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Human tag for elves and some Skyrim human. This story's mostly about ponies. Oh, and dragons, of course.

An older but no-less-sarcastic Spike's got a bit of a clawful of problems. A couple of years ago some high elves walked all over his home country of Equestria without even using the hoofmat and sent all his pony friends fleeing into this Celestia-forsaken tundra that hasn't seen a proper Winter Wrap-Up in centuries. His pony friends, now refugees in a foreign land, are stuck between some Empire backed by those elves and these rebels trying to claim this icicle for themselves. His friends were scattered in the exodus and he's worried Twilight might start eating stuff off the ground if he's not watching. And the locals think he's some swamp lizard Argonian thing and won't stop accusing him of being a cannibal who eats dragon souls for breakfast. And that dragon infestation? Just the icing on the cluster-buck.

Well, at least he speaks dragon, when he's not kicking dragon. And when he's not busy practicing dragon diplomacy he's struggling to manage his companions, the bat pony, Serana, the bard college dropout, Lyra Heartstrings, his housecarl, Berry Punch and her daughter, Berry Pinch, the misunderstood changeling assassin, Shadowmere, and the staunch imperialist dragon-hater griffin who worships Spike as the next Tiber Septim (and stubbornly believes he's an Argonian touched in the head), Hale Caesar.

Skyrim My LIttle Pony Crossover. In Dovahspeak that's 'Fus Roh D'aww', with two 'w's.

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Wow, dislike already:twilightoops:

4740915 Freedom of opinions and all that. :twilightsmile:

Your work never fails to amuse me. Keep 'em coming

4740915 It's a crossover with Skyrim so of course there is going to be downvotes. :facehoof:

I can't say much since its the intro but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. :moustache:

While a wee it of it was up in the air for me (Not being a Skyrim player myself), I'd rather like to see more of this

Meh, it is okay.

I REALLY want to see more of this. I like stories that have the characters act nonchalant or act like its no big deal in situations like this. I'm also curious as to where the rest of mane 6 are.
We already know where Twilight is.

"We're heading to Winterhold. There are rumours that somepony's taken over the library, evicted the orc who runs it and has barricaded herself inside. And before you ask, no, I'm not off hunting nirnroot. Again."

By the way is she an alicorn currently and I dont get the joke with the nirnroot.
Applejack: My guess is Rorikstead, farmers and all.
Fluttershy: Hmmmmm........living with Spriggans maybe.....not to sure.....maybe at the Gildergreen
Rarity: Solitude, where else.
I have no idea where Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie might be.
Hope to see an update soon.:pinkiehappy:

the description already has me laughing:rainbowlaugh:

Have a like:twilightsmile:

4741547 Nirnroot's an alchemical ingredient/plant you have to gather for a quest. And it's a rare find both in stores and in the wild.

I know that (when you spent so much time playing the game you cant really forget it), but I didn't find very hard to find, pretty easy actually.

This was good.. Very good and very funny... But the assassin feels a little odd and out of place to me. :rainbowhuh:
But still, very good. :twilightsmile:

4742851 It might be just because I don't actually go looking for it, and only ever find it in the wild randomly, but it's been taking a while to find, when I've already gotten the Nightshade and the other one all done.

I haven't read the story yet, but that description is already making me laugh my flank off. :rainbowlaugh:

I've actually PLAYED Skyrim... I don't know how to feel about Spike (a dragon) as the Dovakhin... someone who SLAYES dragons and DEVOUERS THEIR SOULS!!!

...:derpyderp1:... I hurt my brain.

4740937 Yes. ANd may I add the opinion that all your stories are great if not for the fact that your Omega Update Value is Bigger than One.

Which is not good.

As it means all these neat little universes are freezing.

On account of expanding.

Far too much.

Not that expanding is bad.



I like this. It was fun and I would like to see more.

I wonder is Luna really still alive in this story?
Like what happened to her?

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