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Equestrian City is a massive metroplex of lives, stories, crimes and adventures! Sometimes these stories don't make the front page news nor catch the majority eye, and other times they are right in your face!

In a world where superheroes and magic have been combined, the unlikely happens on a daily basis. Yet it's the stories that occur elsewhere during the headline stealing events of the day that make just as much of a difference to the city. Be it in a small way or much larger later on.

Welcome to Equestrian City! Where everyone is doing something, just not always saving the day.
A Collection of Side Stories for Equestrian City aka HeroVerse

Chapters (4)
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Ah, those with a degree of strength (Malcontent) take advantage of the weak (Aria) and in their frustration, the weak seek to dominate those weaker still. Yeah, he definitely has Aria on a leash. And if I remember Dead Money, you best respect the person holding it...at least for the time being.

exactly right. hate spreads. mal to aria to cupcake


Thst was the vicious cycle I hoped my readers would see and comment on. All of them a victim of someone else much like real life tends to be but not to such an extreme always ;)

Glad you liked it and stay tuned for more!

Very good and nice insight into Sci-Twi Midnight Sparkle. Nice detail ^_^

So that's why she's working with Sombra. A noble goal but she misses the forest for all the trees. Would Shining Armor be alright with her killing countless innocents in twisted experiments just for the prospect of getting him back? How many times has she told herself that the ends justify the means until she started to believe it?

In the end of the day, she's played the Pontius Pilate; Committing a horrible act and then simply washing her hands clean of it as if it can just simply be swept under the rug.

Ah yes. You see what I was hoping to hint at. Even IF she makes a breakthrough..what would her brother think? Would she hide it?

All of it is just steps towards the Professor Midnight we eventually see, one whose lost all compassion, what little she had living by: The ends justify the means.

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Just in time for Halloween 🎃

And any sympathy I had for this Twi just went out the window.


Do tell, we love to hear how readers feel and react! We left the ending as open ended as possible in terms of what it was and wasn't. Reality or Nightmare, ect.

If that was real, Twilight has crossed a major M.E.H.(Moral Event Horizon). She deleted(possibly) her son's memory/self and the evidence of the previous 'Spikes'. The first 'rollback/scrub' was necessary because of Spike's overreaction. This time Spike understood why she did it, and didn't react in ANY form of negative way but she STILL did it without a hint of remorse. This makes me concerned for her sanity.

Okay, I have to admit that that was scary. What is it they say about science and the vast majority of it being trial and error? That would seriously be one intense thing to think that you've been unmade and remade again and again. What Twilight did decide to do in reality was a much smarter idea than in most science fiction. Though she did it the right way: feeding information in small bits and learning like a real brain instead of giving it complete access like an Ultron or HAL. Hers is what I would consider a true A.I.

Ouch. Very well done. I definitely see the cycle of abuse here: Mal dominates Aria, who dominates poor Cupcake... damn.

Oof. Spooky. This Twilight probably went off the deep end LONG ago... she's totally lost sight of her humanity, all for getting her brother back.

And the real tragedy of this is, should she succeed, I can see "Professor Midnight" confused as to why Shining Armor recoils in horror from her, and asks "What have you done?"

Oof. That was genuinely unsettling. Well done. Especially on the ambiguity of the ending... you want to say that Twi would never have done such a thing in reality, ever... but there's still that niggling sense of doubt, that little voice asking "what if?"... and for that I congratulate you. Great chapter!


We left the ending pretty much unresolved.

We wanted a spooky feeling towards the end to hold onto.

But thanks for the feedback!


Its amazing what even the most grounded of people will do when it's the people they care for hanging in the balance.

I even toyed with the idea hes dead but shes hanging on in hopes of beating death. But that was sorta pulled aside for now we felt wed reached a level of what I like to call "What the ^$*@?" Energy. ;)

All goes back to decisions. Decisions we make affect others and ourselves years or days or minutes after we make them.

This twilight didnt get to learn the magic of friendship..and this a series of events fired off, as they would in anyone's life that changed the SciTwi we know from lovable Thelma archetype to Deathshead from Wolfenstein.

Thanks for the feedback!


We left it completely open for now on purpose. I wanted people to feel the sadness from Twilightts story about Spike.

We never really deal with what happened. Only a glimpse here and before in the main story. We may just delve in full flashback eventually if the fancy strikes me.

Nothing is more relatable then the loss of a friend or a pet. In this case both.

The entire idea of "am i..me?" Aas where this all started in the writers room as we threw around ideas. Zap called it genius if I recall when I pitched the idea outline n.n

Thanks for the feedback!


I was hoping you would chime in!

The whole goal was to get everyone "Spookified" as I called it in the pitch. This whole uneasy feeling as Spike watches these clips. Early notes i got back from beta readers indicated some felt him watching movies wasnt scary so we almost just ditched this. I'm glad i listened to everyone else who told me not to xD.

The way Twilight worked on Spike was intentionally done to show that. The flaws we saw in HAL and Ultron had tk be at least cautionary tales somewhere in this world by now in one form or another. I'd assume as booknerd as she was Twilight would totally research everything on it.

Treating and raising it with human feelings and treating it as an equal is the best way I can foresee a.i. not going skynet on us all. Sadly I think well still forget ourselves and someone will backhand a robot butler and there comes the matrix!

Thank you as always we look forward to all feedback and love to interact when we are able!

what is the term again? A bold euro? uh tall oreo? eh bald ewe, no?

Well can't have superhero/villain shenanigans without a government agency handy now can we. I appreciate the little test the Director gives out. As the saying goes, "No plan survives first contact with the enemy". Excellent way to see the response from new recruits. Prevents freezing up and putting others in danger in the field.

So I take it Sweetie Drops and the Bon Bon we met briefly in Equestrian City are related then. If so would make sense.

I'm racking my brain to think if I should know this Diane, though.


The governments of the world always have a sorta of covert agency to..er..shield...us from harm ;) it's like a rule in comic lore! :)

Yup, last we saw bonbon yelled at Trixie in jail. :)

And Diane and her role in why the government has already started training agents to deal with Equestrian Magic years before it became a problem is another story point to be dealt with in a side story.

I had always wanted to work her in and I was happy when I figured out a place to slide her into the lore. Shes such an adorable little Cupcake after all.

Thanks for the response!


I'm racking my brain to think if I should know this Diane, though.

You should. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

Diane?! :pinkiegasp:

...You have my curiosity and my attention.

Also, good work on all the other content here. Sweetie Drops being Bon-Bon's mother is a particularly clever and unique way of reconciling the two different names and identities, props for that! XD And I also got a kick out of the Danger Room-esque simulation of a manticore too.

Oh good. that was my hope ;)

Bonbon and sweetie drops were a quick fix when I realized wed made an oversight in the prison scenes. It was too late to just pull the chapter. Wed already published xD I like how it turned out.

Stay tuned to all three story sets! More down the line.

Oh! Sweet mother of mercy, this is bad!

Okay, how the hell is DIANE-never mind, just say it's magic and be done with it.


All in good time ;) Stay tuned for more! :D

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