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Story is going to be rewritten at a later date. Expect that sometime down the road!

Is it out of foolish loyalty to your master, or is it merely stupidity that brings you here? ~ Nomad.

Nomad is a man of intelligence, power and above all witty sarcasm. He used to be an adventurer and what-not, but gave that up to watch idiots fight in an arena and continue to build up power. However, his plans were futile when an adventurer defeated him in a battle, and forcing Nomad to flee.

Now, Nomad is in the land of Equestria, facing new terrain, talking ponies, and Pinkie Pie's antics. It'll take a while to adjust and find any sensible beings to talk to... But, power will always be on his mind and he'll make sure to learn plenty about these silly ponies before he strikes.

Author's Notes:

UPDATES: They will come weekly, I hope. I want to stay ahead of the story. As of now, I have chapters done and some need to be edited. I'll continue to write this to keep chapters constantly going.

Nomad is not a human (although he is defined as one in the wiki, I consider him another race. Style choice). His race is defined as a "nomad", or a race of travelers. His appearance is just very similar and functions on a much higher level than a regular human. So, don't whine when there isn't a human tag (you don't need one with crossovers, anyways).

For those who have played this quest, I altered a lot of the dialogue to work with the story. It still has key points from the original, but I wanted it to be this way so I can add my own backstory to Nomad.

Thanks to The-Wazz for taking my request on DeviantArt and making it capture everything about Nomad!

Takes place after the events of Twilicorn. So, she will be a Princess within this fiction. This is a RuneScape crossover (something that hasn't been done well, yet) and I plan to keep this going for a bit. Going to advise this now, a lot of bull appears in the first bit to add some character background and relationship building. It'll be comedy for the first little bit until everything is set up for actual plot building. Think of this as the "introduction" and then the "rising action" will take place afterwards. So, enjoy!

For those lore junkies out there who don't know much about Nomad or anything about RuneScape:

Nomad's Wiki
God's Wiki + Ages Wiki
Creator-God: Freneskae
Creator-God: Jas

These are just pieces of useful information. Just in case I mention it in the fic.

Nomad and Nomad's Requiem is property of JaGex LTD. I clearly don't claim ownership of either and I only put this here because I don't want to break their copyrights.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 155 )

I really have to thank everyone who helped with the editing of this fiction. I revised it a lot and I hope it becomes successful and enjoyable to you readers. I want this fic to be one of my first "comedy" adventure fics in which I deal with a semi-antagonist/protagonist as the main character.

Also, feel free to point out grammatical errors and stuff. Nomad's character will be constantly adjusting during his stay in Equestria. Trust me, this won't be the "normal" crossover you read!

That tricky motherfucker
He was seriously the hardest thing I ever fought in game
I died so many times fighting him
and each time I would just sob softly into my bag of Doritos

2699995 Don't worry, that bastard will be waiting in whatever pitifull excuse of an afterlife there is.

Some random sponge said I should read this. So I did.

I'm glad I listened.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Great job so far, looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:


He know's his shit. Why wouldn't I listen?


~Skeeter The Lurker


ermahgerd, thx<3

You'll feel everlasting love. Everlasting.


getting ready to read this.

im packing everything...

rune crossbow, diamond bolts (e), black dragon-hide, snakeskin boots, amulet of glory, Helm of neitiznot, chaotic long sword, and lots of prayer potion's and rocktails. you-know the works.

may Saradomen protect me for the first time i had to deal with this asshole it was a nightmare!


if you ever need help ring me up i'm more than antiquated with the lore of Runescape.

i played that game for 7 years. i was in a clan... famous Wilderness Guardians.

So far, after chapter 3, I'm getting hooked! I mean, I don't know much about Rune Scape in general, so reading makes it confusing as fuck. Regardless, I'm keeping this on watch, I want to see what happens! <3


I've played RS since 07, so we nearly have the same experience. Albeit, you may have more P2P experience than I.


Same here, I have no idea what all these places are. :P

Wow.. Rs and now Mlp combined? :applejackconfused: interesting mix, I used to play RS on p2p worlds and stuff all the time til around Thanksgiving 2012 when they added an update that was basically a new game. Then I quit. I never managed to do the nomad's requiem quest ( mostly too lazy lol ) this should be a neat story. just kinda wanted to make a post before reading just because its a different mix than you would expect.

the game is so addicting, it should be named a drug. when i stopped playing, i actually went through minor symptoms of fucking withdrawal.


I remember back when I played it seriously (was that 4 or 5 years ago?) I kinda lost my drive for it though after several updates...

I think my networth was a 100 million or so coins, and I was pretty close to maxed out magic. I will always remember my times playing Castle Wars, trolling the other team with ice barrage...

2701025 You miss the awesome world, even if the gameplay has recently gone down the shitter

I never thought I'd ever see a Runescape and MLP crossover in this world. Not that it's a bad thing, just unexpected lol.

2701342 suprisingly enough this is actually the third one I've seen. Rather odd choice of crossover though.


Saw the title and thought to myself, "It can't be...!" :moustache:

I started marching my way down the dirt path. Then I realized marching was stupid and started walking like a sane person.


I remember Nomad! I did him with Ganodermic. HAHAAHA! That made him way too easy. All I can say is that I look forward to the insanity that is sure to come out of this. And now I feel I should get back into RS. Which I might. Damn it.

I do enjoy Runescape crossovers, and this appears to be written well so far ^_^
Only thing, is, like you said, try and make him a little more serious. Makes it hard to take him seriously :/
Other than that good job so far.

Add me in game on RS if you want: RSN- Celestia MLP

Woah, 'No-Mo' (:rainbowlaugh:) sure is not a very happy man/thing.

Glad to see another Runescape Crossover!:pinkiehappy: If you don't know yet, there is a group dedicated to Runescape players 'Ponyscape'. If you want, join.:pinkiesmile:


He will slowly get more serious over time, as this is only the "BS" before all the serious stuff. Introducing characters and what-not.


I'm still going through withdrawal. The game haunts my dreams because I haven't played it in so long.


Well, y'know. Gotta take a shot in the dark.


I knew there was at least one or two before this. I just never seen any done well enough. I was originally going to do a Promethean Knight, but changed my mind.


Ganodermic made him easier when I was fighting him in Dominion Tower for Goliaths. Glad I beat him out of sheer fluke.


Oh, there is? Well then, another group for my story to be in.

Welp, a crossover with my favourite game. Let's see how will this turn out...

*opens chapter 1*

2702305 You hooked me in, waiting for more.

can't wait till discord and nomad meet.

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