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The Memeverse is a collection of the most memetacular stories on Fimfiction. The rules for the group are as followed.

1: Stories must have memes

2: Stories must be approved by the admins before they are accepted into the memeverse.

3: Do not post your stories into the threads, we have folders for a reason.

4: Ask questions.

5: Make friends and be memeful.

6: Don't troll, we may enjoy memes here more than the average writer but we aren't savages.

7: Admins may add any stories they think are memetacular to the memeverse, you will know a story is approved when you see an admin post a comment on your story saying "This story has been approved for the memeverse" with this image

8: Have fun and write!

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This group is in dire need of dank memes, luckily I've got the drop.
Air drop, that is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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