Twilight the windigo and such related fics go here.

I couldn't find a windigo twilight picture, so I just settled for a regular windigo pic.

Please post anything with a frosty windigoey Twilight here.

Also since there seems to be a lack of other windigo groups, post any fics with windigoes in them in the regular folder.

This group does not host pure clop, however if a good story has clop it will probably be let in.

Banner bug, I'll fix it soon.

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353343 sorry for being so late, I apparently don't get emails for groups, and as this is my first one I didn't expect people to appear. Really sorry. I probably need to create a new folder for that, but otherwise it's fine with me.

is it ok if windigos only appear in one chapter?

We need more Twindigo related works.

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