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I'm just a Blissey who likes ponies.


Ever since anon came to Equestria, he's been a magnet for all sorts of strange half pony creatures and other oddities. Fortunately, they've all been surprisingly nice and friendly.

This is one such encounter.


Written as a gift for Badumsquish, owner and creator of all the creatures depicted herein, because he's super awesome and because Kalianne is my first and only waifu. The creatures shown here are only the tip of the iceberg; go check out his stuff and see for yourself how insane it all gets! But you may want to keep your filters on when you do...

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The fact that this isn't monster girl porn amazes me. And makes me happy. Too much of that shit, man.

I actually like this. More please.


Maybe I should do my own version, see where that goes.

at first i was like ok well time to read some monster girls i guess

but then it turns into

lol, keep it up please

Romance, first and foremost! I'll reveal naught more.

I might. Keep your eye on the front page-- and just pray to God that I get it done before August.

This was an excellent and adorable read. Good on ya, Blissey!

7406477 Or, or - and hear me out on this - you do one with Sphinx pony.

...Please? :fluttershysad::pinkiesmile:

I mean, whether it's you or Blissey here doing these stories based on Badumsquish's nice pieces, I'm stoked to read more!

How were you able to talk to Badumsquish?

This is a very nice story, would love more to read more like it.:twilightsmile:

Grr. Well, I'll see what I can do about it. No guarantees.

7407105 Good enough for me :raritywink:

yeah, isn't it great?

now just imagine it with the filters off!

7407437 I tried to do it but my hand went numb in the process (DONT MISUNDERSTAND THAT!!!)

>that moment when my story Happiness is a Warm Pony appears in the Also Liked list

I don't comment on many stories, but please don't stop badumsquish has so many ideas for creatures you could turn into a wonderful story full of comedy and maybe feels or something but excellent work so far put a smile on my face =)

7407437 that gallery isn't even the weirdest gallery out there.

In other notes, have a thumbs up on the story.

I normally question a lot of things in some of the story's I read. but I think I'm not gonna question this one.
(That's a good thing keep up the work mate, and have a nice day.)

Now you just need to do Mave and Cuddlhu.

The pictures you added were what made this story. You just made my whole week!!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:


Looking forward to chapter 2!

Chapter 2please it is very interesting to read it has my full attention now keep up the good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

Please let there be more! This was heartwarming fun, with a quirky cast and freedom to go anywhere. We would love to see more.

Can you make a sequel to this

seriously man continue off this premise

This needs a sequel.....

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