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A post-apocalyptic story about exploring ruins, the mistakes of another civilization, and memory.

No one must ever know,
This land where we must go,
They hoped and shared their love,
Yet death rained from above,
The scars of passing linger on,
Through empty husks and unheard songs.
Although they now live in my heart,
The truth still hurts...where do I start?-Twilight Sparkle

Coverart by this guy who is awesome. THIS GUY Also, major thanks to Luna-tic for helping me edit this sucker! Perhaps even bigger thanks to Obabscribbler who made a radio play of it. You can find that radio play HERE!

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It's in 7th with only one comment? How strange.

Brilliant fusion of Earth and Equestria. These post-apocalyptic wandering stories are the best at depicting how sad and what a loss it is for a species to kill itself.

...Damn. I really can't say anything else.

I'm sure I read this last year. I even sent a letter to the author about how good this story was. Now the post date's change and the letter is gone? I'm confused :rainbowhuh:

I realy think that if our world was going to end it would be like how you described a massive war

holy wtf is this i dont even....

Damn good story, sir. Damn good.

The grim reaper at the end is what got it for me. NEVER have I read anything as amazing as this. Be proud in your work, this is something to be prized.

I have a rendezvous with death
At some disputed barricade
It may be he shall take my hand
And lead me into his dark land
And close my eyes and quench my breath
I have a rendezvous with death
And I to my pledged word am true
I shall not fail that rendezvous

Thinking about this when I was reading this.

1- Damn
3- Perfection
4- Damn
5- All of the above x1000

This was excellent the only thing i really didnt like about it is the Spector of Death. I personally didnt think it fit, but and the same time it did, if that makes any sense. Also the ending was fantastic, there was no need for a explaination or detailed outlining, just 5 simple words that are at the same time powerful when used like that.

All in all Faved Liked and :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: out of :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Congrats and look forward to seeing more!!!!

Ummm...this story isn't new I think it was rewritten lol Still a great story though.

Ah, a rewrite...well then... I loved the original, so I shall have to read the rewrite posthaste!

I'm getting the vibe of "By the Waters of Babylon" here, was that your inspiration for this? And really great story!

Dude. That's creepy.

Seriously, well done. I would have liked some explanation for how Twilight and Spike were receiving the leftover memories, but maybe leaving the mechanism mysterious is part of the point.

In any case, you certainly knock it out of the park with your characterization. It's one thing to show us Twilight Sparkle getting excited about a library or frustrated with a book that doesn't match her expectations, but Spike's sadness over the deaths of strangers and Twilight's very real fear for her little brother's safety aren't so simple to portray, and yet you still depict them just as well. I'm impressed.

My teeth have been re-introduced unto the post-apocalyptic once more. And their thirst and hunger unquenchable knows no bounds; not even the the end shall satisfy me. :heart: :heart: :heart:

I dont even remember if i commeted or not but i rereaded, and let me be frank IT WAS BETTER HTE 2ND TIME AROUND! :pinkiehappy: and thats saying somthing and am impressed. :twilightsmile:

This is just so touching, just as good as i remember it. I'm just going to leave this here, it seems appropriate...

If any of you would be interrested I'm considering making a sequel to this with one of the other mlp characters exploring the devestated city ruins. More to explore and more horrors to stumble on.

The live-action trailer for Last Light is pure unrivalled brilliance. Seeing all those people running in panic for the Metro, then being shut out...the screams intermingled with the explosions of missiles after the doors close...then the wide shot of the city's ruins as the woman sings...my God, whoever directed that deserves an Oscar. The emotion it has is just incredible :fluttercry:

I've never read a fanfic with this premise before; the downfall of humanity realized. It's haunting, and very well written. I have to give you a 5/5.

Can you imagine a war that consumes the whole world until there's nothing left to consume? None truly can but this gave a very good starting point for such imaginings.

I imagine that Mal could?

2096901 I would schitt bricks if you were to make such a thing.

2191657 Unfortunately one excited person does not a sequel make.:fluttershysad:

2191294 Agreed. I hope some of my readers could enjoy my story to a similar degree. :pinkiesmile:

2191686 Of the sadness that kills, dost the scent linger.:fluttercry:

A sequel to this sounds great to me. I'm sure that many of your readers would love it. I know I will.

:rainbowderp: Oh man… that was heavy. Good but heavy.

I need to go find myself a pic-me-up story now. :pinkiesad2:

If Twilight's little bout of illness is supposed to be the effects of radiation, well, I'm not buying it. If she's gotten enough of a dose to not only be vomiting, but also internally bleeding, her organs are already pretty badly damaged. Simply avoiding further exposure does not reverse that damage. She needs immediate medical treatment, or she's a dead mare walking.

Edit: Oh, hm. For some reason I thought it said she was puking up blood. Nevermind.

2208925 I never said she had internal bleeding. Just the voilent puking.


Read this a while ago, and just reread it now ’cause it’s that awesome. The atmosphere-building is almost disturbingly good.

2096901 Oh, sweet Zecora’s earlobe, yes. Please, yes. So much. :pinkiehappy:

Considering they nuked the shit out of their world, we can all say that the creatures of equestria, sapient or not, are all radiation babies
Therefore they are used to the leftover radiation to a certain extent
That place is just more irradiated than everywhere else

...Is my bullshit logic...logical?

2377025 Honestly while it MAY be logical its NOT what I, the author, had to be true when writing this.

Finally had a chance to read this. This story was amazing.

Great Atmosphere? Check

Creepy ambiance? Check

I also like the fact that you didn't spell everything out exactly, and your writing style was great. I could visualize everything, even though a purple pony and baby dragon are a little out of place and a apocalyptic wasteland you made it work. If you do ever get around to making a sequal, sign me up, I'll read the shit out of it.

2708403 psst, don't tell anyone but I'm in the early drafting stages of the sequel with Celestia exploring the city next...oh drat I said that out loud. :twilightoops:


Your secret is safe with me! But I don't know about the rest of these here bronies... there might be a spy among them!


And I stayed silent for like... a week, yet you still found me... But I'm just a clone!

*disappears into jellybeans and marshmallows*

MMMM, I love me a good fic like this. It was worth digging through all the rest of the steamy piles on this site to find it. Not that the other fics don;t have merit it's just this one was something I hadn't read before, though I myself am writing a fic about the history and how humans were in of the world. Sorry that was shameless of me, mainly because your fic is what I would strive to achieve with my fic.

2096901 Yes! More, please. Maybe Twilight and Princess Celestia discovering exactly what a nuclear warhead is? I mean, Princess Celestia would be devastated by the usage of the same power that fuels the sun being used in such a destructive manner.

3270469 it isn't the same, it's similar though. sun's use fusion, bombs are fission so far and i doubt they're going to try and make a fusion warhead if we plan on living on the same planet afterwards

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