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"The changeling looked at the foal much like a space explorer would look at an alien life form. He resisted the urge to prod it." - Flitter


This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Night of the Loving Dead

To some, the Day of Sunshine and Rainbows had a different name. Because, when LittlePip destroyed the cloud cover, all those vegetables from the Enclave cloud farms had to come down somewhere.

Written for the Fallout: Equestria group's collab of January 2016.

This story features some characters that readers may remember from my main Fallout: Equestria story, The Daily Unlife. Be warned; this story contains mild spoilers about the end of The Daily Unlife.

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...Huh. That... Huh.
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this story, but whatever the details, I enjoyed it. :)
I gather that this is also canon to The Daily Unlife?

I've heard of life giving people lemons. But I never thought life would give a Lemon a whole slew of turnips.

Interesting story, certainly all that food wouldn't just disappear. That being thought of though, there probably was a lot more then just produce in the clouds that would be set free.

Though on that thought, it always made me wonder how a successful society could thrive in the clouds, their would have had of been a way to have some solid things to not fall though the clouds. But in what way? Unicorn enchanted objects? Items made by Pegasi that permanently imbue their magic in an item?

It's the little things that make a story. The little, falling, edible things.

Yeah, I guess this is more or less a sequel-ish thingy, but in all fairness, the TDU cast's role in this wasn't too great, hence why I didn't tag it as sequel. It just gives a little insight in what that crowd will be doing during the whole mess with LittlePip. There may be more like it later; the FO:E group's collabs really got me writing again :twilightsmile:

The original story says that the SPP towers granted the Enclave the ability to do cloud seeding. Those towers weren't made by just pegasi, though; they undoubtedly included unicorn magic as well. But since the Enclave just hacked into them rather than actually possessing the control center, they couldn't do nearly as much with them as they wanted. I imagine pegasi themselves have some kind of basic magic to make stuff not fall through clouds, mind you. Wouldn't be very handy to have cloud cities without that ability even back in the FiM days.

Sooo many falling things :pinkiehappy:

Ah, nice to hear it. :)
And thanks for the information, of course.

6935859 All those things falling from the sky and most will most likely be fearing just the Raptors and other big stuff that isn't totally made of clouds.:pinkiecrazy:

Heh, yea. Ditzy Doo took out one of these huge cloud ships with one sonic rainboom. Fairly sure these things won't have survived the whole place getting sonic rainboom'd.

Ya, those will be falling down somewhere as well, I guess :unsuresweetie:

6936014 It really does make you wonder what would be the worst falling from the sky?

The large cloud stripped cloud ships and large equipment that you can see coming or the small things that you wouldn't notice heading to you until it was too late. Some would probably think the Raiders would be walking through all the potential weapons falling from the sky as if it was cool refreshing rain on a very hot day... Though in reality, even small stuff would probably hurt from falling from such a height. :twilightoops:

In the Wastelands, you never know what might turnip.

There really isn't enough written about actual food-crop farming in the Wastelands. There have to be some areas where wartime toxins didn't pollute the soil and the water badly enough to make farming impossible, and people would pay top prices for fresh vegetables after living on 200-year-old canned stuff. You could probably pay hired guards with crop shares.

6936374 There are places. Just logically not in Equestria or the Zebralands.

Nice job, Nyerguds. Enjoyed the story.

My main story, The Daily Unlife, actually goes into that stuff quite a lot. One of the communities the protagonists meet is specifically set in the least irradiated area around, and another is trying to get a reliable food source after their farming operations failed due to some kind of poison in the soil.

In fact, I think I go deeper into that aspect with absolutely every community they meet.

Thanks :yay:

6938147 Yep, it was my reading Daily Unlife and Day of Cabbages that led to my making that comment. I appreciate writers like yourself, who have worked to create a plausible economic base for a civilization in the Wasteland.

Of course given that the Fallout series are games, one doesn't find much sign of "The Dismal Science" during one's adventures.

Lemon Frisk... Equestria answer to cave johnson?

6936014 Well... the ships would probably mostly dissipate, unless they were held together by magic, and then the would crash like you said. Well... I guess the one that Ditzy destroyed crashed... so... I guess that you're right after all...

6936097 Where do they put their waste?
Thank about all the poison, acid, chemical waste, magical waste, organic waste, pointy things, and explody things that would fall...

No. And he's sick of that joke. And yes, him being sick of that joke is officially canon in TDU. :ajbemused:

"Well, you know the old saying," Lemon Frisk said. "When life gives you lemons..."

"You make life take 'em back? You make life rue the day it thought it could give Colt Johnson lemons?"

Lemon Frisk shot her a nasty look. "Of all the crappy comedy routines on Trotway, THAT one survived the apocalypse? Seriously?"

Always one step ahead of you people :ajsmug:

I'm fairly sure that, given the fact they never, ever went below the clouds, the Enclave was really big on recycling. Especially organic waste. You need more than just water to grow plants, y'know.

Well first off... Trotway! Boo, booo, boooo!

Also... burning a house down is comedy in Equestria fallout edition? Boy, i though the original had dark humor....

I would think exploding produce would sort of be a viable option considering the weird shinola radiation and mega spells can pull.
Never mind unicorn and earth pony magic... damn it, now I want to see those stupid pea shooter thingies from mario bros in FE.

And the enclave being ravaged by the powers of swing

This sounds very familiar... We discussed this before, didn't we? I can't quite place when, though - comments on your story or mine, or something like that.

I've mentioned it a couple of times before, yes. Never really intended to turn it into a story, but then this prompt was picked for the FOE group's monthly collab, and I just couldn't resist :pinkiehappy:

6941751 Well, what I meant it that it has to go somewhere, and I would expect no less than recycling their waste. However, it doesn't instantly transform into fertilizer... well I suppose that it could with magic... Boy I wouldn't want that job. No one would ever go out on a date with me if I smelled like that after coming back from work.
In the case that they treat it like we would, or more efficiently, but with out magic none the less, then it would take some time for it to become fertilizer. And there would be plenty of it still there to fall.
It could even still stink, even when it is fertilizer. Maybe they just go out to the fields to use the restroom.
Of course they don't.

I think that it COULD be a waste for them to have some of their limited number of unicorns spending their days transforming waste into fertilizer, given that they have sufficient means to do it another way efficiently.

Oh that's another thing that would have fallen. Most of the unicorns would have fallen to their death.

I think only PH had unicorns working for the Enclave... don't think the original story mentions any such thing.

6956644 I don't remember which said what about that.

Misty smirked and turned back to the pegasi. "So, as I said, this is Supreme Lord Lemon Frisk the Undying of Canterlot, Eternal Ghoul-Emperor of Stable si—"


She is so very good at pushing his buttons :moustache:

You, I should note that in my story, Frank Horrigan, and four other fallout canon characters appear in Equestria. In short, the pegasi as they stand are in the service and eventual loyalty to this http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Frank_Horrigan In Horrigans case, he's now granted full command of the pegasi remnants, and has begun his personal tour of the Equestrian settlements in search of wayward citizenry. They may return to active duty and part of their rations and supplies transferred in caps, or may return all military commendations, rank, and sanctioned resources to the Commander. From then, he thanks them for their service, and their civvies. simple no.

What does that mean for a people where even a farmer is a ranked and filed soldier?

In Tinker and Clouds case... thankfully nothing lethal or life threatening and would be in the end free and clear from the pegasi and service for life.


Lemons brow furrowed as he regarded the... things in his vaults front grounds, it, or perhaps his, arms folded behind its broad back as it continued in a coherent if somewhat cold way.

"As mentioned, you never returned to sign the papers for full release soldier. And have for the past two hundred years accrued excess and pay according to your rank. Since you were in fact we past disbandment and could easily be brought on court marshal, I could dispatch you here. However, both in the current climate and past actions in service to our Military, you've proven an exempt officer and soldier. Therefore, at half acquisistion and pay mind, I've reinstated your rank and shall set your post here. Your service record and debt have thus been wiped clean and resources, soldier, shall be made available should this post need them. Now... for our citizenry..."

Tinker shivered as she stepped out and up next to Lemon, and she winced as her fellow Cloud Burst let out a whimper and by the sound fainted. Smiling, Tinker gave a nod.

"Good afternoon sir...

The glows eyes of the Commanders eyes locked onto the mare, and the Commander said softly "You care to correct that greeting? You remain what was it again?.

Gulping, Tinker handed her uniform and bits and bobs to Lemon, and straightening, gave a salute and a stern "Correct Commander. I apologize. Good afternoon Commander. I have returned from my bunk with what was wanted, I believe this all."

"Oh? You seem to be missing a few items. Your surgical stent, and the good Cloud Bursts fillings."

As Tinker regarded the Commander in confusion gave a shuddering, eyes darting in his skull.

"I... see Commander. I'm prep the med bay and..."

"Belay that command. We will perform the retrieval now. Soldiers, forward."

As a group of pegasi strode away from their lines and split to draw closer, Lemon drew Tinker into a desperate embrace.

"Be brave soldier... we gonna help you one its done, but we gotta let em at you a bit...Stay strong lass..."

As Lemon pulled away, his ears flattened and eyes grew desperate in anguish: Tinks just tilted her head and said softly "Help me? Whats wrong Lemon?"

As she spoke, the soldiers had surround Cloud rather gently, even with regret, and began the same soft reassurance. It would have less horrifying if you'd had Raiders instead. And her now Commander merely turned away as Lemon walked into her vault.

"Commander... withdraw Tinkers suspensions once her due is and get her back pay. And... I wanted to close the vault for the next fifteen minute"


As the vault closed, Tinker sat with a thud as hooves pressed and room mate was laid gently back. As hooves touched his, the mare jumped as her brain registered where she was touched... her stent. She remembered... oh no, Commander couldn't mean... Cloud Burst began to screech as a hoof took Tinkers in her, and held the other mares gaze, tears in place.

"Sorry soldier. Gotta take it today... Just close your eyes and don't hold it in."


In the vault, Lemon rocked jerkily in his mares hooves as he began hyperventilatting, his command for now secret, and what was at play in the vault front yard causing his desperate rasps the same mantra "the old days, the bad days, they're back... I should be dead, and they're here again, ohhh fuck us I can't be a part of this again..."


"The last ones out son. On your feet soldiers."

Shivering in their former fellows gentle wings, Tinker and Cloud rose slowly, eyes locked on their Commander, gasps and curses echoing in the night as they bled out. Clicking his heels, the Commander shouted "Tonight we Enclave have reclaimed the title, rank, and trappings of our own. They have returned in full as granted them in their posts and the duties there off, and in them...:

The Commander paused, his silence making the begin to shake his head in desperation of no, the mare hoof pressed to her hack job.

"... I have found honor unblemished. Salute."

Around them, the soldiers aside from pair of medics to help them stand released their comrades, and made their line up. Tears streaming, each gave a single hoof stomp as the other gave a crisp final salute too the honorably discharged ponies they had mangled.

"You are dismissed citizens Tinker and Cloud. God bless you in service of your country."

As the leaned on one another and began to step away, the Commanders second stepped up and bellowed "Whats your major malfunction maggots? We got a pair of veterans in need of a hoof and a half. Move it, move it, double time it you slugs."

Immediately the pegasi galloped to the source of their sins, eyes desperate with pleas but always flitting towards the Commander. He folded his arms, gave a slight nod, and turned with a snort of disqust as the gutless wonders broke down and helped the slowly going into shock farmers onto gurney and into the vault. From the entrance, they waved, and wiped their tears. And Horrigan gave a sigh of defeat, and turned around again. They weren't marines, or even really like any he'd commanded. Time for a different approach jarhead.

Behind them, the Commander said softly, yet so they could hear "You know its gotta this way my Enclave, my little ponies. I want only whats best for you and promise you..."

All the eyes of his soldiers, his responsiblity turned, and wearily, Frank removed his helmet, and all breath stopped and horror bloomed.

"So long as I am your Commander, my little ponies, you will never know your brothers betrayal every time you look in the mirror. You will never have the need to be what I am. Get to your rations and lights out soldiers. Lot of clicks tomorrow before we break camp."

Very nice and quite original idea well implemented into the story. No dark, no sex. I like it!

Thanks! Yeah, this was just a quick silly thing :pinkiehappy:

As for those tags... you know, as long as it's rated Teen, "sex" only means it's a thing that is discussed or might happen off-screen, anyway. I've seen quite some authors who just put it on so they can make some slightly more lewd jokes :twilightsmile:


Cute idea. Good execution. I can see where it could've been taken in a few other directions, but as you stated, you weren't trying to be grimdark.

"Why do we hate the pegasi, Papa?"

"Son, I've been putting off telling you the truth for too long. When you were just a foal, your mother was killed by an Enclave cabbage."

*Foal proceeds to grow up and for inexplicable reasons eventually obtains a cutie mark of a winged cabbage with a sword*

Well no, this was obvious silliness from the get go :rainbowwild:

"Son, I've been putting off telling you the truth for too long. When you were just a foal, your mother was killed by an Enclave cabbage."

It'd make more sense to blame Littlepip for that, then :rainbowlaugh:

Well this was amusing

At first did I think it was a joke, but the more that I thought about the premise, and read those authors words did I realise how big a problem it would be, so all in all was it a serious joke.

I can only say that I would be happy as a wasteland pony that the cloud seeding need so much space to produce food, a fact there are brought up many times, else would the whole of Equestria have trouble with too much rotting and fermenting, (did someone say lots and lots of alcohol?), veggies, and not just the places where the food got stored.


else would the whole of Equestria have trouble with too much rotting and fermenting, (did someone say lots and lots of alcohol?), veggies

Betcha the wastelanders would be inventive when it comes to dealing with fermenting stuff :rainbowwild:

Much appreciated! :yay:

I enjoyed this story. Thanks.

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