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  • 29 weeks
    I now have a cover!

    Thanks to DreamingKitty and Shinzakura for the great cover! They're worth every penny!

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  • 85 weeks

    I rarely blog, because I don't know if anyone's really paying attention, but I do have a few things to share.

    The next chapter of Fire & Rain will be out soon. Enjoy it.

    Secondly, the revised cover is coming along beautifully, courtesy of the ever-talented Greywalker Knight! You can check it out here at her Twitch!

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  • 112 weeks
    So, hope you're all doing okay!

    Been sitting at home, since work's got a "work from home until further notice" dictate that I'm not in the mood to ignore.

    Of course, this gives me more time to write! As in, expect to see the newest chapter of Fire & Rain this weekend!

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  • 114 weeks
    Wow, this is my week.

    Just found out that someone out there did me a solid and created a TVTropes page for Fire & Rain:


    Thanks! Now let's see some edits, folks!

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  • 114 weeks
    So, new cover coming soon!

    After talking with Flynt Coal (thanks, Flynt!) I am going to commission Dreaming Kitty for the updated cover to Fire & Rain. More details to come!

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I now have a cover! · 6:50pm Oct 29th, 2021

Thanks to DreamingKitty and Shinzakura for the great cover! They're worth every penny!

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Okay, shitbird, I guess it's my turn to entertain you now since you seem hellbent on spamming authors and readers of this series.

hmm,in all honestly i probably would have left it that if it weren't for that little remark

No you wouldn't. I know some of these people offline. You've spammed them on Twitter (business accounts, no less), Steam, and you're going after unrelated people. You're a child throwing a temper tantrum and the only reason you haven't been spanked yet is because you're not worth the effort.

And 620 hours of Persona? Wow, talk about hypocrisy. (Shin told me about that an hour ago, by the way.) 313 hours in the past two weeks? 13 1/2 hours a day. The only one here who needs mental help is you.

i mean correct me if i'm wrong but... was he trying to blackmail Diamond Tiara's life over me?

Yes, I am going to correct you. SHE HAS NO LIFE BECAUSE SHE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. WORDS ON A FUCKING PAGE, DIGITAL (NOT EVEN REAL!) INK ON A SCREEN. That's all she is. Although given your lack of life as evidenced above, apparently she does have more of a life than you.

Because i seem to remember Shin saying something to someone on his story

No, you don't remember anything. If you did remember, you would have said something at the time. The fact that your account only exists for a couple months ago means that either you're a troll, or you're personalizing shit that wasn't said to you. Plus, you're only stalking...I mean, following two people, and Shin isn't one of them. So no, you're not remembering anything, you're cherrypicking.

Furthermore, how Shin handled it? That's writers do. He's been writing for decades, he's not some immature teenager like you are (the average age of the people you're picking on is their mid-thirties). Word of advice: you're punching well above your belt weight and you're going to get squashed if you don't stop.

Him mentioning Flynt was just a bad idea given how that ended up, whooo boi. Also he just lied to me, she wasn't any different in that verse, unless she ends up helping Divine Right or whoever it is that's raping DT.

Funny, I don't recall any of them saying that. Are you sure it's in your little mind? Because I recall you claiming all sorts of shit that only exists in your mind, despite several people pointing to the obvious.

Quit tilting at windmills, Don Quixote. They may not be giants, but you'll get your ass flattened all the same.

And don't bother me again. My finger's already on the block button - just like I suspect it is for everyone else you talk to, apparently.

Well, I can't speak for anyone else here, but I'm interested in a glossary of that.

Never know when military jargon/lingo will come in handy.

In fics or everyday life.

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