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In the early years of her service to King Sombra, Tempest Shadow sought to use his resources to fulfill her quest for revenge on those she felt responsible for her disfigurement.

Now, nearing a decade later, with her body almost half replaced by Professor Midnight's (SciTwi) cybernetics, she begins to doubt her convictions.

All that is about to change...for in recognition of her devoted service leading his ground forces and ensuring all of the Eastern Empire remains under his heel, King Sombra brings to her the two she has sought all these years.

As Tempest confronts her childhood friends over the past she was sure she remembered properly, she may just find that revenge is not as sweet as she had hoped...

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Okay, so we get a bit of info here about Tempest. Not much has changed from her movie role with a few touches from the comic (intentional or otherwise). It goes to show that sometimes, things aren't always as clear cut as they seem or as we remember. Tough Tempest can't bring herself to kill her friends for what she thought they'd done to her, she can't fully let go of her patchwork past and gives them a fate considered by some to be far worse than death. Even after years of physical damage put on her body through her hunt for the two, there is still a shred of humanity in her and the revelation that they weren't wholly responsible for her disfigurement nor did they abandon her can't have made her final decision easy to live with. The only thing she can do now to put it behind her is what had kept her going all those years: Focus on the next mission.

Turns out these two were no mere gift, but a test by the king himself (and I'm not talking about Elvis). It was a surprising treat to see Sombra take the field in the beginning and see just how wide the gap is between he and Tempest. Seems he is searching for not just her but certain others. Makes me wonder what exactly he has been planning all these years. The fact that he was testing her to see just how far his rabid dog has come. The results weren't exactly satisfactory as an assassin showing mercy is a bit of an oxymoron and now she has to pay for it. Something tells me there's a reason her implants don't seem up to snuff for the advances the empire has achieved so far. Tempest has finally achieved her goals, but it's nothing like she'd thought it would be now that it's over. Question is, has she gone too far over that line? Is there no going back for her? Is she fated to be the Empire's glorified attack dog?

A closer look into this Eastern Empire could be a real treat. They have advances the rest of the world could only dream of and that would make Rarity and Diamond Tiara's companies look like kindergarten.

Why does Sombra look like a teenager in the cover art?

We're so happy you enjoyed it! ^_^ Those are all very good questions and only time will tell what those answers are ^^

It could be the artist style. What did you think of the story? ^^

Sorryy took so long to get around to this Mally, been dealing with a handful of things on my end.

But all in all, very well done! Nice inside to Tempest's backstory here, and nice to see there is still some humanity inside of her.

All in all, we'll done!:scootangel::raritywink:

Jesus Christ.... This whole time.... All the pain, suffering, & being betrayed by her friends... It was all in her broken mind... I know she's evil & heartless, but that look of revelation on her face, when she finally remembered was heartbreaking...


The sad truth of trauma is that sometimes it deceives us. We remember things differently then it happened, add things, forget things.

That's why a support system be it friends or family is so important.

That being said this is but one of many backstories we are working on n.n I'm glad you enjoyed it and don't forget to share us to your circle if friends if you enjoyed us! :)

Trauma is indeed a cruel mistress and don't worry I'll try to share this as much as I can so this series can grow even bigger


You do a fine job summarizing. We should have you write reviews ;)

Indeed. As Tempest struggles to deal with her broke memories and her inner child screaming at her, we also find out a much longer game then even Malcontent may be gambling on.

Spring and Glitter aren't dead. I toyed with that idea for a moment but decided the onyx / obsidian from the movie was a nice call back / easter egg. She now has her two best friends in the world back at her side...forever. time will tell if the spell can be reversed. Either way Sombra will no doubt have them moved to her quarters. That way she can see them at the end of every day.

The painful implants were first started by Glockenspiel and then as Midnight took over she began to "improve" the inferior designs by augmenting them. More to see how far she could push a organic body with magic before it broke no doubt. Much like Anakin, I wouldn't doubt if Sombra had her implants made shoddy to a degree...just in case?

Whatever Sombra is looking for will no doubt be important to the readers and the world of the MetaVerse, that I will say. :)

You should be happy with our next release involving a full flashback to SciTwi as she goes from mild mannered geek to Desthshead from Wolfenstein :) pretty long so far but I'm trimming what I can n.n;;

Stay tuned friend and don't forget to share us to anyone else!

Indeed. Our artist did that more from a stylistic choice. That and Sombra is eternal. :)

Woohoo glad bird liked thank you!

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