:heart: WELCOME TO ALL! :heart:

WARNING: :coolphoto:
You have entered a Naturally Talented Zone of Writers, Readers, Editors, & Critics. :facehoof:

Ever find yourself reading when you begin to notice every single grammar flaw?
IF so, you may be an Editor by Nature! :twilightblush:

We are Ponies of habit, and we know it! :scootangel:

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Hello everypony! :pinkiesmile:
I am very new to group making here on FimFiction, so any advice and guidance is welcome.
Also, I may not be aware of the available functions which groups are capable of; so if you think of a feature we can/should be using, or you think of anything we can do to improve the group, please let me know! Thank you! :twilightblush:

Welcome Everypony!

Comment posted by Bad Dragon deleted Jul 8th, 2015
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