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Comment posted by spetsnaz pinkie pie deleted Sep 9th, 2013

I guess my comments were I'll received. Damn you unfunny sarcasm!

My only complaint is that there were a lot of unnecessary commas. Otherwise, good fic.

I always thought that I was a little comma heavy.

Thanks for the feedback!

the opening was a bit rough but it was well worth reading to the end

this was lovely, natural and dirty :yay:

I started out this fic with some trepidation: wow, a Mac struggling with mares in heat fic. Which convenient plot devices will be worked into this, and how long will it take for the reluctant to start shagging everything that wants it, needs it... Imagine my surprise when the first chapter went this way? :pinkiesmile:

No complaints, looking forward to how this progresses. Quite pleased Winona's involved, she doesn't get enough love in most fics.

Also, this fic confirms that Luna's the princess of filth: pray to her and your sister will make sure you get off :eeyup:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to... take a leap into the pond! :ajsmug:

Hehehe, your comment genuinely made me laugh! :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for your kind words! :pinkiehappy:

This was awesome:rainbowkiss:
Please, take my favourite:moustache:

'Twould be sir:moustache:

I noticed your comma dilema. You want any help with that? I'd be glad to read this again...

I tried to get the G-docs to work, nope. Sorry:twilightblush:

Regardless I'll be keeping an eye on this.

I know, I meant G-docs in general. Android compatabilty sucks:twilightoops:

If you want to, you can still send the link when you want, but it probably won't work until I get my laptop back from repairs in two weeks:facehoof:

Oh, I see.
I suppose I could make do without you, for two weeks.

Let me know, when you get your computer back.

I shall. Good luck with continuing this, it's good:ajsmug:

And for the record, :ajsmug::heart::eeyup: is best incest.

This fic can't die! It is a Ghost!


delicious new chapter yay can't wait

you're a very good writer, so either way i'm happy

that was a great chapter i can already see where this is headed

Rough, sloppy make-up sex?

Yay! There's definitely a big shortage of AppleMac on here. It's nice to see another story involving these two. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work!

well that's a possibility but i see several paths

Big Mac could take many paths and applejack could as well

applejack-one emotion leads to another and she tries to tell big mac sorry and ends up forcing him to have sex with her because she's in heat, hurting him even more and scaring big mac, that would be a wonderful story arch because there would be so many feels as each time applejack tries to tell him sorry she only hurts him more till he goes to bed crying every night, flinching at his sister's voice
(i would love this story arch if you choose it hehehe)

she says sorry and they have awkward silence

she says sorry but big mac gets really pissed and hurts her, and or tells her what he saw and blackmails her into sleeping with him whenever he wants

applejack catches big mac in the resting and decides to use him while he's sleeping, or you could have him "working out some stress" and she helps him and herself, through that they start having sex

big mac get's hurt because applejack's scolding him and she does everything she can to make him feel better

fire breaks out and big mac saves applejack and she repays him

the list goes on and on, i have high hopes you'll make it really good


one emotion leads to another and she tries to tell big mac sorry and ends up forcing him to have sex with her because she's in heat,


It would be interesting to see that in a story, but I don't think I'll take it that way.

Maybe a bonus chapter?

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