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In the previous episode “Celestial Advice”, the writers set up the season to come.  This episode follows on the promise of that episode, and may be an indication of what we can expect in seasons to come.  

Since the beginning, the Mane Six have been the focus of the show.  But even back in the first season, they were not the sole option for an episode focus.  I don’t believe Starlight is meant to make the Mane Six into the Mane Seven.  Rather, this episode leaves me with the hopeful impression that Starlight and her friends may become a third group whose characters get regular episode focus, much like the Mane Six and the CMC.  Those two groups will still have their roles, and the Mane Six will still be the main characters of the show, but after six seasons, it is natural and necessary for the show to expand.

I welcome this.  The show, at its core, teaches.  And many lessons or problems that an episode could be written about would feel badly out-of-character if they tried to apply it to any of the Mane Six after so many seasons of growth and development.  The central issue of this episode, for instance, would have felt forced and wrong if applied to any of them.  Having an expanded cast means they have new characters to develop who come with their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, and with whom stories like “All Bottled Up” could be crafted.  

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