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"How can you see into my eyes like open doors?"~Evanescence||Hey, my name's Angel. A girl who plays games and reads ponies too much. Et toi?

💛 Flutterdash 💛


Bout' Me

Oh, hey there! If you clicked on this page you probably know my name is Angel. I am a girl who loves to write basically. I can be a total otaku from time to time, and I am fantrash and victim to the internet. I love Undertale, MLP, YouTube, you know, those things.

But, instead of a boring multi-paragraph essay about myself, I will just list facts about me by using questions. Like a Q&A almost!

Favorite Quote?

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.

-Frederick Douglass


~FlutterDash (#1 OTP)

Favorite Song Atm?

This is a hard one. A REALLY hard one.

But I gotta say Castle By Halsey:

Favorite Pony?

Fluttershy! Yay~!

New Lunar Republic or The Solar Empire?

I proudly, with all my being, support the New Lunar Republic.

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2180697 Thanks I really did enjoy writing the world with them

2180690 It was earned, you're a good writer :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for the favorite on Shy Rainbows :yay:

2179387 Most people aren't that worried if someone doesn't know the first time around. Usually it's when the person already knows and decides to refer to them as something else just to spite them that the trouble arises.

Also just realized that you thought I was talking about you in that comment to the admin. I was originally Vengeful Spirit on this site and founder of the Bureau before stepping down and letting SweetAIBelle take the lead. It's a bit of a joke between Gamexpert and I. xD

2179382 That is a very wise policy indeed. I usually try to guess based on username or whatever but I always end up calling people all the wrong pronouns :fluttershyouch:

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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