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After the tantibus incident Celestia is less than pleased. She makes Luna write a letter telling her what she's learned from the experience.

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I love Celestia 's reaction to Luna's latest stunt: a good mix of sisterly concern with the right amount of "WHAT THE BUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!"
Admitely, Lulu dun goofed big time.

Well, Luna grew up a bit more.

I like this so far. Although it is lacking description. There's no scene, no time, and no sense of surroundings.

I think, that was a nice letter. Funy, how Luna cancled some sentences in her letter. The dialogue was nice and reasonable. I think, it is a good topic and awesome that Celestia froke out. But she had every right to in my eyes. The story was really nice.

6197509 All I had to do was imagine how I'd react if I found out my little sister was hurting herself.

I don't really think this should be labeled as sad, I got the warm fuzzies all over by reading this.

Doesn't rightly pertain to the story, but when I saw that scene in the show, the picture for the story, this played in my head.

Luna doesn't need kind words, she needs to go to a friggin' psychiatric ward.

One of the things that was found out counseling prisoners was that they despised people who told them it wasn’t their fault and explained away their behavior.

Being forgiven is beyond amazing, but pretending nothing ever happened and that there are no consequences is an insult.

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