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Filthy Rich always thought he was a good father to his daughter and a good husband to his wife. Sure, his wife was stricter towards Diamond than he liked and Diamond was terribly unfriendly, but he never realized how far things had gone.
Until one terrible day.
(Contains domestic discipline, spanking, foal abuse, an angry-beyond-all-reason Filthy Rich. Also, Filthy doesn't have a character tag for some reason?)

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Can't say Spoiled didn't deserve that. In fact, I'd say she had it coming. :pinkiecrazy:

Use the other tag if a character doesn't have one.

7673012 Yeah, Spoiled definitely deserved that. She'd had it coming for a while now I think.

Oh, and you left out that seeing as the land Ponyville stands on was gifted to the Apple family and therefore the land belongs to the Apples, that makes them Earth pony nobility.


Well when you try to turn a camp into a spa

Your daughter could be going there in a few years

I love it. That's to be a good person. A good rich is always keep relationships with their partners and employers.

Great story! Consider it Faved and Upvoted!

Oh, and I think I caught a l'il flub in one of the sentences. To wit, THIS one:

He set down the hairbrush and nearly threw Filthy from his lap as he walked towards Diamond.

I think you meant Spoiled there, right?

7673051 Ditto.

"What comes around, goes around."

That last part was great. Though I would honestly never want to walk in on my folks doing that.

Filthy blinked. There had to have been some mistake. "Diamo(m)d? Is that all you did?"

"...Do you know I know which (one) of my employees are married..." [Not 100% on this one ^-^']

He dragged her over to the couch and sat down, bending her across his knees(.) He...

I hope Spoiled learned her lesson, I'm a sucker for Spoiled/Diamond reconciliation stories.

Yip! Spolied need her ***** beaten up!:trixieshiftleft:


I can accept this. Land granted by the crown makes it the Apple Family demesne. It belongs to the Apple Family in entirety, and as Crown-fostered landowners they are essentially nobility. I mean, I doubt the unicorn nobility will really pay them any attention since they're... farmer-nobility, but they are noble by word of the Crown, and technically should be magnates.


... Why? Why is everyone so gung-ho about people not getting what they deserve? She spent years ruining this child, making her into this horrible little thing that could ruin the lives of others. She doesn't deserve to have Diamond and while I'm not sure she knows what happiness is she doesn't deserve that, either. She DOES deserve to be out on her ass after the kind of emotional abuse it takes to craft a person like Diamond Tiara turned into. She deserves to not be living in the lap of luxury, making life harder for everyone else.

Forget making up, the woman's a monster and gold-digger.

7674230 Why is everybody hellbent on vilifying me for liking redemption stories? I never said Spoiled Rich shouldn't suffer. Why would I favorite this story if I thought that? Don't forget, if we all got what we deserved we'd all be dead. I don't apply the same standards to fictional characters that I do to real life people anyway.


I didn't villify you, so don't act like a victim. I just don't understand why there's so many people who keep shitting on stories keeping a villain or an antagonist as they are while consistently praising any story that gives them some sob story or feelgood ending that they didn't deserve. That is all I said, try not to put words in my mouth.

Spoiled lifted one perfectly manicured hoof. "Partners?" She snorted. "They practically work for you! They'd be nothing without you to sell their products-"

Really Spoiled? Really? It's the other way around. Filthy's business main income IS thanks to Apple Family products. And the Apples are capable of selling their products on their own or find a new trading partner on the fly.

Also, why only allow Diamond to befriend Sweetie Belle? Ah! Because of her sister and her connections, prolly because she's a heroine of Equestria-oh, Applejack is one, too. So is Rainbow Dash.

God, Spoiled Rich is dense as granite. She should be renamed Spoiled Bitch.

7675305 You know, after reading this, i wonder if Spoiled was born to a family of Unicorns that were well off, but was disowned due to her not having a horn. Would explain a few things in regards to her wanting to be with the Unicorn Elite.

7674941 Then why take out your frustrations with other people on me? What did I ever do to you?

7675408 There's an interesting idea...hmm...

7675408 Come to think of it, WHY did she marry Filthy in the first place? Filthy is an Earth Pony, a commoner farmer Spoiled dislikes so much (Filthy said HE was a farmer and knew how to get his hooves dirty). Because of his money and position? That's low.

It would be interesting to see a scenerio where Filthy lies about their economic standing (forged documents, account balances, bank savings, etc), claiming he's close to bankrupcy and that they (as in Spoiled, Filthy and Diamond) would soon need to look for work on a farm to survive. All of that just to see her reaction.

7675702 Probably the only stallion who could stand her personality and paid attention to her. I think a lot of Unicorn nobles would be turned off by that; also, i think the disownment would carry around in the upper 'elite' so her dating life dropped to nothing in Canterlot.

7675457 Your spanking fetish featured into this, didn't it?

7677738 Not as much as you might think. This was less fetishy and more I genuinely wanted to write a story where Spoiled gets her comeuppance.


Gentry, not nobility.

7678086 Gentry are nobility, they just don't have a title.


If you want to get technical, but when most people say "nobility" they mean "aristocracy."

RoyalBardofCanterlot, you're the best! This story begged to be written and you did it. Liked it immensely. The only criticism - you didn't give us any picture of Spoiled after the spanking is over which makes narration feel a little incomplete but that's just my personal opinion. Anyway, I'm really glad to see Spoiled getting her comeuppance, I strongly believe that it is particular adults, not children, who must be spanked and Spoiled falls into the category perfectly.

If Diamond decides Applebloom is her one true love and elopes with her I'll foot the wedding bill because I couldn't imagine anything better for my business!

Please, tell me that's a hint for a future sequel in which AB comforts DT. I'm a big sucker for Applebloom x Diamond ship.

7678106 modern Aristocracy just means rich people

Comment posted by Thi Fernandes deleted Nov 13th, 2016

7686863 I was so wondering when someone was going to make that legitimate criticism. This is not something Filthy would normally do. He was pushed over the edge.

7678191 Thanks! I am considering writing a second chapter or sequel.

Interesting. One does have to wonder what goes on in that household. Filthy Rich seemed like a decent enough stallion the few times he showed up, and I was happy to have that confirmed again in S06E23, especially after Human!Filthy Rich was such a douchebag in LoE. Methinks the writers were rather lazy to portray him that way in the movie. Though maybe Spoiled is the nice one in the Equestria Girls continuity. Wouldn't that be a mind screw? :pinkiecrazy:

7686863 I have to agree with this in part. What hurts the resolution most is that there isn't really one. We don't even get to see what effect the spanking has on Spoiled Rich. Does it somehow drive home her mistakes, or is she completely unrepentant? It would have been nice to see some kind of resolution between Filthy and Spoiled, whether that's reconciliation or lack thereof with Filthy unilaterally deciding that there's going to have to be some changes.

A redemption storyline for Spoiled Rich is something I wouldn't mind seeing, if it's done well. She has to have had some redeeming qualities at some point, else why would Filthy have decided to marry her? Though her appearance in "Where the Apple Lies" only goes to show how much of an influence she's had on Diamond Tiara over the years - she sounds exactly like Diamond used to.

I did like how Filthy tries to talk some sense into her and tells her not to look down on farmers and earth ponies in general. Everything he says resonates with the kind of impression I had of him. For me at least this story probably would have been more satisfying in the end if the verbal part continued to stay important. If he has to spank her and give her a taste of her own medicine, fair enough, but he should keep talking through it, explain where she went wrong or even find out where the disconnect happened, since he didn't seem to have much of an inkling of what kind of pony she had become and how she was bringing up Diamond Tiara.

But then, I guess that was never really the purpose of this story. Oh well.

Also, Filthy Rich really has no tag on this site. WTF!?

7704728 By popular demand this story is getting the hiatus tag. I will return to it.

When will they be back? It was a question Spoiled couldn't answer. Surely, Filthy knew that the divorce threat was only a bluff. Even after this she was not going to divorce him.

What if he divorces you?

Her heart raced. She could barely catch her breath. No. She couldn't lose all this.

She stood. They had to find a way to work all of this out. It could be worked out, she was certain of that. They had had fights and obstacles in the way of their relationship before and they had overcome those. They could overcome this too.

Something tells me Filthy will have a hard time getting over the fact that his wife is abusing his daughter. That divorce is coming, I can just see it.

I hear divorce signing!!!!


seems like my hops of the story going on might become reality

This makes me think that Spoiled cares more about her social standing then her marital one. At several points she reflects more on her social standing then her love of her husband and child. I bet he will leave her if he finds out where her priorities actually are.

I can understand Spoiled's thinking. Spoiled wants better for her daughter than she had herself. She feels Diamond being around the wrong ponies will jeopardize any chance she has of doing so. It also doesn't help that an event that happened to Spoiled's favorite aunt (and it had to be more than a simple robbery or Spoiled witnessed it) has caused her to no longer trust pegasi. Plus, I think she still has issues with her father dying when she was such a young age. I personally think Spoiled's only hope is to not go to Filthy and Diamond right now, and go back to therapy. Spoiled can't fix her problems if she doesn't realize that she has any. If not, then she best go back to where she fought to get out of and stay there because she will have nowhere else to go.

7706707 :twilightsheepish:I meant her aunt was in therapy. But thank you for the review. Although, now I'm tempted to write a chapter where Spoiled and Filthy go to couples therapy.

I said it once, I'll say it again. Spoiled Rich should be renamed Spoiled Bitch!

That aside, man o man do I hear the divorce train coming? I hope it is. I don't feel sorry for Spoiled. At all. While I agree on that bit about Rarity and the Canterlot aristocracy, it just drives the point that they are dicks and that Spoiled has NEVER worked a single day on her life. She worked for her relationship with Filthy, yes, but that's because she was, at least at first, a Gold Digger.

Still, she may be able to redeem herself and see the error of her ways and thinking if she could see her own mistakes. But she doesn't. She's a arrogant, self-centered, snobbish mare that thinks she deserves everything she wants and that everyone must do as she says.

She is one Spoiled Bitch.

And if Filthy doesn't divorce her, then he must teach her a real lesson...by forcing her to work on a farm, maybe with the Apples, to show her a much needed dose of reality.

7686863 I'm sorry if this sounds ranty, but I feel like this needs to be said:

The only thing that's sexist here is the thought that any woman should be exempt from taking what she dishes out simply by virtue of the fact that she's a woman. If someone does harm, they forfeit their right to avoid having that harm done to them, man or woman. This is not to say that I would be ready and willing to hit a woman on the spot for no reason, because that would be wrong. I hope I never have to hit anyone, especially a woman, but women are not special. I'm no fighter by even the furthest stretch, but if a person walks up to me on the street and hits me, that piece of crap is getting knocked on their ass.

Furthermore, saying a woman should never be hit for any reason is basically the same as saying "but you can hit a man for whatever reason you feel is right". It degrades men, puts women on a pedestal, and is an insult to both sexes.

It's not a question of sex. It's a matter of "can you treat me with dignity?" Do so, and I return the favor. Hit me instead, and be prepared to take a hit.

In short: Spoiled spanked Diamond unjustly. To say she herself did not deserve a spanking for doing that, is wrong. Mare or stallion, she had it coming.

Again, I apologize if the tone came out brazen, but I felt it needed saying.

While the punishment was a tad unexpected, I am sooo glad to finally have a story where Filthy stands up for himself and his daughter.:twilightsmile:

I'm thoroughly impressed. You've given some true dimension to a character long thought to be without it. And you managed to tack on some world-building along with it. Well done!

Quick question, though. Surely, Spoiled's behind is still rather reddish? I understand if the maid's reaction was because she'd heard it, but isn't it plain to see, as well? And if so, how did Silver Spoon miss it, even if she was there for only a few seconds?

(And I'm willing to bet there will be more than a few "witnesses" on the streets of Ponyville if she's truly heading out the door . . . .)

It's a small nitpick, though, and it doesn't distract from the story. And a well-crafted story at that.

I'll be following along. Looking forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

7706781 Oh I agree. The whole Feminist thing of equal rights works both ways. If a woman abuses a man and he fights back, he is seen as a wife beater/misogynist because "HE HIT A WOMAN!" She was hitting him, he had the right to self defense.

I know this is a drama and I probably shouldn't be laughing at the thought of Spoiled Rich being spanked...*snicker*...b-but...:rainbowlaugh:

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