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It took even longer than anticipated, but I finally have my latest Fallout 4 settlement in a state ready for revelation.  This project took almost a month (and in truth, there are a few small areas of the settlement not entirely finished), but my rework of Coastal Cottage is finally ready to show off.  Once I’m done with this, I plan to finally catch up on weeks of PMs that I’ve received this month.  

(I apologize to anyone I’ve left hanging for a while. :twilightblush: )

As you might guess from the (frankly amazing looking) banner above, the biggest news in the Fallout: Equestria community since my last blog is from The Overmare Studios: the rebranding of Ashes of Equestria and the release of their newest demo!

The wonderful and dedicated fans at Overmare had this to say about the rebranding:

This might come as a bigger surprise to some than others, but we've decided to change the name of our game, from Fallout: Equestria to Ashes of Equestria.

In our latest podcast, released along with this blog post, we discuss the name change in more detail, talk about the current state of development, and answer some of your questions.

...The name of our organization remains the same, The Overmare Studios, and always will. The rest of the game’s content remains the same; we are still making an open world RPG based on the story of LittlePip and co, written by Kkat. We’re only changing the name of the game, and of course the logo. If that satisfies you, feel free to admire our sweet new logo, stop reading and go play our latest demo!. But if not, read on to find out why exactly we're doing this, and what it entails for the future.


Despite changing the name, we would like to stress that our unofficial subtitle will still be "the Fallout: Equestria game, based on the story by Kkat", in reference to the novel on which it's based, and its author. While all future material will refer to the game as Ashes..., we certainly won't bite your head off for using the old name every now and then. We are not trying to hide our roots, just ensure our future.

So, what does this mean for the future? In short, it means our options are far more open than they were before.

Frankly, I'm excited at this news and what it means for the progress of the game.  I look forward to trying out the demo and to everything they give us in the months and years to come!

Check out the announcement of the Wave 5 demo and get download links here!

And now, on to Coastal Cottage…

“These Walls” by Piepon

Coastal Cottage is a small, out-of-the-way settlement location that many settlement builders shun.  The place has very few unique features and gives you almost nothing to work with.  The terrain is extremely uneven, the existing structures are useless, and many of the pieces cannot be scrapped without mods or even resorting to the “disable” command.   Below are a couple screenshots of Coastal Cottage as you find it.  As usual, you can click on the pictures to see a much larger version.  

So for this project, I started by loading up the mod Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 and cleaned out everything in the settlement (save for a burning barrel that I chose to keep).  

For this settlement, I decided to go a different route.  Instead of renovating existing structures or creating a settlement of buildings that the settlers constructed, I decided to create an entirely new set of “pre-existing” buildings that the settlers fixed up and moved into, much like Covenant.  I set about turning the plot of land into what had once been a planned community before the bombs fell.

So below the break, I present to you not “Coastal Cottage” but my settlement of “Storybook”. :pinkiehappy:  

Of course, my settlement creations pale in comparison to some of the real masters out there.  I’ve even seen a Coastal Cottage build go up on Nexus last week that blows my “Storybook” away.  But I’m still quite proud of what I have been able to bring to life.  

This blog will be incredibly picture-heavy.  The smaller images posted in the blog contain links to full-sized images.  As always, I would love to see your own settlement work and mod recommendations.

I meant to use this image on Valentines Day.  But I think it is a great choice for here too.  Thank you, EStories!

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Hello. Just curious as to what you're working on, if anything, these days. Any advice you'd like to share with compulsive editor in me to get into the writing scene?

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Also, is littlepip related to the apple family in any way, since they came from the same stable?

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Will Littlepip ever have a sequel, or do you think her story is good where it is?

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brah nice artwork

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Thank you Kkat, for your amazing work. It was so cool to read it again and enjoy it just as much as I did the first time. I just wanted you to know that it will always be one of my favourite stories to read of all time.

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