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Long ago on the planet Earth, a great evil known as the King of Shadows sought to use the power of the seven Elemental Gems to rule over all life. But he was stopped, defeated by a powerful sorceress who used the Gems to imprison him within the Dimension of Darkness. However, during the battle the Gems were scattered while she fell into a deep slumber.

Now the prison is beginning to weaken, and the King of Shadows has gathered an army of the darkest monsters that dimension has to offer.

Chosen by the Elemental Gems, five teenagers must come together to save the world from the King of Shadows and his Dark Army, as the Power Rangers: Element Fury!

"Elemental Might! RANGERS UNITE!"


-This story starts between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games.
-The Ranger suits, weapons, and Zords are not based on any of the Sentai or other seasons of Power Rangers. Most of it is designed by yours truly, so please don't ask "What Sentai is this from?"
-Enjoy the story and don't be afraid to leave a comment or criticism below each chapter. But please, no Hate Comments or I will block you. You've been warned.

I'd like to give a shoutout to Banshee531.
Link to his page:https://www.fimfiction.net/user/284583/Banshee531
Thanks for proofreading, giving me ideas, and overall just helping me out with this story. You guys should check out his page, he's got great Flash Sentry stories.

Edit 7/18/2020: Let the Trope-ing begin! We have a tvtropes page:
Thank you, SuperSonicHeroes! You are awesome!

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Dope idea for a story. Looking forward to the rest.

So I wonder what gem Sunset will get? Nice beginning and I hope you keep at it because this was a good beginning.

Thank you.
And how'd you know Sunset's going to get a Gem?


Simple guess work. She was meeting up with several teenagers that happened to have what and are their Ranger colors going on. She was nearby when they gained their powers. She also was fighting side by side with them. Plus with the Equestrian Magic nearby she would make a good candidate as they are somehow correlated. Finally it just felt right. Plus in most of these crossovers Sunset has Ranger powers.

Well played.
That being said, she won't get her powers for a while.

Oh my gosh! That was great. Now that I think about it, it's pretty weird how the Power Rangers even as regular civilians always seem to know how to fight better than the average person. :applejackunsure:

You like Fireflight also? I think "Unbreakable" is my favorite song by them.

It's the power of plot convenience.
I love Fireflight. They're my second favorite band.

Well this was a complete unexpected but completely welcome surprise birthday gift! I am going to have to give this a read when I have some free time but I think I am going to enjoy this!

Thank you, it was nice.

I finally finished this chapter, and I gotta say, it was awesome. Spider-Man, RWBY, and now Power Rangers, you are just shooting out one winner after another. Everything in this first chapter was great: the characters, the comedy, the backstories and the action.

I like how Twilight and Thorax mention how the Power Rangers are a thing in the world, so magic isn’t impossible for them to believe. It isn’t to often Power Rangers are acknowledged in shows before the new team is formed. Gotta love when they become ascended fans.

I cannot wait to see more of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sunset became a Ranger later, maybe the gold ranger, but I wonder who could be the silver ranger? My first guess would be Shining Armor, but that is literally just a guess on my part.

But before she did she placed the last five of the Gems inside of a crystal tree, casting a spell on them so that only those who were w a orthy could free them and use their power in the event that the King of Shadows would ever return.

I think that was a small typo when you were trying to type worthy.

"I feel like I could go three rounds with All Might***," Thorax said

Pretty sure that is a reference to My Hero Academia (epic anime). Though if that three rounds part is a reference to something I have no idea what it is.

Thank you. What can I say, I love writing fanfics about shows I'm a fan of.

Yeah, unless the season takes place in an alternate universe like RPM or Dino Charge, I hate it when they try to make it seem like there weren't Power Rangers before the current team. It just seems... stupid.

The reference to My Hero Academia was the only one (which reminds me I need to download Crunchyroll or something and binge the whole series sometime.) The three rounds was just a random number I thought of.

I love this story so far! THIS is what Power Rangers is all about, imo. The characters, not just the action.

Well it's a good thing Hasbro seems to know that, since Beast Morphers so far is pretty awesome.

Thanks for the comment, btw. Hope you'll stick around, because when Chapter 2 comes, IT'S MORPHIN TIME!

Why does your story have so many more comments than miiiiiiiiiine :raritydespair:

Okay, definitely a good start I have to say, has me hooked. While I was... surprised at some of the liberties you took with some of the characters -Twilight especially- this just makes them more... interestin'. Have to say, really interested in your brand of humor, and learning more on your monster faction.

...And why do I have this feeling the kidnapped Rainbooms will become some sort of Psycho Ranger team?

Thank you.

And I can't say anything about the role the Rainbooms will play, yet.

seven stones that each granted the wielder power over one of the elemental forces of nature: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Steel, and Light.

Steel? The rest is logical to me, but I was actually expecting Darknesse since Light was in it, but ok.

-Canterlot City, Northern California-

Huh, so real world instead of punny names for cities and places... eh, not what I generally prefer, but ok.

"While going from zero-to-sixty in about five seconds flat."

Almost, almost.

Turning to face the speaker, she saw a member of her small group of friends, Thorax Beetles.

Thorax? Ok, now color me intrigued, that is rather unusual.

A thought then occurred to Thorax. "What about the energy the Power Rangers use? I mean with their weapons and giant robots, they gotta be releasing some sort of energy, right?"

So indeed, this is set in the "real" world. That just raises the question of naming conventions.

"Oh, right. The name's Tempest Shadow. I'm the girl who's gonna kick all your asses."


"Victor. Monty. Get her."

Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this beatdown.

Do yourselves a favor. Rethink your life choices

Yes, Obi-Wan Shadow.

Sunset nodded solemnly. "I've called each of them three times since this morning but all I keep getting are their voicemails. And before you ask, yes, I already talked to their parents. They haven't seen them since yesterday. I'm worried that something might've-"

Sounds great.

"Yes. But my program can do it in half the time and can trace them anywhere in the country. Sunset, if you would?"

Suuuure. Btw, high school student.

'I'd rather not risk the success and reputation of this school over some juvenile tomfoolery.'

Sounds about right.

"None taken. I'm a Pony, not a horse."

Ah, the classics never get old.

Tempest facepalmed before looking at Soarin. "Thank you, Captain Obvious. Your services are unnecessary, but appreciated."

I have a feeling this is a jab at the Neo Saban era. Oh and of course: "Way to state the obvious!"

Soarin chuckled before turning to Tempest. "She said traps."


"I feel like I could go three rounds with All Might***," Thorax said.

Can you really handle, Plus Ultra?

"Not important,"

-and watched in awe as streams of pink lightning shot out and nailed them in the chest, making their bodies spasm like cartoon characters. Once she stopped the Pawns fell to the ground, fading away into black dust.

Huh, civilian powers, neat.

"Because in order for my lord to use the full power of those gems, I'll have to destroy you five."

You know, I'm not opposed to destroy, like in: " I need to destroy the Power Rangers!" but here it sounds just wrong, you are allowed to say kill, you know that.

"Did anyone get the number of that truck that hit me?"

Ah, the classics.

some living chest pieces

So indeed. Well, that is funny.


"My name is Clover the Clever. And I need your help."

Yeah, no suprise here.

Ok, this was interesting and besides a few little nittpicks I had very fun. I'm curious where this goes. And more Toku is always nice.

The statement came from a humanoid creature with a face similar to a crow, with large wings with jet black feathers. He was clad in midnight black armor with gold plates on his shoulders and forearms, and a large black and gold katana at his side.

Bowing his head, Nevermore replied "I will not fail you, my Lord."

Ha, Edger Allan Poe reference. I get it, Quoth the Raven, Nevermore.

I wondered when someone would point that out.

Well Edger Allan Poe did create some of my favorite short stories of all time. My personal favorite being The Tell-Tale Heart. That man's mind was dark and disturbed, and he used those dark corners of his psyche to make beautifully twisted tales.

I like creepy stuff, can you tell?

Not really, considering your profile pic is Fluttershy, AKA MLP's most precious cinnamon roll. (Most of the time.)
And yeah, a lot of his works were amazingly disturbing, and beautifully dark.

Hey, what can I say except to keep your eyes on those of us you call the quiet ones, for looks can be deceiving. For instance, if you ever met me in real life, you would never guess that I'm related to both Sir Robert Borden, the Eighth Prime Minister of Canada, and Lizzie Borden, a famous axe murderer who killed her Father and Step Mother as they slept for how they mistreated her.

:twilightoops: Damn. That's quite the lineage.
I'll be sure to keep your message in mind.


Thorax? Ok, now color me intrigued, that is rather unusual.

We need to see him in the Equestria Girls universe. And more Thorax stories.

Suuuure. Btw, high school student.

A high school student who makes a portable scanner that can detect magic, and built a robot dog girlfriend for Spike. All of which is canon in the Equestria Girls series. Your point?

Don't worry, I plan to take this story places.


We need to see him in the Equestria Girls universe. And more Thorax stories.

Yeah, he is definitely a character I would like to see in EQG.

A high school student who makes a portable scanner that can detect magic, and built a robot dog girlfriend for Spike. All of which is canon in the Equestria Girls series. Your point?

Snark, a lot of it. And you won a ticket for the snark train for the foreseeable future.


Suuuure. Btw, high school student.


A high school student who makes a portable scanner that can detect magic, and built a robot dog girlfriend for Spike. All of which is canon in the Equestria Girls series. Your point?

Anybody else remember how Billy built a Flying Car in the original series. Yeah, highschool students can do some out there stuff in the Rangers universe.

Huh. I honestly forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me!

Let me guess: The King of Shadows is Sombra.

9527779 9521094 9520462 9527839. Is it me, or does Elemental Fury sound better. I just feel it rolls off the tongue easier.

Yes it kinda does, it just sounds right.

9532260 I just wish I'd realised it sooner and suggested it to the author before he published.

Not entirely sure. To me, they're both about the same. I honestly lean more towards Element Fury just because it's punchier.

The theme song made it a million times cooler. GO, GO, POWER RANGERS!

Thank you!
That theme song makes everything cooler.

The Turtle Zord's eyes glowed purple, before two panels on its shell slid back, and tow large silver cannons slid out into position. "TURTLE ZORD, READY!"

Blue Turtle, Two silver cannons, water theme...

Hello Blastoise.

Pretty good so far though I'm personally not a fan of the fridging done to the rainbooms.

Ok now we have our team. Now I wonder how they will be able to explain away the missing girls as their disappearances are soon going to be reported and I know three young girls who are going to be devastated?

"Aw," Soarin said to her, "you got a cute little E-Raiser."Twilight frowned at him, but then smiled as Tempest prodded the teen with the end of her spear and zapped him, which not only made him spasm but also made his hair stand straight up in a ridiculous manner. "And you look like you got struck by lightning," she retorted with a smug grin.


Speaking of which, the E-Raisers are based off of the Bayards from Dreamworks Voltron Legendary Defender, which I sadly haven't been able to watch outside of scattered Youtube vids because I don't have a Netflix account.

You should use this sight called kim cartoon they have all 8 seasons

"An ant has no quarrel with a boot. Crush them and bring me their Gems."

Really? I don't know if I'm annoyed or impressed. :ajsmug:

He then threw it like it was a baseball, right into the man's produce stand. As it exploded and the produce was either incinerated or burned, he screamed "MY CABBAGES!" before running away in terror and a bit of anger.

You had it take place in a farmer's market just so you had an excuse to make that reference, didn't you? :rainbowlaugh:

I kinda like having the Zords be alive with names and personalities. Although, I do have one question. Is Aquila the only one with a female voice? I had the impression that Bolt was also female, but I could be wrong.

Oh gosh! I didn't notice before, but now I can't unsee it. :rainbowlaugh:

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