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Looking Forwards and Backwards (Blog Index) · 11:42am Aug 1st, 2014

The previous blog post was my 50th, and so I'm going to take this week to do something primarily utilitarian. Only a relatively small number of you have been with my blog since the beginning, so I wanted to take this entry to create a linked index for newer followers who may wish to check out the information and/or opinions in earlier blogs without having to comb through them. I'll try to keep this list updated as I put up new blog posts.

On the topic of future blog posts, I have something that I would like to do. Some time ago, I had the idea for a new fanfiction -- a short (no, really) piece unrelated to Fallout: Equestria. Even though I decided against writing that story, the idea wouldn't leave me alone. So instead, I took the idea, reworked it to fit within the Fallout: Equestria universe, and have been writing up small portions of the story and giving them to my players in the Fallout: Beyond Equestria game. Having written four such chapter-segments, I think it would be fun to share them with you on my blog. This isn't going to be a full story, so it won't be viable as a story submission, but each part will be nearly as lengthy as the Fallout: New York City blog posts. How does that sound to everyone?

Kkat's Blog Index

General Essays
Preaching to the Choir
Regarding Criticism
The Great Ambition -- I reveal my greatest aspiration when I started writing Fallout: Equestria and ask what dreams others have for their works.
On Heroes & Violence
Light in the Darkness -- I give my opinions about "grimdark".
It's Okay to Like Things
Harmony Approved -- I discuss a television show that I believe the Mane Six would approve of in regards to displayed virtue, and ask readers to offer up their own examples.
Friendship is Magic -- a "thanks and appreciation" entry that highlights the power and value of friendships.
Music of the Wasteland (includes a "Song of Gloom")
Create Anyway
Karma Revisited
On Chapters -- I talk about the choice and impact of chapter titles.
On Writing -- I share my advice for new writers.
High-Octane Wasteland -- My review of Mad Max: Fury Road.
Finally -- Celebration of a milestone victory for people in the United States.
The State of the Fandom -- My thoughts on the Brony Fandom today.
On Earth Pony Magic (Pony Magic Theory, Part 1)
On Pretty Magical Ponies (Pony Magic Theory, Part 2)
Exploring Equestria -- My opinion on a crucial effect that the episode "Over a Barrel" had on the show.
Red Rage of Compassion -- When characters reach their breaking point.
On Labels -- About labels we are called and labels I accept.
The Race is Off -- Some thoughts on the controversy around reinterpreting characters with new racial, gender or sexual identities (including thoughts on the new Ghostbusters and making human versions of My Little Pony characters).
Pep Rallies -- My thoughts on classification pride and classification guilt.
What Story Do You Want to Tell? -- My thoughts on behavior and legacy. (Plus, a warning that my laptop was stolen.)

My Little Pony episode reviews and essays:
Season Five Thoughts (Episodes 1-6)
100! -- Celebrating the 100th episode of MLP:FiM.
What Makes You Special! -- I talk about "Crusaders of the Lost Mark".
On Timelines -- I remark on the Season 5 finale, "The Cutie Re-Mark".
My (Long Overdue) Season 5 Review
Afterthoughts: Season Six Premiere (The Crystalling)
Afterthoughts: The Gift of Maud Pie
Afterthoughts: On Your Marks
Service -- A look back at "Spike at Your Service" and how it might have been better.
Afterthoughts: Gauntlet of Fire
Afterthoughts: No Second Prances
Afterthoughts: Newbie Dash
Afterthoughts: A Hearth's Warming Tail
Afterthoughts: The Saddle Row Review
Afterthoughts: Applejack's "Day" Off
Afterthoughts: Flutter Brutter
Afterthoughts: Spice Up Your Life
Afterthoughts: Stranger Than Fan Fiction
Afterthoughts: The Cart Before the Ponies
Afterthoughts: 28 Pranks Later
Afterthoughts: The Times They Are a Changeling
Afterthoughts: Dungeons and Discords
Afterthoughts: Buckball Season
Afterthoughts: The Fault In Our Cutie Marks
Afterthoughts: Viva Las Pegasus
Afterthoughts: P.P.O.V.
Afterthoughts: Where the Apple Lies
Afterthoughts: Top Bolt
Special Afterthoughts Edition
Season Six Highlights
Blog Activity & Mini-Afterthoughts: To Where and Back Again

Answers and essays about Fallout: Equestria:
On Homage -- How do you pronounce "Homage"? And how does her secret identity fit "honesty"?
On Leaving the Stable -- Why did Littlepip really leave Stable 2?
The Fate of Rainbow Dash -- What happened to Rainbow Dash?
On Raiders -- What are raiders? Where do they come from? Can they be redeemed?
The Ones That Stick With Me -- Am I ever going to write a sequel?
On Editing -- My story has been edited, but still has some errors; why won't I edit it further?
On Necromancy -- How does necromancy work in the Fallout: Equestria universe?
On Canon -- What is and is not canon in the Fallout: Equestria universe, and why?
On Technology -- How did Equestrian technology advance so dramatically in wartime, and what were the fighting tactics and technology of the zebras?
Her Little Pony -- I offer some musings on writing in first person perspective and the origin of Littlepip's "little pony in my head".
The Wasteland Always Changes -- I discuss my ideas for the role changelings might play in the Fallout: Equestria universe and how I have used them in my Fo:E roleplaying games.
Where Did Megaspells Come From? -- I offer my headcannon on the origin of megaspells.
On the Enclave -- I talk about the inspiration for and symbolism intended with the Enclave.

Fallout: Equestria world building -- new settings:
(Crystal Empire)
Crystal Empire Blues (Part 1)
Crystal Empire Blues (Part 2)
Signs and Portents
Gooobye Sunny Stalliongrad
(Froggy Bottom Bog)
Froggy Bottom Bog (Part 1)
Froggy Bottom Bog (Part 2)
(Zebra Lands)
The Zebra Lands (Part I)
The Zebra Lands (Part II)
The Zebra Lands (Part III)

More Fallout: Equestria world building and writing:
(Additional memory orbs and recordings from Equestria's past.)
The Motorwagon Orb
The Morale Officer Orb
The Solaris Legacy Orb
The Rainbow Factory Orb
The Gaia Valley Recordings
The Littlehorn Valley Recordings
The Cheerilee Orb
Good Pony & New Futures (The Tragedy's End Records)
Xero Hour

Origin Story:
(The collected fragments of Daring Do's unpublished prequel.)
Origin Story (Prologue & Framing)
Origin Story (Part One)
Origin Story (Part Two)
Origin Story (Part Three)
Origin Story (Part Four)
Origin Story (Part Five)
Origin Story (Part Six)
Origin Story (Part Seven)
Origin Story (Part Eight)
Origin Story (Epilogue)

Blogs about the Fallout games:
Wasteland Anticipation -- I distinguish between hype and acclaim, and discuss what I would like to see in Fallout 4. What would you?
YWMV: Your Wasteland May Vary -- favorite Fallout mods
Fallout 4: the Trailer -- My analysis of the trailer announcing Fallout 4.
Next Week Tonight -- What we have learned about Fallout 4 from E3.
Fallout 4 Hype Train Coming Your Way -- Even more news about Fallout 4.
Learning About What Makes You S.P.E.C.I.A.L. -- Yet even more news about Fallout 4.
Blog 101: No One Ever Enters, and No One Ever Leaves -- Fallout Shelter tips and observations
Fallout 4 Quick Announcement -- Announcement of the system requirements for running Fallout 4.
Blog 111: Let's Go! -- Trumpeting the arrival of Fallout 4 and the posting of "Origin Story" to FiMfiction.
Fallout 4 Mods & Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #20 -- My current (January 2016) Fallout 4 mod selection.
Above the Wasteland, Beneath the Fallout -- A few Fallout: Equestria announcements, followed by Bethesda's announcement of the first three DLCs for Fallout 4
Survival Mode -- My thoughts on Bethesda's announcement about the Survival Mode beta for Fallout 4
Ponywatch -- A brief look at Fallout 4's Contraptions DLC and the game Overwatch.

Exhibitions of my Fallout 4 settlements:
Where I Hang My Hat -- Wasteland Workshop DLC trailer and my Fallout 4 settlement building
Where I Hang My Hat II: The Slog -- Notes on mods and Steam-listed playtime on Fallout 4, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "The Slog".
Where I Hang My Hat III: Graygarden -- Hype for the Fallout 4 DLC Far Harbotr, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Graygarden".
Where I Hang My Hat IV: Hangman's Alley -- Mods come out for Fallout 4 fans on XBox One, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Hangman's Alley".
Where I Hang My Hat V: Warwick Homestead -- Showcasing the Fallout-inspired music of the Aviators, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Warwick Homestead".
Where I Hang My Hat VI: Castle -- News about an upcoming Fallout: Equestria webcomic, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Castle".
Where I Hang My Hat VII: Starlight -- A first look at We Happy Few, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Starlight".
Where I Hang My Hat VIII: Taffington Boathouse -- News about a Fallout: Equestria game, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "Taffington Boathouse".
Where I Hang My Hat IX: County Crossing -- Various Fallout: Equestria-related news, plus a screenshot showcase of my settlement "County Crossing".
Kkat’s Hatrack Review -- Season 7 announcement, various Fallout: Equestria-related shout-outs, and a look back at my "Where I Hang My Hat" blogs with links for easy viewing.

Angel's Pip-Boy Diary:
(A "Let's Play Read" account of my first Fallout 4 playthrough.)
Fallout 4: First Impressions and APBD Day 0
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #2
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #3
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #4
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #5
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #6
Fallout 4: Confessions and Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #7
Fallout 4: Desired Mods and Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #8
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #9
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #10
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #11
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #12
Wasteland Wonderland (plus Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #13) -- offers some alternate Christmas music
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #14
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #15
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #16
Cool News (plus Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #17) -- Equestria Daily celebrates Fallout: Equestria and the creativity of the Fo:E community in their "Pony History of the Day".
Princess Spike and Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #18
Angel's Pip-Boy Diary Super-Sized Spectacular
Fallout 4 Mods & Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #20
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #21
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #22
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #23
Fallout Games (includes Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #24)
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #25
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #26
Fallout 4: Angel's Pip-Boy Diary #27

Fallout: New York City:
(Some pre-MLP Fallout writing that I did as part of a shared universe writing project.)
Old Works -- Fallout: New York City (Part 1)
Old Works -- Fallout: New York City (Part 2)
Old Works -- Fallout: New York City (Part 3)
Old Works -- Fallout: New York City (Final Part)

Other game-related essays:
On Karma -- my thoughts on morality structures in computer/console games
Nobody Expects the Pony Inquisition -- some of the highlights of Dragon Age: Inquisition and a query as to what topics I should tackle in future blogs
My Little Secret World -- I spotlight a most unique MMORPG.
Halloween in The Park -- I review The Park.
I Asked for This -- my initial thoughts upon playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Original blogs seeking advice:
Fallout: Equestria on FIMfiction -- My very first blog, in which I voice my concerns over posting Fallout: Equestria to FIMfiction and ask for advice. If you want to know why Fallout: Equestria is on this site, read this blog entry and the responses.
Fallout: Equestria Tags -- This is the blog entry where I asked whether or not certain tags should be added to Fallout: Equestria when posting the story to FIMfiction.
Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is -- A blog regarding a potential donation to charity.
Question to My Fans -- I ask if I should post "Origin Story" to FiMfiction.
Watch This Space -- Follow-up to Question to My Fans: the posting of "Origin Story" to FiMfiction.

Thanks and appreciation:
(There are quite a few of these, as the number of fans and friends who follow this blog keeps growing, and I want to continue to express my love and gratitude.
A Thank You to Fans and Friends
From the Bottom of My Heart
Early Thanksgiving
Merry Hearth's Warming Eve
Hearts and Hooves in the Wasteland
Thank You, Plus Pony Music (includes a "Song of Gloom")
The One in the Arena
A Time for Giving Thanks
Just a Reminder... (includes a "Song of Gloom") -- Mother's Day post
Welcome to the Wasteland
End of an Era -- Congratulations to Somber on the completion of Project Horizons!
Tribute to Fan Videos -- includes the early brony PMVs that helped persuade me to give MLP:FiM a try
Merry Hearth's Warming
Remembering Days Gone By -- New Year's post
Loved Ones Appreciation Day -- Valentine's Day post
8000 -- Fallout: Equestria hits 8000 likes on FIMfiction.
Merry Fifth Anniversary! -- Christmas post, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the completion of Fallout: Equestria.
As the Curtains Close -- New Year's post. Congratulations to Fuzzy on the completion of Murky Number Seven!
Loved Ones Appreciation Day (Revisited) -- Valentine's Day post

Other stuff:
Roleplaying in the Equestrian Wasteland -- announcement of my participation in helping design a Fallout: Equestria pen-and-paper roleplaying game, with links
Looking Forward -- musings on the future of the blog and my writing
A Glimpse of the Wasteland -- an eeriely Wasteland-like place in the real world
In Memoriam Black Jack -- post for the 50th anniversary of JFK's death
Fallout: Equestria's Humble Beginnings -- old emails regarding Fallout: Equestria's trip through the Equestria Daily pre-readers and the story's initial posting on EQD
Making a Wish -- a mostly silly birthday post
Something Old, Something New -- in memory of the birthplace of Fallout: Equestria
Ballad of the Lightbringer (includes a "Song of Gloom")
Equestrian Wasteland Games (includes a "Song of Gloom") -- sharing stories of roleplaying in the Equestrian Wasteland
Little Songs of Gloom (includes many a "Song of Gloom")
Spooky Songs of Gloom (two "Song of Gloom" offerings for Nightmare Night)
Older Today Than the Day Before -- my second birthday post
Many Happy Returns -- announcing the release of the third episode of the Fallout: Equestria radio play; Fallout 4 rumors
Calling All Generous Souls -- Sean Ray charity
Last Week Today -- We look at how the Fallout: Equestria community is honored on Reddit, Bethesda's Fallout 4 videos, and whether I plan to write another story after Fallout: 4 arrives.
This Week Before -- highlighting the fourth episode of the Fallout: Equestria radio play and other recent fan works
This Wisdom of Dan Shive -- showing some of the wisdom of the author of El Goonish Shive.
Blog Potpourri -- various topics and updates
On Images -- and explanation of why some images no longer function properly
Celebrating Another Year -- my third birthday post
A Time to Celebrate -- celebrating Easter and the start of Season 6
Equestria Daily Interview
And Now for a Word -- upcoming game hype and related topics
Mid-August News -- a few videos for those who love Fallout and Fallout: Equestria
Please Fill Out This Field -- various news and thoughts, including more on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, thoughts on the appearance of a raider named Red Eye in Nuka World, and a wedding announcement.
Marathon! -- Strategic Jordian give us a marathon of reaction episodes in his "Let's Read Fallout: Equestria" series
Fallout Equestria Round Up -- spotlighting some amazing fan projects from late September and October of 2016
[url=hhttp://www.fimfiction.net/blog/705879/a-new-year-for-fallout-equestra]A New Year for Fallout Equestra -- spotlighting fan projects in January 2017, including the third printing of Fallout: Equestria
Today -- my fourth birthday post
Looking Forwards and Backwards -- You are here.

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Comments ( 32 )

Sounds marvelous, darling! I'd love to read them :raritystarry:

You still amaze me. :heart:

You should post this index on your user page after future blogs for newbies. But yeah I'm always in the mood for more FoE stuff.

Honestly, I'd gladly read anything you write, Fallout-related or not. Don't feel like you've been pigeonholed as "the post-apocalypse guy." You're allowed to write about ponies outside of the context of the Wasteland.

I don't care if I'm reading about a "chupacabra with an automatic weapon", I just want to read your next fic. You're the writer, so do as you please, and if someone doesn't like it...... look them in the eye's and say

Anything you choose to work on to share with us loyal supporters will always be ultimate win and pleasing to my face !

Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future!!! ( and please check your mail here if you have a moment ! Left you a note with a question )

I enjoy reading things you've written in the past and will likely do so if you produce more content that I'm allowed to read in the future, so by all means please do.

Also thanks for the index!

I need to re-read some of your older ones

hi hi

Pshaw, you're going to have to wake up a lot earlier in the morning to think of something people aren't going to want to read. I betcha people would even read about your adventures in cooking. :ajsmug:

I'm going to go through some of your older posts. I'm working on a fan fiction right bow that was inspired by your story. its not based on fallout equestria, but if not for you story, i wouldn't read or write fan fiction. I was a fallout freak way before i was a brony. but together? Wow. maybe you'll come across my story when i finely post it. thanks.

Finally! Archive! :yay:

Comment posted by SGT Barn deleted Aug 2nd, 2014
Comment posted by SGT Barn deleted Aug 2nd, 2014

Fascinating amount of effort you're putting in so long after the fact. I respect that to a wide degree.


Thanks for the idea; it's a very good one. Done. :moustache:

This is convenient.

Kkat, you write it, I read it. Doesn't matter what it is :D

This is lovely. I'll have to go through these.

However, I wish to ask you Kkat a question... Whatever happened to bat ponies in general in the Fallout: Equestria universe (in your headcanon)? I mean, there was Lionheart but he didn't said much about his own kind and only caused the reader to assume things. (Heck, the wiki counts him as a pegasus pony for some odd reason which doesn't make much sense).

I know there are a few side stories (including my own) which is covering the bat pony thing a little but I am curious on your thoughts about them.


When writing Fallout: Equestria, I went by the hypothesis that the reason Celestia's guards all look identical is because of an illusion built into their armor which made them appear that way. Thus, when "Luna Eclipsed" introduced bat-like ponies, I applied the same logic: these were normal pegasi and the Lunar Guard armor had illusionary enchantments that catered to Luna's gothic aesthetic.


Ah. Understandable. Thanks for answering that. (Sorry, I am quite a bat-pony fan so wanted to ask).

In that case, I guess there is nothing about official bat ponies in the Fallout: Equestria universe except stuff from side-stories.

Wow. Kkat still hasn't run out of fanart to post on these blogs. Where is it all coming from?

2339152 Tons of very, very talented fans. DeviantArt is chock full of it, of course. If you want someplace to see when new stuff pops up, the Fallout: Equestria sub on Reddit is great: http://www.reddit.com/r/falloutequestria/

If you read no other essays by Kkat, read Light in the Darkness. FOR THE LOVE OF MEGAN AND ALL THINGS HOLY.

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