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So, I created this group for a reason.

You see, I do movie reviews on my user page or in other words, blogs, along with game reviews and commentraeris on my fics as well.

However, I gave it some thought and I thought, since I don't have many followers, sometimes people need to know what is good and what is bad. Although, in a fair way, sor tof speaking,I guess I should say.

In this group, I Shall require some Admins, Users, and of course,, people who don't want to do any of those things, you guys.

Bascially, heres how it works.

Admins run the site of course and maes sure everything goes well.
Contributers are those who review movies. It could also be admins as well and it can be old to new movies.
You guys, such as the cUsers or whatever, can read the reviews or, if you want have a say in something, you can create a thread about and just say what you want. But keep in mind, it is our opinion and it is fair reviews.

As for stories, well, you can technically post anything you want, however, I prefer it to be a movie crossover type fic.

Anyways, here are the Rules, Read These first.

And if you want to go straight to the reviews, here is the link to it. But it's recommended to read the rules first.To The Reviews

Update 6-23-14: There is now a change to the plan. If you want to be a reivwer, just go through me. And go to Here to see what I mean by the changes...that is all for now.


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I joined because Im a film critic and have my own blog for reviews. if anyone has a request for a film they would like me to review, let me know

I am definetly a movie reviewer. I have my own show on youtube.


would love to be an active contributor

323941 That reason is best pony. :heart:

Joined because "why the hell not?" :applejackunsure:

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