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well it looks like we are ready..... wait did you hear something....... oh my gosh time to run its the readers, they swarm all over the place eating every story that we throw at them......oh well looks like we will have to continue writing go my brave writers go and FEED THEM.....that is all

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Meh.. Don't matter to me.

329344 I don't know about you but I think that's kinda stupid, so the individual can work on it but when he wants to add others in on it he has to submit it in order to do that, that's just wack.

Yes. You have to submit the story, then you can add it.

329278 alright, so I did that and it says the item failed to be added, so do I need to submit the story first before I can add it to the group?

I barely understand them. And no prob,

329182 thanks that helps a lot, it is really odd being a writer on this website when I understand only half of the functions on it.

Sure. You have to go to the story itself and hit "add to group" at the bottom of the story's description. Then select which group you want to add it to, the which folder.

300309 hey do you know how to post a story to a group because mike suggested a story to me and I worked on it in what little spare time I had and I and now I want to post it up on the page but ive been so busy writing that I haven't really had the time to figure that out so could you help me out by telling me how, it would be much appreciated.


We approached a large rope bridge and just as I was about to reply to Fluttershy, we found our conversation interrupted by a pegasus. A big one. Landed just in front of the rope bridge and remained motionless with a pair of glowing blue eyes staring us down. Dude had to be taller than Celestia. I kid you not, he was a beast of a pegasus, covered nose to flank in dark grey platebarding that looked as though it had seen a few years of service. The chill in the air was definitely coming directly from him; that much was for certain. His breath wafted out of his full-covering helmet like steam and a shroud of mist lazily drifted off of his mane and tail as though they were dry ice. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, fillies and gentlecolts. This pony (if you could call him that) was downright intimidating.
“Jumping Giant Pega-Ponies! Lookit the size of that mother!” I shouted, hitting the brakes and sliding to a stop. me in eqestria

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