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Is there a dimension of humans? Maybe. Either way, Princess Flurry Heart asks for a bedtime story from her sitter, and Flurry wants to hear about her favorite "fictional" human.

This story is an entry in the Princess Jennifer contest.

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I can certainly imagine Quizzical as a professor .. but how did she get conned into babysitting?

As far as foalsitting, there is link. We know the Cake twins and Flurry have play dates. From this we may extrapolate that Cadance and Shiney might go to Quiz if nopony else says "yes" (and Quiz will agree because they asked nicely, and said 'Please').

Whoo! I wish this had mentioned that this was a Quizzical story in the Big Description, so I would've read this sooner! Seems cool either way!

Just started this, but had to point this out:

You would not expect a mathematician to write a classic children’s book.

Alice in Wonderland Ref!


“I think you made it up,” stated Flurry.

“This is a work of fiction, Princess Flurry.”]



OH... You're setting the substory in EQG!! COOL!

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