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Inspired by my new best friend: MirandaLaufeyson
On the best stallion next to the Doctor Double Diamond fan group on here!
Because we're meddling kids! :pinkiecrazy:

This is basically a group for early and young authors here on FIMFiction.Nrt that are around their early teens. Like if you recently became 13 like myself for example a few months ago! :raritywink:

Sure, we'll grow up eventually, but we should enjoy our young years!

And many depict young and early growing people as immature, obnoxious, and such as well as bad writers. But that's not always the case! This is a group where we could be our silly young selves and prove we can be mature enough and we can write clever fiction! :D

Also, if you grow up in this group, that's totally fine! And you could be around 14 or something. If you're grown up, I guess that's fine. :raritywink:

The banner and icon is a random choice and to show how silly we like to be here in this group. :rainbowwild:

Also, if you like Scooby Doo, you'll notice the title reference. :P

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All hail Fimfic's youth!

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