" respectively. Just doing my part to polish this great story :pinkiesmile:

Indeed it was! Thank you for the heads up friend. Fixed it. Feels like I got caught with egg on my face but I bet there’s tons of a small mistakes here and there! I just gotta go back and sniff ‘em out.

That was a good story goodluck with the rest of it.

You can't do this to me. D:

thank u for the story (stories) ! very happy I read them over the past few days, can't wait to figure out what happens next :)

Thank you for the comment :heart: It certainly helps. The conclusion might seem obvious, but I hope I can spin the unexpected. Much love.

This story is simply adorable 😍

The the pictures are extremely cute 🥰

The picture at the end of this chapter, it so cute it could be used as a weapon!

It was the first to be drawn too! Even before the cover art. Pretty magical moment to see Chrys get a picture like this. You bet I had to get my artist to keep drawing more after that one, it was that good. Thus, 11 more of them were born.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it, Thyrr! :heart: It's quite the departure from the original, and not just in POV, but I am pretty happy about how its turning out so its nice to have some affirmation.

The Mistress had overtaken Chrys entirely.

Well... This is not good :raritydespair:

Chrys is a lovely child,Twilight is like a gentle teacher guiding her. This story makes me feel very healed.

I hope the town says sorry and that the little changeling gets to live a normal life.

"Never forget the characters you're working with. It's okay to try to make them more human in their mannerisms, but completely forgetting the personality of the individual you're working with is a cardinal sin." - Some stories that have a realistic slant are not written with this in mind.

It's why I'm glad that this story did not fall down that same pitfall.

Mighty thanks for the compliment. Writing rated E is especially tricksy when you're trying to drive real stakes, on real villains. It's not just the villains but all the characters too. How does everyone else respond? What would they say? What would they do? What feels like a natural scene of events when contrasted to the show itself? And what felt natural following A Kindled Change? It felt like stepping on eggshells when I wrote the more serious things in the story.

It probably would've been better if I withheld my tangents in all honesty, as to not sour the finale by being needlessly defensive, but I figured this is the last chance I'll get to talk about the kind of things I've put a lot a thought into. Almost no detail on either of the two Kindled stories were left without purpose, and I'm proud of myself for it.

But I digress, thanks again for taking the time to comment and for the compliment. It's especially nice to see it now that the story is complete. Much love!

There's an ideology in writing that's called "Death of the Author", which leaves the individual reader to interpret and imagine their own conclusions. Judging by what I wrote (acting as a reader), I'd say... Maybe not immediately, but I'm sure Chrys was eventually given the apologies and praise she deserved and got to live her life snug as a bug next to Princess Twilight.

One wonders as to what parts she got to play in the canonical events of the show, and how her life with a recuperated Chrysalis might've been like. Full of love and mirth, I don't doubt. Always helping some pony or other, maybe behind the scenes in disguise since she keeps away from the public eye?

How did her teen years go? Did she ever get to fly after all? Did she ever find a partner in life?

Maybe her story will see a continuation one day. Anyway, thank you for reading Theresa. I appreciated the comments you left me, both in my blogs and my story.

Wow!!! This story is very touching and fantastic. I'm really enjoying Chrys' journey in learning and growth. And the addition of such beautiful artwork really brings your story to life. I can't wait to continue reading. :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::yay:

That's mighty wonderful praise! Thank you. I hope the rest doesn't disappoint. It's been a true labor of love and I had a blast throughout the entire experience. Still haven't finished getting all the artwork done for the existing chapters (mainly chapter 6 and 7) and those should arrive sometime in the future.

I'm also still recording my own audio chapters for the whole thing (+making original music for those recordings), and I'll probably mete them out over the next month/early next year.

Fun read!
Not as good as the first, but the art is totally worth it.

Truly an underrated story. This was great!

Thank you for saying so. Chrys' saga is my pride, even past my professional non-pony work. It is always an honor to receive a compliment from another writer. And one that I quite respect. I remember reading your The True Story and really enjoying it. Around the time your Cutie Alchemist first featured in FIM and I discovered your other works. Which finally got me to realize I never followed you, and that's a crime for me. There we go!

You're too kind! Thanks!

This story is just Marvelous!

The times that a story on this site grips my heartstrings so deeply can be counted on my hands, and you, mate have done it!


Aw shucks, mighty thanks for the lovely comment! ^^. It really makes me happy to know I was able to give someone a worthwhile experience with this story, since Chrys matters a lot to me. It may not be the best story out there, but I'm proud of it all the same.

I loved the feeling of anxiety here, very relatable stuff!
Finally found a minute to sit down and read something I am interested in :twilightsheepish:

Hey, Twilight could make a very cool mom, come to think of it

Just a lovely read that soothes the soul, and the artwork keeps being touching and on point :twilightsmile:
I am very enjoying that Chrys is so preciously adorable. Carries that light on...

I really quite enjoyed reading this over the past few days. Chrys was a delightful character, and her interactions with the residents of Ponyville (and especially Twilight) were all very good. All of the details of the story worked well as well.

Additionally, the way the ideas of fate and freedom were written was very good and are of particular interest to me.

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