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This story is a sequel to Quizzical

Quizzical Greystone is being rude, hurtful, obnoxious, mean spirited, and cruel. An uplifting Hearth's Warming story.

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Poor Quiz. She's never going to be the kind of threatening villain all of Equestria will quail away from in fear.

7815628 Of course. She's not likely to become Nightmare Quiz any time soon.

On the other hand, I can think of a couple of villains who regret ever meeting her.

There seemed to brief howl of fierce winter wind, but it soon passed.  After that the night was starry and silent, as was every night through the rest of the holiday. Neat unspoken reply from the windigos

Er, ahem…

Your writing is obfuscatory and poorly parsed, and leaves me slightly confused and irritated.

No, I can’t do it. There is never enough Quiz in my life. Thanks for the holiday gift!

7815715 You're welcome. And I'd have only been a bit miffed anyway.

Poor Quiz, to think she managed to find Limestone in a good mood. :twilightsheepish:

I am actually surprised she had the fortitude to make as many attempts as she did.


Oh please try to write a Nightmare Quiz story, it would be hilarious.

7816304 Quiz is everything Pinkie isn't, so naturally Limestone likes her. Quiz is well aware of how prickly Limestone is, but she's never personally done anything to piss Limestone off (a claim few ponies can make).

7815652 Thank you, that's what I was going for.

Man, this is such a lovely story. Quiz is a fantastic character. Good work as always, Mac.

A few typos I noticed, however:

“Oh, hello, Spike. I was just,,, um… looking up some worlds I rarely use.”

Used commas for the first ellipsis, and 'worlds' should be 'words.'

“Oh, and don’t stay out too late, diner is at five tonight,”

'Dinner' instead of 'diner.'

Given what she was about to say doing so would have felt sacrilegious

Missing a period at the end.

It drove the ponys' anger before it.

Try "ponies'" instead of "ponys'".

“Just breath, Quiz.

Missing an e on breathe.

7818010 Thanks. All fixed.

I don't think Quiz can really misbehave. It's just not in her. And predictably, no one bought her act.

A lovely seasonal story, endearing and uplifting despite Quiz's best efforts. Thank you for it.

7823380 Yeah, Quiz is Equestria's most inept bad girl (otherwise I wouldn't have had a story and I wouldn't have written it). I almost had one of the Cake' explain it to her "You not very good at not being very good, Miss Quiz'kal."

7816405 You did get me thinking about it, but what I come up with is just the Nightmare entity rattling around inside Quiz's subconscience, trying to find a hook it can use to possess Quiz. "No anger? No Jealousy? Her dominant personality trait is humility?!!! How am I supposed to work with that?!!! I can't work under these conditions!!!!!"


Unless she got Discorded. I wonder what that would even look like. She's already grey.

7829740 Discord turns ponies inside out. Quiz could approach a Nightmare Discord unafraid, thinking he could do nothing to her. "If you turned me inside out all you would find would still be me." Discord, seeing deep inside Quiz would know she's wrong. Discorded, Quiz would be arrogant, self-centered, and boastful. But what good would that do? The world already has a Great and Powerful Trixie. Then he'd pick up a rock and smack Quiz with it.

Quiz, mi'duck, do not give up your day job. Speaking as a professional Evil-doer, I can safely say that while there are people less qualified than you, I would have to try quite hard to find them...

7835932 On the other hand, I believe she's earned a few points as a friendship student, so she'll get to keep her day job.

Oh man, I am so behind! Reading!

Omg. That's a twist. Such a twist!

... This happened before?! What.

Well, I'm glad you found it. I really would like to see my holiday stories get more attention.

When does this happen? That's... problematic link


No... I mean Luna encountered "ponies being mean to help feed a Windigo" before?

But, thanks for that link... You could try and use Time Enough for Friendship or something, to smooth out the timeline...

Most stories that go on long enough actually do better than the show in timeline continuity?? I think? So, good job, there?

Not the ponies rescuing a Windigo part, but I think the Princesses must have witnessed a riot caused by a lost Windy at least once over the last 1000 years.

Cute and funny. It'd be funny to see her misbehave in earnest, like washing dishes. but then not drying them. Or gently tipping over an empty glass. Or only cleaning most of her room.

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