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Two different narratives exist in this story - "Pink Personal Hell", an odd couple comedy where Pinkie Pie appears to be living in another world, and "Altering Fate", a slice of life story detailing a new Unicorn being shown his place in Ponyville.

A mixture inspired by Haruki Murakami from his work "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World", the narratives eventually become one.

Warnings: Language, length.

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Very well done, althought I found the story somewhat lacking.
1752784, why is it that you always say things that conflict with your profile pic?

I should probably change it.

Wow, nice story! Presenting both lines at once made it much more interesting! Even if I saw through it before I even started.

This fic has its own TvTropes page. Why is this not more popular?

Good story. The two narratives made this very interesting to read.

Great job :pinkiesmile:

I'm still confused by Draco Scales. A dragon/alicorn that comes out of nowhere and attaches himself to Fluttershy? That's not the kind of thing that goes without some kind of explanation!

2333636 Maybe it's a good thing that I'm actually about to post the story with this character's origin :P


I really enjoyed reading this story, but I had one real problem with it. It seemed to me that Dominic/Nickel Steel didn't really need to stay in Equestria to not be alone or in the background and only has to take his changed perspective back in to his world and apply it there.

Before Pinkie came into his life as far I as I can tell he was acting kind of like a doormat and not really trying to interact with anyone, but after his time in Ponyville it sounds like he got some of his confidence back and would be able to interact with people normally and not try to skirt around the edges like a loner. Looking at the memories that were brought up by the mirror it looks like most of the problems he had were caused by his "self-imposed exile" and not the fact that everyone hated him and ignored him. (Or maybe it was, but the only memory where people were actively hurting him was the one with the trash can.)

This probably only really stood out to me because I generally don't like HiE fics where the human runs away to Equestria to get away from his problems. And the ending didn't really sit with me very well either, having the Princesses talking about solving other humans problems by just taking them away. But looking past all that I still really liked this story for some reason. I just really liked the way that you structured the fic and the way I was drawn into the story in general. This is one of those fics that I will probably come back to later and read again.

Saw this while lost in the depths of TVTropes, so I'll read it when I find my way out.

Came here from TV Tropes. This is actually a really great story and I'm sad it doesn't have more views.

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