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Equestrian City: Side Streets - Malcontent

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A Bed of Your Own Making (Aria/Cupcake)

A Bed of Your Own Making
By DarkMalcontent
Proofread by alisia

Cupcake appears courtesy of Wubcake

A gentle rain fell outside, the delicate droplets quickly forming streaks on the glass as Cupcake Slash stared out the motel window. She pushed her two-toned brunette bangs out of her slightly clouded magenta eyes and resumed her cross armed stance as she heard the shower turn off. Smiling briefly, the young woman turned towards the dingy rooms bathroom door. Several flecks of paint were coming off over years of neglected upkeep and showcased the discolored primer underneath. Pulling at her blouse, she straightened the ruffled red fabric and smoothed it out before her attention shifted to a self made mess. Walking over to the single bed, Cupcake smoothed the bedsheets out of habit. Last to be smoothed was the comforter that was in a wadded up mass which brought a light blush to kiss her cheeks from fresh memories, memories from no less than thirty minutes prior.

A lazy smile came across her face as she recalled and savored the evenings highlights: Aria had phoned her and they met like they always did. A quick walk from the park to the other side of town was silent as always. Very seldom did Aria try to regale Cupcake with her day’s work. She was always interested and asked many times, but Aria never revealed much. They came to this motel because, like always, Aria wanted some attention to her needs but didn’t want to go to Cupcake’s apartment.

Cupcake frowned, narrowed her eyes and lightly knocked on her head. I’m sure we have but why in the heck can’t I remember?! the brunette thought frustrated. She took a breath, sighed and rubbed the back of her head. I’m sure she’s seen my apartment. I’m just being forgetful, Cupcake thought in a dismissive tone. She sat on the foot of the bed and looked down to her stocking feet and grimaced. A small grumble came from her throat as her eyes had landed on a hole near her right big toe. Guess I need to hit the store after this. I swear I meant to last week.

Laying back with a gentle flop on the bed, Cupcake gave another sigh while staring at the peeling paper on the ceiling. Note to self: never ever come back here with Aria no matter what she says, she thought while scrunching her mouth with cheeks slightly puffed out with air. After a moment, her annoyed expression fell into one of confusion. Wait...why does this plan seem familiar? Cupcake shook her head gently to try and remove the haze that kept recurring each time she tried to recall an answer. Every attempt she made resulted in a distant tune to get stuck in her head, like a lullaby or a familiar song. Her frown returned and deepened for a few moments before she shook off the feeling, and went back to focusing on the good of the day: Aria.

Her smile returned with a look which spoke to her having hit the jackpot. How did I even get blessed with finding and landing her? Cupcake thoughtfully questioned with her eyes scanning the ceiling and corner moldings. Normally the people she dated were usually shallow and out to just get into her pants. But Aria was different: she listened to her and didn’t complain when she went on about her day. She’s so much different than my last girlfriend. That one was so rude and wouldn’t even bother giving me five minutes of her time before getting bored, and wanting to go off and do something that she found interesting. Cupcake’s face twisted slightly with her tongue sticking out a little briefly. But Aria… she gave a happy sigh, she’s nothing like that and thankfully it’s finally turning serious! She beamed to herself as a small grin started to pull onto her face.

Cupcake’s mind wandered to try and retrieve the moment they met only for her to suddenly wince in pain. A collage of images, none of which seemed sequential, struck her brain all at once. Holding her forehead with both hands, she gave a small groan while turning to her side and looking at the bathroom door. When...did I meet her? Where? she thought confusedly but winced again as that quiet melody returned into the front of her mind. “Ugh. Must be lack of coffee or energy,” Cupcake quietly said before she smiled again and then perked up as the door finally opened for her watch as her angel exit the steamy room.

Aria Blaze stepped out wrapped in a green towel that the motel had left for the occupants of the room. It was ratty, worn and some of the threads were hanging from it, but it did it’s job for the most part. Revealing just enough to make her companion blush, it was fitting for the Siren to wear, if only temporarily. “Oh,” Aria began flatly while running her fingers through her damp long hair with her gaze on Cupcake. “You’re still here,” she finished with annoyance entering her voice. The siren pulled out a smaller towel and proceeded to gently pat dry around the crimson gem and its tendrils.

“I was thinking,” Cupcake sat up, “we could go and meet some of my friends,” she said cheerfully. Aria remained silent as she patted dry her arms before the towel was tossed aside and the larger towel was removed. The purple haired siren showed no reaction of shame as her adequately sized breasts bounced free, jiggling as she began patting dry the gem and tendrils which brought her to wince.

It’s worth it, it’s worth it… Aria thought with her jaw clenched.

“Maybe we could take in a movie even.”

Aria stared at her with an eyebrow cocked and her bored expression changed. After a moment, she dropped the towel and soft whispers from the carpet followed her bare steps over to the bed where she sat beside her lover. “Maybe,” she said with a turn of her head, showing her fake sweet smile. Aria leaned in closer to Cupcake. “But first,” she began twirling her fingers through the girl’s hair, “we totally have to talk about what I asked earlier?” the siren scooted closer. “You know, when you talked about your job? At the ECPD, sweetheart,” Aria asked while leaning closer so her softened raspy voice would not carry beyond the bed.

Simultaneously the red gem began to shine as she tapped into her powers. Slowly her smile grew while maintaining a subtle seductiveness to her expression in seeing Cupcake’s dulling eyes slowly start to reflect confusion.Still works every time, Aria thought pleased to see the way she’s done it since day one was still effective.

Cupcake gently blushed from the attention, quickly looked away and shyly giggled while her hands rose to rest on her burning cheeks. All the while with Aria still playing with her brunette locks. Gradually she looked sadly back with a sigh to Aria. “The ECPD database is restricted to a higher clearance then I have, so that’s out of the question.” Aria’s face fell instantly with displeasure and Cupcake quickly ducked a bit into her shirt, seeming to try hiding. She racked her brain for anything that would save her from the inevitable downward spiral.

Her eyes shifted almost frantically as her mind raced. What’s going to make her stay?! What, Cupcake thought desperately to not lose her lover. Then her eyes stopped as a thought struck. “But…” slowly she brought her head out of her clothing. “I did get SOMETHING for you, dear,” the brunette said as she added her pet name for the siren, albeit some reluctance lingering in her tone. Carefully she brought her head fully out as there appeared there would be no illicit violent anger from the purple toned, young woman.

Aria perked up ever so slightly and right after Cupcake turned away, began to sing a little tune. Cupcake dug through her purse, her lips pursed a little. Where is it, she questioned and took no notice of the magically manifesting outfit on the siren’s body from the shimmering red gem. Evenly spaced over top unattractive scars on her arms came three leather straps. Much to Aria’s dislike, her “keeper” remained very insistent that they, along with the gem, remain visible no matter her choice in outfit. “All greatness requires sacrifice”, she heard his chuckle echo in the back of her mind. Next to appear was a sleeveless dark pink tank top which exposed her gem for the world to see. The top was contrasted by duo colored shorts that were purple on both sides and pink in the middle. Last to form were her knee high leather boots before the siren allowed her mind to cease its focus on attire.

Distaste and annoyance returned to Aria’s face for a moment as she let her toy rummage for whatever it was. Ugh, what could be so important and so hard to find? Better be good, she thought before a look of false interest returned to the siren’s face just as Cupcake turned back around with a small jewelry box in her hand.

“I...” Cupcake swallowed and tried to speak again with the growing dryness in her throat. “I want you to have this.” She opened the small box and inside was a meager silver ring, engraved with modest flower patterns and a small black jewel resting amongst the metallic flowers. “It was…” the innocent human began, looking down blushing and taking no notice of the taken aback fall of Aria’s expression. Instantly the siren regained the fake smile for her as Cupcake continued. “It’s been in my family for generations. We pass it on to the ones we love,” she finished with a sheepish grin.

“I can’t tell you what this means to me,” Aria said breathlessly while she took the ring, her smile turning into a grin as she looked it over. How I wish I could though if you weren’t still useful, the siren thought annoyed before her attention turned to her lover.

“I’m glad you like it! I was sooo nervous!” Cupcake exclaimed happily and gave her a one sided hug. Aria tilted a bit into the embrace and looked at the ring for a few moments before closing the box a second later. While leaning back on the bed and a small tune coming from her as she sang softly, the siren continued absentmindedly looking at the box. Aria hesitated for a moment but then slipped it into her pocket.

Cupcake felt a wave of exhaustion hit her suddenly when Aria’s song began. She always enjoyed her lover’s singing but never could remember how any of the melodies actually ended. Laying back against her lovers slender body, she nestled into the sirens modest bosom and enjoyed the warmth they were radiating. “No news from the front desk at all? Nothing worth noting,” Aria sweetly inquired while she stroked Cupcake’s ponytail absently. Her gaze shifted and her hand pulled out the velvet box once again. She seemed entranced by the simple box, as if looking at an unsolvable puzzle, and then looked back down to her victim.

“Mmm…” the smaller girl shook her head softly as sleep began to win. “Nope...just a few new murders and robberies...nothing new.” Cupcake yawned once, opened her eyes slightly and looked up at her. “Aria, why can’t I introduce you to my friend?”

The siren released a breath and began to stare forward with the question reaching her ears. And she still asks that same-stupid-question. I guess it’s just par, if not repetitive, song and dance to ensure this spell always works, Aria thought irritated with a deep inhale and released a tired exhale. “Now, you know why.” Cupcake’s eyes danced with naive confusion as if this was the first time she’d heard this. “They wouldn’t understand us. They’d try to keep you and me apart,” the siren vaguely answered while she continued to stroke the brunettes soft hair like one would a cat. “You wouldn’t,” she looked down to meet the girl’s eyes, “want that would you?”

“But...I really want to introduce you to my friends...and my family. Can’t we please--”

Aria scoffed hard and shoved the girl off her with her patience finally running out and time slipping away. “Look you little bitch, I use you when I need to get off. You’re nothing special to anyone, least of all me,” she growled heatedly. “It’s no wonder you can’t hold onto someone,” Aria snapped while standing up and pocketing the ring.

Cupcake stared like a deer caught in the headlights. Her bottom lip dropped and quivered a bit as she began to hug herself. “B-but...why would you say something like that,” she whimpered almost meekly in her pained confusion.

Aria ran a hand across her forehead and turned with frustration coming again. “What part of that aren’t you getting? The only thing useful about your tongue to me is NOT your stimulating conversation!” she spat hotly while whipping back around and threw her arms out to her sides. The siren stared with fury and saw the cementing of her emotions to the poor girl reflected in her eyes. Silence filled the room for almost a minute as Cupcake kept staring, still unable to fully process the rapid data dump she’d just gotten.

Aria walked around with a sudden solace in her body language. “Look, Cupcake, babe…” she began while gently taking her would-be lover’s head in her hands, hugging it close to her firm toned stomach. “Why don’t we just forget about this…” she trailed off and began to sing a different tune. “I’m sorry. I’ve had such an awful day,” the siren explained quietly. “I work with an asshole and he does to me exactly what I do to you.” Aria hummed her tune and the gem in her chest began to glow more intensely than before as the amnesia spell began to cast. “...just...forget...”

Cupcake listened to the tune and Aria’s words as they echoed in her head. “But...I think...I love you,” she slurred with her will gone and the spell taking effect, carving out all of the last few hours details except for the vaguest of them.

“I know you do…” Aria said with an emotionless blank stare afixed to her face as she stroked her hair. “This wouldn’t be nearly as fun if you didn’t,” she muttered with a smile and Cupcake’s world began to turn dark until finally, there was nothing but slumber.

“Hey!” Cupcake snapped her head towards the voice to see the evening sun setting behind Aria’s face, which wore a worried look on it as she shook Cupcake’s shoulder. “You ok, babe?”

Cupcake held her head and shook off the proverbial cobwebs from her mind. She felt dazed and confused, like she’d just awoken from a long nap or a restless dream. Images of a motel and then the sound of a distant song swirled in her thoughts. Nothing was quite clear but she seemed to remember Aria and her had been somewhere recently, and it had been a pleasurable experience. Assuming her absent mindedness was her own doing, she turned to look at her girlfriend and smiled. “Sorry, yeah, you were saying?”

“I said I was going to head out then. I have to meet my boss,” Aria said firmly with a tone that sounded like it was attempting to be informing, but came off as more of an order. “You run along now and I’ll find you later.” She smirked as she gave a gentle shooing motion to the brunette.

Cupcake blushed and nodded. “O-Ok. I’ll call you later!” she vowed with a sweet smile. “Pick up this time, geez! You’d think you didn’t like me or something!” the girl teased, leaning in and kissing Aria.

Aria turned her head which caused the naive girl to miss her lips, playing it off on a clumsy move and smiled lazily at her toy as Cupcake skipped off towards a bus stop. Turning and walking into a shadowed alleyway, her expression changed to her usual stupor of near apathy. Coming about halfway down the side street, she stopped in the middle of a shadow and leaned back against the brick wall. Pulling out a the small black jewelry box, Aria looked at it with indifference in her eyes.

A cold wind licked at her chin as the gem in her chest lit up with a purple hue. “Aria,” a distinctly male voice echoed in her head.

She didn’t answer immediately with her gaze still fixed on the box. Suddenly her chest gem began to glow red and the tendrils pulsed like a hard heartbeat which caused her pain receptors to fire like an automatic weapon. She clutched her chest and dropped the small box while panting and grunting in pain. Just as quickly as it began, it all stopped. Breathing deeply she soon started recovering from the summons she was receiving.

“Aria,” the voice in her head rang with more intensity this time. Malcontent, her business partner for a lack of a better term, spoke to her through the gem he’d bestowed upon her. “I trust you’re not in the middle of anyone important,” his tone dripped with unkind undertones as the fleshy tendrils constricted with each telepathic word. “Practise makes perfect they say.”

She gritted her teeth but took and released a deep breath to keep calm and cool headed. The games they played with each other were all part of their unique relationship. Be they in the bedroom or plotting their next move, they poked and prodded each others ego and pride to no end. Nothing I wouldn’t rather do to you, dear, she thought back with a similar tone.

“Mm,” a slightly disgusted tone escaped him. “Just make sure you wash yourself after you're done.” The gem pulsed with each word all while he was grating her nerves as he reminded her of her place again. A binding contract was practically what he seemed to have with her, the short leash she had the price of the grand power she always wanted.

“A binding contract for power with no lengthening of the dictated length for the short leash as time passes. Living the dream,” she silently and thoughtlessly mouthed with a displeased expression on her lips. Already done, dearest. Fresh and clean for you to claim at your will, Aria thought with her tone full of insincerity. She stooped down and picked up Cupcake’s present for her as she listened, opening it up and staring at the dull silver ring. As tarnished as it was, it was genuine in its intent and she was mesmerized by it regardless. It was the first thing in her long memory she could recall being given freely without tricks or magic. In another life she might have even felt touched.

“Now get back here. I have an immediate use for your skills…” he said with a harsh tone. “...And a more pleasing use for some of your others,” his final words again dripped with innuendoes.

“Pleasing for you, maybe,” she said softly while running a finger over the ring and closing the box with her expression actually lightening. With a furrow on her brow she pulled back her hand and traced the gem on her chest in the same manner. She compared the two in her mind and her thoughts shifted for a moment on how sincere Cupcake seemed. For a fleeting moment she considered that she’d given it to her out of actual love and no quid pro quo.

“Aria?” Malcontent’s voice snapped her mind clear of such frivolity.

No one gives someone something for nothing. You should know that well already, she privately explained to herself and turned her gaze to the glowing reminder in her chest. I'm coming... she paused her thought and stayed lingering on the last part as she turned towards the shadows of the alley. Her mood changed and lost expression, as it was prone to do these last ten years while she finished her sentence. ...my love.

The gem on her chest pulsed again as she summoned a spell. Stepping forward into the shadows, she vanished. Aria had teleported swiftly and left no trace of her exit, save for the gentle sound of the jewelry box hitting the concrete and tumbling to a halt next to a dumpster just inside its shadow. A second later Aria’s hand reached back through the shadows, grasped the item and pulled it into the abyss with her.

Author's Note:

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